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October 2013

10/30/2013Public Hearing on Legislative Bill 528
10/30/2013The formula for homeschool freedom in California
10/28/2013Pennsylvania: Bill Threatens Parental Rights and Family Privacy
10/28/2013Michigan: Last Chance to Stop Common Core in House
10/22/2013New York: Questar III Area Homeschoolers--Come to Meeting Tonight
10/17/2013D.C. Councilman Excludes Homeschoolers from Proposed Scholarships
10/15/2013Not Too Late to Email Comments; Updated Lincoln Address for Hearing
10/11/2013The Battle for Homeschool Freedom Comes to Grand Island, Scottsbluff and Lincoln
10/9/2013Your Calls are Working--Keep it up! Vote on HCR 11 as Early as Thursday
10/8/2013HSLDA: Assistant Editor Position Available
10/8/2013Temporary Part-Time CPA Needed
10/8/2013California--Major Victory for Parents
10/7/2013Action Requested to Defend Homeschool Freedom
10/4/2013Keep Calling--HCR 11 in Trouble but More Action Needed
10/3/2013Action Needed to Repeal Common Core!
10/3/2013Action Required to Defeat Increase in Compulsory School Age
10/2/2013Act Now to Stop the Common Core--Attend Hearing Starting Tomorrow
10/1/2013California: How to File the Private School Affidavit
10/1/2013Action Needed--Call Senate: No Federal Testing!