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March 2017

3/31/2017Threatened With Jail, Cuban Homeschoolers Seek Asylum
3/28/2017Contact the Governor’s Office to Support H.B. 1428!
3/27/2017Join Me in Nashville!
3/23/2017Stop Mississippi from Burdening Homeschool Graduation Before Age 18
3/22/2017Mysterious “Home School Committee” Seeks Private Information
3/21/2017AB 186 - Reduces Parental Control over Education
3/16/2017Call Today to Support Equality for Homeschool Graduates
3/16/2017Act Now to Repeal Common Core!
3/15/2017Homeschool Voices Heard by House Committee
3/13/2017No More Calls Necessary: Dangerous Bill Withdrawn
3/13/2017Parental Rights Bill Signed by Governor!
3/10/2017 Direct Attack on Homeschooling
3/10/2017Grandparent Visitation Bill Headed to Joint Judiciary Committee
3/9/2017More Calls Needed to Support Homeschool Team Participation
3/9/2017HB 230--No More Opposing Calls Needed!
3/6/2017Take Action to Support H.B. 1428!
3/3/2017Follow Up: Why HB 230 Gets No Help from Texas
3/3/2017Call to Support Homeschool Team Participation
3/2/2017Call Now to Stop Bill That Will Keep Homeschool Grads out of State Universities