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HSLDA Alerts & Information (ALL)
January 2013

1/31/2013Virginia--Call Members of House Now, Only
1/31/2013Mississippi--Emails Needed to Support Family Protection Bill
1/31/2013Virginia: Iaquinto Clarification
1/31/2013Virginia: Ask Iaquinto to Support Parental Rights
1/30/2013Washington--Please Call in Opposition to Compulsory School Attendance Bill!
1/30/2013Hawaii: Senate Committee Considers Requiring Homeschoolers to Enroll
1/30/2013Virginia--Clarification on Calls
1/30/2013Kentucky--Still Time to Register for the CHEK Leadership Summit!
1/30/2013Arizona--Calls Needed Now Against Compulsory School Attendance Bill!
1/30/2013Virginia--Urgent--Please Call--Crucial Tests for Parental Rights Bills Coming
1/29/2013Montana--Compulsory Attendance Age Bill Tabled
1/29/2013Defend Education Tax Credit for Homeschoolers and Private Schools
1/28/2013Celebrate in Style! | 2013 Graduation Supplies
1/28/2013Virginia--Calls Needed Now to Advance Parental Rights Bill
1/28/2013Arizona--Calls Needed Now Against Compulsory School Attendance Bill!
1/28/2013Mississippi--Calls Needed to Support Parental Rights Bill
1/28/2013S. Dakota--Calls Needed Urgently to Equalize Access to Opportunity Scholarship
1/28/2013Utah Legislature Now in Session
1/25/2013Virginia--Calls Needed Urgently to Help Parental Rights Bill
1/23/2013URGENT: Protect Wyoming Constitution--Call House Speaker!
1/23/2013California Legislature in Session Again
1/22/2013WY: Victory on HB 144 and SF 96--Threats to Family Freedom Defeated...for Now!
1/18/2013Senate Threatens Wyoming Constitution and Freedom
1/18/2013Virginia--Update on Parental Rights Bill, Sports Access
1/18/2013Controlling In-Laws Manipulate CPS Investigation
1/18/2013Montana -- Calls Needed to Oppose Compulsory School Attendance Age Bill
1/17/2013Virginia--Calls Still Needed to Help Parental Rights Bill
1/17/2013Arkansas--Attend Home School Day at the Capitol!
1/17/2013Oklahoma: Plan to Come to the 28th Annual Home Educators' Capitol Day
1/17/2013Hawaii--Legislature Now in Session
1/17/2013Volunteers Needed for Moot Court Event
1/17/2013Kentucky--Register Now for the CHEK Leadership Summit!
1/16/2013Tennessee--Legislature Now in Session
1/16/2013South Carolina-- Legislature Now in Session
1/16/2013Arizona--Legislature Now in Session
1/16/2013New Mexico--Legislature Now in Session
1/16/2013URGENT Action Needed on Legislation Threatening Homeschool Freedom
1/16/2013Washington--Legislature Now in Session
1/15/2013Pennsylvania--Legislature Now in Session
1/15/2013North Dakota--Legislature Now in Session
1/15/2013Montana--Legislature Now in Session
1/15/2013Mississippi--Legislature Now in Session
1/15/2013Kentucky--Legislature Now in Session
1/15/2013Delaware--Legislature Now in Session
1/15/2013IN: Your action is requested--Common Core Standards Initiative
1/14/2013Take Part in Dr. Dobson Film Series
1/14/2013Wyoming: Calls Needed to Protect Parental Freedom
1/11/2013Connecticut--Legislature Now in Session
1/11/2013Legislature Now in Session
1/11/2013Action Needed to Protect Families from Unnecessary Criminal Prosecution
1/11/2013Senate Threatens Wyoming Constitution and Freedom
1/11/2013Virginia--Calls Needed to Help Parental Rights Bill
1/10/2013SF 96 is a Threat to Homeschoolers and Parental Freedom
1/10/2013Texas Legislature Now in Session
1/10/2013Vermont Legislature Now in Session
1/10/2013Rhode Island Legislature Now in Session
1/10/2013Nebraska Legislature Now in Session
1/9/2013Freedom Alert--D.C. Council Now in Session!
1/9/2013Freedom Alert--Wyoming Legislature Now in Session!
1/9/2013Freedom Alert--West Virginia Legislature Now in Session!
1/9/2013Freedom Alert--Ohio Legislature Now in Session!
1/9/2013Freedom Alert--New Hampshire Legislature Now in Session!
1/9/2013Freedom Alert--Michigan Legislature Now in Session!
1/9/2013Freedom Alert--Massachusetts Legislature Now in Session!
1/7/20132013 HSLDA High School Teacher Training Sessions
1/7/2013North Dakota--Attend Homeschool Day at the Capitol!