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July 2013

7/30/2013Dual Enrollment Funding Falls Short for 2013
7/29/2013My conversation with Common Core creator
7/29/2013Alabama: Proposed Rules and Regulations
7/29/2013Update: Relevant Homeschool Section in Omnibus Bill
7/26/2013Ohio: Law Expands Access to Activities, Funding
7/26/2013Urgent: Please Thank Senator Hatch for Speaking against UN Disabilities Treaty
7/25/2013Farris: Time to Return Power to States, People
7/11/2013Study Constitutional Law this Fall with Michael Farris!
7/11/2013Iowa Revolutionary Improvement II: Driver's Education Blossoms
7/10/2013HSLDA Attorney Will Estrada to Speak at Lynchburg Event Tomorrow Evening
7/3/2013Reminder: Hear HSLDA President at CHEF Conference
7/3/2013Iowa: Revolutionary Improvement III: New "Private Instruction" Homeschool Option
7/1/2013Wisconsin---Governor Signs AB 40, Does Not Veto Section 1828
7/1/2013Legislature Adjourns--Work Still Needed toward Scholarship Access
7/1/2013UN Disabilities Treaty Could Come up Next Week--Call and Visit Now