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June 2013

6/28/2013Iowa: Reminder--Evaluation Due by June 30
6/28/2013Calls Needed Urgently to Protect Access to Classes
6/28/2013Did the Fires Destroy Your Homeschool Materials?
6/26/2013Hear HSLDA President at CHEF Home School Fair
6/24/2013Take Part in TV Discussion of Common Core
6/21/2013Learn about Common Core Standards at Community Meeting
6/20/2013Heritage Foundation to host Common Core Discussion Tomorrow
6/20/2013Calls Needed to "Cross the Aisle" for Parental Rights
6/20/2013Wisconsin--Call Now to Protect Right to Take Public School Classes
6/19/2013Buy 1 Get 1 FREE! | What's New?
6/19/2013Required School Enrollment Age for California
6/19/2013Homeschoolers Eligible for Tax Credit Scholarships, Not Religious Schools
6/14/2013Maine--Call Now to Restore Fair Access to Low-Cost College Classes
6/13/2013Help Colorado Homeschool Families Harmed by Wildfires
6/11/2013New Hampshire: Too Late to Change HB 295- No Further Action Needed
6/11/2013Nevada Legislature Now Adjourned
6/11/2013HSLDA High School Consultants to Present Seminars at AFHE
6/10/2013Action Needed--Send HB 295 to Committee of Conference to Protect Homeschools
6/7/2013AL: Pick up some savings at the 2013 CHEF of Alabama Homeschool Convention!
6/7/2013Oregon: Pick up some savings at the 2013 OCEAN Conference!
6/7/2013Florida: Pick up some savings at the 2013 HERI Curriculum Convention !
6/7/2013California: Pick up some savings at the 2013 TCHEN Convention!
6/7/2013Ohio: Pick up some savings at the 2013 CHEO Homeschool Convention!
6/6/2013Texas Legislature Now Adjourned!
6/6/2013Ohio: Public Forum Explores Common Core Standards
6/5/2013Background Checks and Licensure for Parents? Action Needed!
6/4/2013New Jersey--Call to Stop Bill That Lets Nearly Any Grandparent Demand Visitation
6/3/2013Maine--HSLDA's Scott Woodruff to Speak at Outdoor Adventure Conferenence
6/3/2013Nevada--Calls to Governor Needed to Support Parental Rights Bill!