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March 2016

4/1/2016HSLDA to Missouri Court of Appeals: Stop Illegal “Truancy Court”
4/1/2016New York Legislative Days—You Can Still Come!
4/1/2016Coming Up: Homeschool Day at the Capitol!
3/31/2016Bill Changing Compulsory School Attendance Law on House Calendar
3/28/2016No Calls Needed Now on H.B. 2292
3/24/2016Support Parent-Issued Work Permits
3/24/2016Hearing Monday on Parental Rights
3/22/2016More Calls Needed to Get Kansas Out of Common Core and Protect Homeschool Freedom
3/22/2016Important Vote Tomorrow
3/16/2016Senate Bill 24 Stopped
3/15/2016 Action Requested—Improve Homeschool Eligibility for College Scholarships
3/14/2016Legislators Reconsidering Big Data Grab?
3/14/20162nd Grade Testing Gone This Year
3/11/2016Tomorrow--A Free Homeschooling Parent Practicum is Coming to Broward County!
3/10/2016Urgent: Tell Your Senators: “NO” to John King Jr. for U.S. Secretary of Ed!
3/9/2016Freedom Alert—Minnesota Legislature Now in Session!
3/8/2016Calls No Longer Needed on Driver's License-School Grade Bill
3/8/2016Everything You Need to Know About the New Homeschool Law
3/7/2016Urgent Update on Dangerous Home Study Bill!
3/4/2016Urgent: Contact Your Representative This Morning
3/4/2016Last Chance to Stop Compulsory School Attendance Increase
3/3/2016Media Hurting the Cause of Child Abuse Reduction
3/3/2016Let Freedom Ring—Governor Signs Homeschool Modernization Bill
3/3/2016Let Freedom Ring—Governor Signs Homeschool Modernization Bill
3/2/2016Action Requested—Contact Senators to Oppose Student Data Tracking System