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October 2011

10/31/2011Pennsylvania: Battle to Preserve Traditional Marriage
10/25/2011Iowa: Bondurant-Farrar Testing Letter Sows Confusion
10/25/2011Kansas--Oppose Discriminatory Morton Library Policy Tonight
10/21/2011Reconnect: Parent/Teen Getaway
10/21/2011Idaho--Pocatello Passes Unlawful Policy--Heads Up Elsewhere!
10/20/2011Michael Farris, HSLDA sponsoring One Nation Under God event
10/20/2011Meet Tomorrow's Leaders at GenJ Banquet
10/18/2011Take Action to Defeat Expansion of State Control Over Homeschoolers in Lawrence!
10/14/2011Alabama -- City Council Reverses Itself, Passes Daytime Curfew
10/14/2011Ohio--PEACH Presents High School Seminar
10/14/2011California--How to Keep a Strong Voice for Homeschooling in Sacramento
10/13/2011Idaho--Pocatello-Chubbuck to Vote Tuesday on Plan to Deny Dual Enrollment
10/11/2011Parental Rights Protected
10/11/2011HSLDA High School Teacher Training Session--October 29!
10/7/2011Reminder: Invitation to Generation Joshua Banquet
10/6/2011Invitation to attend Generation Joshua Banquet
10/6/2011Great News In California!
10/5/2011Maryland--Insight on High School at Family Schools Program Conference!
10/4/2011California: Changes to the Private School Affidavit
10/4/2011Kentucky: Urgent Update on Covington Daytime Curfew Issue!
10/4/2011Private School Affidavit Filing Deadline
10/3/2011Kentucky: Additional Action Requested on Covington Daytime Curfew Issue!
10/3/2011New Mexico--Be Refreshed at the Fall Family Retreat with CAPE-NM
10/3/2011Indiana: Come Enjoy a Mother/Daughter Retreat Hosted by IAHE!