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March 2011

3/31/2011HSLDA: Purchase any graduation item and receive 30% off one book!
3/31/2011Oregon--Calls Needed to Oppose DHS Pilot Program
3/31/2011Washington: Your Calls Are Needed to Stop Immunization Bill!
3/31/2011Rhode Island--Scott Woodruff to Speak at the RIGHT Conference on Saturday!
3/31/2011Florida: Your Calls Worked in Support of the Parental Rights Amendment!
3/31/2011HSLDA: Parental Rights Summit with Mike Farris
3/30/2011Nebraska: Legislature Recognizes Homeschool Advocates
3/30/2011Iowa--Calls to Sen. Quirmbach Needed Immediately!
3/30/2011Virginia--Chesterfield County Schools Ask Exempt Families for Grade Information
3/30/2011New Mexico--Annual Notice to the State Superintendent Reminder
3/29/2011Rhode Island--Action Urgently Needed to Stop Compulsory School Age Increase
3/29/2011Florida - Calls Needed to Support Parental Rights Amendment
3/29/2011Iowa--Call Immediately: New Homeschool Option at Stake
3/28/2011North Dakota--Homeschool Bill Passes Legislative Assembly
3/28/2011Connecticut: Energize Your Homeschool at the TEACH Convention!
3/25/2011Oregon--Will Estrada to Speak at Oregon Capitol Day Next Week!
3/25/2011Wisconsin--School Census: "Response Required by Law!"--Not
3/25/2011Rhode Island--Committees Hold UN Resolutions for "Further Study"
3/25/2011Texas: Calls Needed to Support Bill Protecting Parental Rights
3/25/2011Re: HSLDA High School Teacher Training Session--April 1, 2011
3/25/2011Oklahoma--HSLDA Membership Discounted at OCHEC Conferences!
3/25/2011Minnesota--It's Not Too Late to Register for the MACHE Conference
3/24/2011Rhode Island--Action Urgently Needed to Stop Compulsory School Age Increase
3/24/2011Pennsylvania: HSLDA Attorney Dee Black to Speak at the CHAP Convention!
3/24/2011Connecticut--Calls Needed to Your State Senator
3/23/2011Illinois--Call to Stop Illinois from Adopting U.N. Parent-Child Policy
3/23/2011New Jersey -- HSLDA Membership Discounted at the CHAPLET Conference!
3/23/2011Massachusetts--Hear Four Great HSLDA Speakers at the MASSHOPE Convention!
3/23/2011Rhode Island--Please Call Now to Oppose Compulsory School Age Increase
3/23/2011Iowa--Driver Ed and New Homeschool Option Need Your Help Now!
3/23/2011Washington--HSLDA Membership Discounted at CCHEW Conference!
3/23/2011New Jersey - Curious about the ENOCH Convention? Here's Some Info!
3/23/2011Alabama - Curious about the CHEF Convention? Here's Some Info!
3/23/2011Indiana - Ready for the 2011 IAHE Convention? We Are!
3/22/2011Alaska--HSLDA President J. Michael Smith to Speak at the APHEA Convention!
3/21/2011Loudoun County: Leadership in the Law Summer Camp 2011
3/21/2011Rhode Island--Second Urgent Request to Stop UN Child's Rights Resolution
3/21/2011North Dakota--Calls Needed Today on Homeschool Bill!
3/21/2011Wisconsin--Call to Stop "Intermittent Attendance" Threat
3/21/2011Rhode Island--Urgent: Call Today to Stop UN Child's Rights Resolution
3/21/2011Presidential forum and straw poll at the Pacific Homeschool SuperConference!
3/21/2011Iowa--Capitol Day, March 23, Crucial This Year
3/18/2011Washington: Your Calls Needed to Help Pass SB5142
3/18/2011Iowa--Call Now to Support Driver Ed
3/18/2011Louisiana--HSLDA Membership Discounted at CHEF Convention!
3/18/2011New Mexico--Michael P. Farris to Speak at the CAPE-NM Convention!
3/18/2011Maryland--HSLDA Membership Discounted at Annual MACHE Curriculum Fair!
3/17/2011Missouri--HSLDA Membership Discounted at Midwest Parent Educators Conference!
3/17/2011More Action Needed to Reduce Reporting
3/17/2011New York: Sign up for Parental Rights Summit with Mike Farris
3/17/2011Virginia--Will Estrada to Speak at The Awakening in Lynchburg
3/17/2011Iowa--Good Bills Take Giant Steps in Des Moines
3/16/2011Illinois--Please Call Now to Oppose Compulsory School Age Increase
3/16/2011South Carolina--William Estrada to Speak in N. Augusta
3/16/2011Vermont--Victory: Senate Pulls Proposed Home Study Changes
3/15/2011New Mexico: Call Now to Support Homeschoolers Receiving Scholarships
3/14/2011California: Action Needed to Oppose San Juan Capistrano Daytime Curfew
3/14/2011Bring the whole family to the Pacific Homeschool SuperConference
3/14/2011North Dakota--Calls Needed to Oppose Compulsory Attendance Bill!
3/14/2011Indiana: Getting Started and Support Group Leadership Workshops
3/14/2011Michigan--Attend Homeschool Family Day at the Capitol!
3/14/2011New Hampshire: Urgent Action Needed - Reduce Reporting!
3/12/2011Vermont; Calls Needed to Stop Harmful Legislation
3/11/2011GenJ Camp: Fun-filled Leadership Training at a Competitive Price
3/11/2011HSLDA: Senate Close to Halting Childs Rights Convention
3/10/2011Vermont--Action Needed to Oppose MANDATORY TESTING
3/10/2011Wisconsin--"Intermittent Attendance," Daytime Curfew Ordinance Threats
3/10/2011Montana -- Calls Needed to Support Parental Rights Amendment
3/10/2011Florida Legislature in Session
3/10/2011Nebraska--Dianne Craft to Speak at the 2011 NCHEA Conference!
3/10/2011Louisiana--HSLDA Membership Discounted at the 2011 RCHAL Conference!
3/9/2011South Dakota--School Approval of Test Choice Not Required
3/8/2011Iowa: Calls No Longer Needed
3/8/2011South Dakota--"Approval" Abolished!
3/8/2011Iowa: Calls Needed Now for Parent-Taught Driver Ed
3/4/2011HSLDA: Parental rights documentary airing tomorrow, March 7!
3/4/2011HSLDA: Parental rights documentary airing March 7!
3/4/2011Washington: Michael P. Farris to Speak at Inland Northwest Conference!
3/4/2011Missouri: Becky Cooke to Speak at St. Louis Home Educators Expo
3/4/2011West Virginia--Visit HSLDA at the Eastern Panhandle Home School Conference!
3/4/2011Utah--HSLDA Memberships Discounted at the UTCH Convention!
3/4/2011Florida--Visit HSLDA at the 2011 South Florida Homeschool Convention!
3/4/2011Indiana--Visit HSLDA at the Indiana Homeschool Support Expo!
3/4/2011New York: Curious about the Rochester LEAH Conference?
3/3/2011Alabama--Alabama Legislature Now in Session
3/2/2011Illinois--SB 136 Epilogue
3/2/2011Registration Extended for You CAN Homeschool Seminar
3/2/2011Minnesota: HSLDA Membership Discounted at the MACHE Conference!
3/2/2011Utah: Provo Daytime Curfew Defeated!
3/2/2011Alaska: Calls Needed to Oppose Compulsory Attendance Age Bill
3/1/2011New Hampshire: Take Action to Protect Your Family from False Allegations!