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HSLDA Alerts & Information (ALL)
January 2017

1/26/2017Responding to Natalie Finn’s Death--HSLDA
1/25/2017Urgent Action Needed to Support Homeschool-Friendly Education Commissioner
1/25/2017Montana Freedom Update -- H.B. 192 Tabled
1/23/2017Welcome to School Choice week -- Capitol Hill Event for Homeschoolers Tomorrow!
1/23/2017Join Me at the Education Committee Hearing Tomorrow
1/23/2017Wyoming--Take Action to Protect Parental Rights!
1/20/2017University Requires Special Test for Homeschool Graduates--HSLDA
1/20/2017Action Requested to Support Homeschool-Friendly Education Commissioner
1/20/2017Threat to Homeschool Freedom
1/20/2017Update: House Bill 76
1/19/2017Virginia--Franklin County, Watch for Harmful Religious Exemption Policy Change
1/18/2017Update: Senate Bill 18--Bill of Rights for Children
1/17/2017Montana--Take Action to Oppose Compulsory School Attendance Age Increase
1/13/2017Oklahoma-The OCHEC Capitol Day is Less than a Month Away!
1/13/2017Senate Bill Threatens Religious Freedom and Parental Rights-Call Now!
1/12/2017Freedom Alert--Massachusetts Legislature Now in Session!
1/11/2017Immediate Action Requested Education Committee Hearings Today and Tomorrow
1/9/2017Attend the Next HEAC Meeting as New Hampshire Legislature Opens
1/4/2017Homeschoolers Stand Together for Freedom as Legislature Opens