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12/19/2016Need Birth Certificate in Franklin County for Religious Exemption?
11/1/2016HSLDA Fighting for Your Freedom in the State Legislature
10/26/2016Attend November 9 Meeting to Protect Vaccine Exemptions
10/21/2016Driver’s Education Access Based on Passing Grades
10/14/2016Update: State Proposes Changes to Immunization Requirements
10/11/2016Meet Tj Schmidt at Special Needs Conference in Orlando
9/29/2016Final, Big Push for Phone Calls and Emails!
9/22/2016Calls Still Urgently Needed to Protect Freedom, Hearing Date and Location Changed
9/20/2016Cross Country Runners Wanted for New League
9/19/2016VIRGIN ISLANDS--Freedom in the Balance, Urgent Help Needed
9/8/2016Victory--Mandatory Kindergarten Defeated!
9/8/2016Problems with Year End Assessment? Contact HSLDA
8/26/2016No Birth Certificate after First Year; Excuse Due Date
8/25/2016HSLDA and Colorado AG's Office Discuss Unconstitutional Form
8/22/2016State Officials Can’t Ignore 11,000 Signatures
8/18/2016Texas Education Commissioner Issues Helpful Guidance
8/16/2016Court Action Helps Resolve Association Fracas
8/11/2016Oppose Mandatory Kindergarten--Write Your Senator
8/11/2016New Vax Form Unconstitutional
8/10/2016Clarification: Homeschooling in Alabama Without a Cover School
7/29/2016Trust HSLDA—Not Public School—for Vaccination, Homeschool Answers
7/29/2016Trust HSLDA--Not Public School--for Vaccination, Homeschool Answers
7/28/2016Take Action to Prevent Fed Ed Regulations from Promoting Common Core!
7/28/2016Using Non-parent Teachers: Victory for Associations and Parents
7/26/2016Attend August 3 Meeting to Protect Vaccine Exemptions
7/25/2016District Calls Homeschooling Not “Lawful”
7/14/2016For Association Leaders: Group Delisted
7/12/2016Reminder: Attendance Records Due
7/1/2016One Group of Second Graders Still Needs to File Test Results
6/7/2016South Carolina—Update: Victory on H 4835!
6/3/2016Bill Mandates Homeschool Access to AP and College Entrance Exams
6/1/2016South Carolina—Calls Needed Today to Defeat H.B. 4835!
5/26/2016Calls Needed Immediately to Stop H.B. 4835
5/24/2016New Homeschool Law Now Effective
5/23/2016UPDATE: OSBE Edits Draft Rules to Protect Homeschoolers
5/23/2016 Emails Needed Now to Support Homeschool-Friendly Bill!
5/20/2016Contact Legislators in Support of Educational Tax Credit
5/11/2016Honoring Treon Goossen
5/11/2016Senate Vote Tomorrow Morning
5/4/2016Vote Tomorrow on Parental Rights
5/3/2016State Proposes Changes to Immunization Requirements
5/2/2016Action Needed to Protect Parental Rights
4/29/2016Victory—But Action Still Needed
4/29/2016Action Requested: End Common Core in Michigan!
4/27/2016Vote Tomorrow to Allow Parent-Issued Work Permits
4/26/2016Hearing Friday on Parental Rights
4/22/2016“Truancy Court” Case Was about Helping a Real Family
4/21/2016Mixed Bag of Homeschool Regulations Moves Forward
4/18/2016“Truancy Court” Judge Surrenders
4/13/2016Health, Early Education among Top Issues at 2016 Legislature
4/4/2016Rapid developments in Missouri case
4/1/2016HSLDA to Missouri Court of Appeals: Stop Illegal “Truancy Court”
4/1/2016New York Legislative Days—You Can Still Come!
4/1/2016Coming Up: Homeschool Day at the Capitol!
3/31/2016Bill Changing Compulsory School Attendance Law on House Calendar
3/28/2016No Calls Needed Now on H.B. 2292
3/24/2016Support Parent-Issued Work Permits
3/24/2016Hearing Monday on Parental Rights
3/22/2016More Calls Needed to Get Kansas Out of Common Core and Protect Homeschool Freedom
3/22/2016Important Vote Tomorrow
3/16/2016Senate Bill 24 Stopped
3/15/2016 Action Requested—Improve Homeschool Eligibility for College Scholarships
3/14/2016Legislators Reconsidering Big Data Grab?
3/14/20162nd Grade Testing Gone This Year
3/11/2016Tomorrow--A Free Homeschooling Parent Practicum is Coming to Broward County!
3/10/2016Urgent: Tell Your Senators: “NO” to John King Jr. for U.S. Secretary of Ed!
3/9/2016Freedom Alert—Minnesota Legislature Now in Session!
3/8/2016Calls No Longer Needed on Driver's License-School Grade Bill
3/8/2016Everything You Need to Know About the New Homeschool Law
3/7/2016Urgent Update on Dangerous Home Study Bill!
3/4/2016Urgent: Contact Your Representative This Morning
3/4/2016Last Chance to Stop Compulsory School Attendance Increase
3/3/2016Media Hurting the Cause of Child Abuse Reduction
3/3/2016Let Freedom Ring—Governor Signs Homeschool Modernization Bill
3/3/2016Let Freedom Ring—Governor Signs Homeschool Modernization Bill
3/2/2016Action Requested—Contact Senators to Oppose Student Data Tracking System
2/29/2016Please Support Parental Rights Bill as Amended
2/26/2016Immediate Action NEEDED NOW to Repeal Common Core!
2/26/2016Committee Votes for Big Data Grab
2/23/2016Calls Needed to Stop Change in Compulsory School Attendance Law
2/23/2016One More Stop: Governor’s Desk
2/23/2016 Action Requeste—Email Your Representative to Stop Early Education Bill
2/22/2016A Free Homeschooling Parent Practicum is Coming to Broward County!
2/22/2016Religious Freedom Restoration Moves Forward—More Action Needed!
2/19/2016Immediate Action: Vote No on Romano’s Floor Amendment
2/19/2016Call to Get Kansas Out of Common Core and Protect Homeschool Freedom
2/18/2016Action Needed to Protect Homeschools from State Intrusion
2/18/2016Action Needed to Advance Homeschool Freedom!
2/18/2016Call Today To Oppose State Intrusion into Homeschools
2/17/2016Department of Education Lawsuit Raises Questions about Student Records
2/12/2016Call to Stop Government Expansion into Lives of Babies and Toddlers
2/12/2016Senate Education Needs to Hear from You! Can Parents Really be Trusted?
2/12/2016Action Requested--Improve Homeschool Eligibility for College Scholarships
2/11/2016Proposal Could Prevent Homeschool Graduates from Serving as Police Officers
2/10/2016Big Data Grab as Legislators Propose to Centralize Health Information
2/9/2016Homeschool Modernization at Stake in Senate Committee!
2/9/2016Act Now to Stop State Proposal to "Teach" Babies
2/9/2016Action Requested—Email Representatives to Stop Data Collection Bill
2/5/2016Follow Up on Common Core Bill, L.D. 1492
2/5/2016Please Call to Stop State Effort to Educate Babies
2/4/2016Email Senators to Stop Early Education Bill
2/4/2016CHEC High School and Beyond Seminar is Coming to Parker, CO near Denver, CO!
2/4/2016Freedom Protected In the Maine Legislature
2/2/2016We need Minutemen at the Capitol Next Week!
2/2/2016Take Action to Restore Freedom for Parents and Students!
2/2/2016Homeschool Modernization Passes House—Please Take Action to Advance Freedom!
2/1/2016Last Chance to Register--HSLDA's High School Consultant is Coming to Tuscaloosa
2/1/2016Legislature to Hear Bills on Grandparent Visitation, Equal Access
1/29/2016 What To Do: Failure to Remove “Observe Instruction” from Homeschool Regulations
1/28/2016Freedom is Safe: Sponsor Withdraws Vaccination Bill!
1/28/2016Next Stop: House Floor
1/27/2016Speak Up for Religious Freedom!
1/27/2016Call Today to Protect Religious Freedom in Vaccinations
1/27/2016Removing Department of Education Rulemaking Authority
1/27/2016Slight Correction to Vaccination E-lert
1/26/2016Removing Department of Education Rulemaking Authority
1/26/2016Immediate Action Needed to Promote Freedom
1/22/2016Rescheduled and another chance to register--HSLDA High School Symposium Sponsored
1/13/2016HSLDA: Legal Assistant Position Available
1/13/2016 16-Year-Olds Can Now Keep Health Treatment Secret
1/11/2016Oppose Government Intrusion into Your Family's Medical Information
1/11/2016Take Action to Defend Parental Rights!
1/7/2016Please Call to Get Maine out of Common Core Quagmire
1/6/2016Bill Allowing Toddlers to Make Medical Decisions Vote Coming January 11
1/5/2016Compulsory School Age Increase Advances; Other Bills Hang in Balance