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11/30/2017Parental Rights Amendment Re-Introduced in Both Houses of Congress—Call Congress Now!
11/29/2017Update: Come to Miami-Dade Update on Homeschooling
11/22/2017Miami-Dade: Join Me for an Update on Homeschooling
11/9/2017Urgent Calls Needed: Bill Introduced in Congress to Create Massive New Federal Data Collection
11/9/2017State Education Officials Threaten Homeschool Freedom
11/8/2017Homeschools Protected From Inspections
11/7/2017Action Requested: Share Your Views on Homeschool Bill
11/2/2017Legislative Victory Protects Parents, Affirms Homeschooling
11/2/2017ALERT: Danger to Homeschool Freedom Appears Imminent—Please Take Action to Defend Homeschooling Freedom
10/31/2017Exciting News Regarding Parental Rights
10/24/2017Visit Legislators, Earn Scholarships, Learn More on Facebook
10/19/2017HB 4805 Advances into Full House
10/17/2017HB 4805 No Longer A Threat—But …
10/17/2017Take Your Kids to Meet Your Kansas State Senator and Representative
9/15/2017Private School Affidavit Filing Deadline Approaching
9/14/2017Trade One Day of Your Child’s Life for Free Laptop?
9/8/2017Action Requested: Oppose Increase on Truancy Penalty
8/25/2017Rapid City Pressures Families for Signature on Policy
8/16/2017Applying for ACT Accommodations? Here’s a Big Change You Need to Know About
8/15/2017Department of Education Issues 6 Inaccurate Statements
8/15/2017Akron Rejects Homeschool Notifications
8/7/2017Contact Your Senators in Support of Parental Rights Amendment
8/3/2017Some Counties Asking for Voluntary Notification
8/3/2017U.S. Virgin Islands—Disregard New Non-compliant Notice Form
7/28/2017Say "No Thank You" to Portfolio Review Form
7/19/2017Expanded Access to Sports
7/18/2017Life Gets Better for Arkansas Homeschool Families: House Bill 1574 Becomes Law
7/17/2017Public Schools May Now Give Homeschool Students Access to Classes
7/12/2017Help Us Stop a Flawed Truancy Ordinance in St. Genevieve
7/6/2017Notification Due to Department of Education
6/30/2017British Parents Ordered to Let Child Die: Take Action
6/29/2017Homeschoolers Targeted for Help
6/15/2017Prince George’s County Verification Form Blooper
6/14/2017Protect Homeschoolers in Austin
6/14/2017Calls and Emails Needed to Oppose Increased Government Intrusion
6/12/20178 Lawmakers Need to Hear from You Today on Parental Rights!
6/7/2017Want More Freedom? Fill out the Survey!
6/6/2017Victory in Nevada! Bill to Reduce Parental Control of Education is Dead
5/31/2017Dangerous Bill Withdrawn - An Important Victory
5/18/2017Threat: Common Core for Homeschoolers
5/10/2017Urge Lawmakers to Protect Parental Rights in Kentucky!
5/9/2017Committee Hearing This Afternoon!
5/8/2017Oregon Apple Pie Day is this Thursday!
5/5/2017Call Immediately to Protect Your Right to Decide How to Raise Your Kids
5/4/2017Update on Sports-Access Legislation
4/27/2017Action Requested: Help Stop Mandatory Kindergarten Bill in the Assembly
4/26/2017URGENT: Call Today to Prevent College Admission Discrimination
4/24/2017Family on Trial Tomorrow for Homeschooling
4/21/2017Call Now to Stop Compulsory Attendance Expansion
4/12/2017ACTION: Hearings Tomorrow for Mandatory, Uniform end-of-year Assessments
4/12/2017Legislature Passes Sports Access Bill
4/10/2017Call Now to Prevent Expansion of Compulsory Education Age
4/10/2017Governor Signs H.B. 1428, Expands Homeschool Freedom
4/7/2017Homeschool Legislative Day at the Capitol is April 25!
3/31/2017Threatened With Jail, Cuban Homeschoolers Seek Asylum
3/28/2017Contact the Governor’s Office to Support H.B. 1428!
3/27/2017Join Me in Nashville!
3/23/2017Stop Mississippi from Burdening Homeschool Graduation Before Age 18
3/22/2017Mysterious “Home School Committee” Seeks Private Information
3/21/2017AB 186 - Reduces Parental Control over Education
3/16/2017Call Today to Support Equality for Homeschool Graduates
3/16/2017Act Now to Repeal Common Core!
3/15/2017Homeschool Voices Heard by House Committee
3/13/2017No More Calls Necessary: Dangerous Bill Withdrawn
3/13/2017Parental Rights Bill Signed by Governor!
3/10/2017 Direct Attack on Homeschooling
3/10/2017Grandparent Visitation Bill Headed to Joint Judiciary Committee
3/9/2017More Calls Needed to Support Homeschool Team Participation
3/9/2017HB 230--No More Opposing Calls Needed!
3/6/2017Take Action to Support H.B. 1428!
3/3/2017Follow Up: Why HB 230 Gets No Help from Texas
3/3/2017Call to Support Homeschool Team Participation
3/2/2017Call Now to Stop Bill That Will Keep Homeschool Grads out of State Universities
2/28/2017Maine--Call to Stop Bill Outlawing Loving, Reasonable Corporal Discipline
2/24/2017Mississippi--Action Needed to Stop Government Control over Education
2/24/2017Officials Interpret Law as a License to Pry
2/23/2017Help Stop a Dangerous Federal Homeschool Bill!
2/23/2017Help Stop a Dangerous Federal Homeschool Bill!
2/21/2017Call to Oppose Mandatory “Consultation” With Bureaucrats Before Homeschooling a 5- or 6-Year-Old
2/20/2017Parental Rights Bill is Moving. Your Action Still Needed!
2/17/2017Senate Bills Seek Mandatory, Uniform End-of-Year Assessments
2/17/2017URGENT: House Children’s Committee will Consider Religious Immunization Exemption Requirements
2/17/2017Come to 2017 Homeschool Legislative Day at the Capitol
2/17/2017Call to Stop Bill that Reduces Parental Control over Education
2/14/2017Help End Common Core in Michigan!
2/14/2017Come to Legislative Impact Day!
2/10/2017Urgent Action Needed: Congress Attempting to Give Federal Government Money to Homeschools
2/10/2017Sports Bills and Testing: HSLDA’s Concerns
2/9/2017More Urgent Action Needed to Support Homeschool-Friendly Education Commissioner
2/8/2017Education Savings Accounts Come with Strings Attached
2/7/2017Action Still Needed to Oppose Compulsory School Attendance Age Expansion
2/7/2017Wyoming--Take Action to Protect Parental Rights!
2/6/2017Call to Oppose Mandatory “Consultation” With Bureaucrats Before Homeschooling a 5- or 6-Year-Old
2/3/2017Confused about Rules and HB 395? Join Me for a Clarifying Webinar.
2/2/2017Oklahoma-OCHEC Capitol Day is next week! Your presence is needed!
1/26/2017Responding to Natalie Finn’s Death--HSLDA
1/25/2017Urgent Action Needed to Support Homeschool-Friendly Education Commissioner
1/25/2017Montana Freedom Update -- H.B. 192 Tabled
1/23/2017Welcome to School Choice week -- Capitol Hill Event for Homeschoolers Tomorrow!
1/23/2017Join Me at the Education Committee Hearing Tomorrow
1/23/2017Wyoming--Take Action to Protect Parental Rights!
1/20/2017University Requires Special Test for Homeschool Graduates--HSLDA
1/20/2017Action Requested to Support Homeschool-Friendly Education Commissioner
1/20/2017Threat to Homeschool Freedom
1/20/2017Update: House Bill 76
1/19/2017Virginia--Franklin County, Watch for Harmful Religious Exemption Policy Change
1/18/2017Update: Senate Bill 18--Bill of Rights for Children
1/17/2017Montana--Take Action to Oppose Compulsory School Attendance Age Increase
1/13/2017Oklahoma-The OCHEC Capitol Day is Less than a Month Away!
1/13/2017Senate Bill Threatens Religious Freedom and Parental Rights-Call Now!
1/12/2017Freedom Alert--Massachusetts Legislature Now in Session!
1/11/2017Immediate Action Requested Education Committee Hearings Today and Tomorrow
1/9/2017Attend the Next HEAC Meeting as New Hampshire Legislature Opens
1/4/2017Homeschoolers Stand Together for Freedom as Legislature Opens