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12/21/2011Michigan: Victory! Michigan parents win medical decision-making case
12/15/2011Washington: Register Now for the 2012 Homeschool Day at the Capitol!
12/14/2011Register NOW for 2012 Spring Constitutional Law Online with Michael Farris, LLM
12/14/2011Help Homeschoolers While You Shop Online
12/14/2011Your Calls to Congress Stall Mandatory Reporting Bill
12/12/2011Urgent--Calls Needed To Oppose Federal Mandatory Reporting Bill
12/8/2011New Jersey--Calls No Longer Needed on Huttle-Weinberg Bills
12/8/2011Alabama--Compulsory Attendance Bills for 2012
12/7/2011Truancy Charges? Sorry--Our Mistake
12/6/2011Kentucky: Urgent Action Needed Today to Stop Covington Daytime Curfew!
12/6/2011New Jersey: House Bill Increases Legislative Threat
12/5/2011California Hearing Officer: "Claimant's Home School Constitutes a Private School
12/2/2011Homeschool Legislation Moves Forward
12/1/2011Homeschool Leadership Positions Available
12/1/2011Idaho--Pocatello Doors Expected to Open in January
11/29/2011Corrected Phone Number for Senator Thomas Kean
11/28/2011Stop State-Mandated Annual Medical Exams and Portfolios for Homeschoolers
11/23/2011AP* Government and AP* Economics for spring 2012
11/21/2011Idaho--Pocatello Update
11/17/2011New Jersey--A Personal Request from Nancy Plent's Husband
11/17/2011California: CHEA Labors on Your Behalf
11/16/2011New Jersey--Stop State-Mandated Annual Medical Exams, Portfolios
11/15/2011Get Support, Share Ideas with Vermont Christian Homeschool Moms
11/7/2011Parental Rights: Don't Let America Become Brazil
11/3/2011Action Needed: Vote FOR Home Education by 5:00 Tomorrow!
11/2/2011Cookbook and Christmas Cards--Special Holiday Offer!
11/2/2011Illinois--HSLDA Attorney Scott Woodruff to Speak at St. Clair County Group
10/31/2011Pennsylvania: Battle to Preserve Traditional Marriage
10/25/2011Iowa: Bondurant-Farrar Testing Letter Sows Confusion
10/25/2011Kansas--Oppose Discriminatory Morton Library Policy Tonight
10/21/2011Reconnect: Parent/Teen Getaway
10/21/2011Idaho--Pocatello Passes Unlawful Policy--Heads Up Elsewhere!
10/20/2011Michael Farris, HSLDA sponsoring One Nation Under God event
10/20/2011Meet Tomorrow's Leaders at GenJ Banquet
10/18/2011Take Action to Defeat Expansion of State Control Over Homeschoolers in Lawrence!
10/14/2011Alabama -- City Council Reverses Itself, Passes Daytime Curfew
10/14/2011Ohio--PEACH Presents High School Seminar
10/14/2011California--How to Keep a Strong Voice for Homeschooling in Sacramento
10/13/2011Idaho--Pocatello-Chubbuck to Vote Tuesday on Plan to Deny Dual Enrollment
10/11/2011Parental Rights Protected
10/11/2011HSLDA High School Teacher Training Session--October 29!
10/7/2011Reminder: Invitation to Generation Joshua Banquet
10/6/2011Invitation to attend Generation Joshua Banquet
10/6/2011Great News In California!
10/5/2011Maryland--Insight on High School at Family Schools Program Conference!
10/4/2011California: Changes to the Private School Affidavit
10/4/2011Kentucky: Urgent Update on Covington Daytime Curfew Issue!
10/4/2011Private School Affidavit Filing Deadline
10/3/2011Kentucky: Additional Action Requested on Covington Daytime Curfew Issue!
10/3/2011New Mexico--Be Refreshed at the Fall Family Retreat with CAPE-NM
10/3/2011Indiana: Come Enjoy a Mother/Daughter Retreat Hosted by IAHE!
9/29/2011Register by Friday to Attend HSLDA's Once-a-Year CAP Training Day--October 11!
9/29/2011Job Post: Female Custodian Needed
9/29/2011Indiana: Two HSLDA Speakers at MAP Your Future 2012!
9/27/2011Last Week to Register--to Attend Fifth Annual CAP Training Day--October 11!
9/26/2011Alabama -- Mobile Daytime Curfew to be Reintroduced Tomorrow
9/22/2011Emergency Help for Flood Victims
9/22/2011Emergency Help for Fire Victims
9/21/2011Kentucky: Daytime Curfew Tabled
9/20/2011Annual Report Due October 1
9/20/2011Parent's Right Secured to Determine Education for Special-Needs Children
9/19/2011Kentucky: Need Help--Standardized Test Administrator
9/16/2011New Hampshire: Please read--Subcommittee Needs to Hear From You
9/16/2011Wisconsin: HSLDA Responds to Critic on Statement of Enrollment Issue
9/15/2011Kentucky: Action Requested--Covington Daytime Curfew Meeting
9/14/2011Alabama -- Daytime Curfew Ordinance Fails
9/14/2011High School Consultant to Speak at SAIL
9/12/2011Help Us Honor the Constitution this Saturday
9/12/2011Ohio--CHEO Urgently Needs Support
9/12/2011Last Chance to Register for High School Seminar
9/6/2011Rhode Island--Call to Action: North Providence Enforces Highly Restrictive Policy
9/1/2011Litigation Legal Assistant Job Opening
9/1/2011Indiana: High School Consultant Diane Kummer to speak at MAP Your Future!
8/31/2011Alabama--City Council Delays Vote on Daytime Curfew
8/30/2011Reminder: Annual Notice to State Department of Education
8/30/2011Reminder: Annual Notice Due to Participating Agency
8/30/2011Say This: Reform New Hampshire Homeschool Law
8/29/2011Sponsor a Homeschool Family
8/26/2011YOU are the parent, but THEY can say you're OVERRULED
8/26/2011Alabama -- City Council to Vote on Daytime Curfew Tuesday
8/26/2011Florida--Update on Miami-Dade County Unlawful Demands
8/26/2011Iowa--Post Secondary Enrollment Option Form Now Available
8/25/2011Even though there are only 24 hours left...
8/25/2011Family Man Makes House Call in Granite State!
8/25/2011Only two days left to register...
8/24/2011Maryland--Prince George's County Over- Regulates Homeschoolers
8/24/2011Virginia--Committee Hearing on Sports Access Bill Sept. 6
8/24/2011Only 48 hours left!
8/23/2011Only 4 days left...
8/22/2011HOME High School Conference: September 9-10, 2011
8/19/2011Illinois--Principal Asks Governor for More Homeschool "Accountability"
8/18/2011HSLDA High School Symposium Sponsored by GRHE
8/17/2011South Dakota--Multiplying Confusion on Form
8/16/2011ReConnect Weekend: Live the Adventure with Your Teen
8/15/2011Only 12 days left...
8/15/2011Real Life Homeschooling Summer Tour 2011 is Coming to Your Area!
8/11/2011Kentucky--Deadline to File Notice of Private Homeschool
8/11/2011New York--Deadline Approaching
8/11/2011HSLDA High School Symposium--September 19, 2011
8/11/2011Florida--Unlawful Demands on Homeschoolers by Miami-Dade School Officials
8/10/2011HSLDA High School Symposium--September 9-10, 2011
8/9/2011Iowa--Homeschoolers Prevail: State Repudiates its Restriction on No-Cost Testing
8/9/2011Real Life Homeschooling Summer Tour 2011 is Coming to Your Area!
8/9/2011Real Life Homeschooling Summer Tour 2011 is Coming to Your Area!
8/9/2011From PHC Prep Academy: a freebie & video for you...
8/7/2011Real Life Homeschooling Summer Tour 2011 is Coming to Your Area!
8/4/2011Alabama -- Proposed Mobile Daytime Curfew Changed
8/3/2011Home School Foundation Report July/August 2011
8/2/2011Reminder: New Law Webinar!
8/2/2011Texas: New TEA Withdrawal Policy to Combat Attendance Fraud
8/1/2011Alabama: Mobile Daytime Curfew Closer to Passage
8/1/2011Real Life Homeschooling Summer Tour 2011 is Coming to Your Area!
8/1/2011Real Life Homeschooling Summer Tour 2011 is Coming to Your Area!
8/1/2011Real Life Homeschooling Summer Tour 2011 is Coming to Your Area!
7/29/2011Proposed Policy Unlawful and Uninformed
7/29/2011Watch this interview and get a freebie...
7/29/2011Freedom Wins in Minnesota!
7/29/2011Virginia: Reminder--Evaluations Due to Superintendent by August 1
7/27/2011Special news from PHC Prep Academy...
7/27/2011Real Life Homeschooling Summer Tour 2011 is Coming to Your Area!
7/27/2011Real Life Homeschooling Summer Tour 2011 Coming to Your Area
7/26/2011Alabama -- Mobile Daytime Curfew Meeting Tonight
7/26/2011Maryland--Baltimore County to Mandate What, When Homeschoolers Teach?
7/22/2011The results are in! How did we do...?
7/21/2011New Homeschool Law Represents Victory for Freedom
7/20/2011California--Dianne Craft to Speak at VHE Home Education Convention!
7/20/2011New Jersey: HSLDA Responds to Star-Ledger Article
7/14/2011California: Proposed Concord Daytime Curfew--Please Take Action!
7/14/2011HSLDA: Exciting Job Opportunity
7/13/2011South Dakota--File Form No Later Than First Day of School, Or Else
7/13/2011Wisconsin--HSLDA Responds to Questions about School Census Guidance
7/13/2011Only Three Days Left to Sign up for GenJ Camp
7/13/2011Only Three Days Left to Sign up for GenJ Camp!
7/13/2011Only Three Days Left to Sign up for GenJ Camp!
7/11/2011Arizona--HSLDA Membership Discounted at AFHE Annual Convention!
7/11/2011Tennessee--HSLDA Membership Discounted at CSTHEA Conference!
7/11/2011Tennessee--HSLDA Membership Discounted at CSTHEA Conference!
7/8/2011Teens Learn Leadership, Earn Civics Credit
7/8/2011Alabama--HSLDA Seeks Mobile Curfew Details
7/7/2011Alabama--Mobile Curfew Ordinance?
7/7/2011Illinois--Compulsory School Age Increase Bill Rebuffed
7/6/2011Illinois: Victory for Freedom in Belleville!
7/1/2011RI: Compulsory School Age Increase to 18 Passes Legislature
7/1/2011Maine: House of Representatives Rebuffs Homeschool Access Bill
7/1/2011A freebie: Did you know this amazing, very-cool info?...
7/1/2011Illinois: Belleville Ordinance No Longer Problematic
6/29/2011With this, you can see what it's like...
6/28/2011Maryland--"Environmental Literacy" Mandate Explained
6/28/2011Illinois--Belleville Mayor Says Daytime Curfew Will Be Dropped
6/27/2011GenJ Oahu Camp Registration Deadline July 1
6/27/2011Illinois--Heads Up for Statewide Daytime Curfew-Truancy Craze
6/24/2011Maine--Access Bill Needs Crucial Help!
6/24/2011Rhode Island: Calls Needed to Stop Compulsory School Age Increase
6/24/2011Illinois: Belleville Revision No Improvement
6/24/2011A freebie: Did you know this amazing, very-cool info?...
6/24/2011Maine: Compulsory Attendance Bill Booted Back to Committee
6/24/2011Tennessee--Reminder: New SMHEA Conference Location!
6/23/2011South Dakota--Homeschool Form Being Revised
6/23/2011Iowa--Submit Evaluations by June 30
6/22/2011Illinois--100 Assemble to Stop Belleville's Daytime Curfew
6/22/2011New Hampshire--Reminder: Evaluations Due to Participating Agency
6/22/2011West Virginia--Reminder: End-of-Year Assessment Due by June 30
6/20/2011New Hampshire: Are You a Leader?
6/20/2011Maine: Call By Thursday to Stop Compulsory School Age Expansion
6/20/2011Rhode Island: Please Call Now to Oppose Compulsory School Age Increase
6/17/2011Illinois: Boone County Enacts Daytime Curfew-Truancy Ordinance
6/17/2011Connecticut: Bad Bill Dies
6/16/2011One family's story: How your membership helps
6/16/2011Illinois: Call Now to Oppose Belleville Daytime Curfew Ordinance
6/15/2011HSLDA: We hope to see you at the upcoming CHEK Homeschool Conference!
6/15/2011Kentucky: We hope to see you at the upcoming CHEK Homeschool Conference!
6/15/2011This summer, we can help you do this...
6/14/2011Illinois: Help Stop Daytime Curfew in Boone County Tomorrow
6/13/2011Illinois: Boone County Showdown on Wednesday
6/10/2011California--It's Not Too Late to Register for the CHEA Homeschool Convention!
6/9/2011Kansas: Calls No Longer Needed About University Admissions
6/9/2011Tennessee--HSLDA Membership Discounted at the WTHEA Annual Conference!
6/9/2011Florida--HSLDA Membership Discounted at the 2011 HERI Convention!
6/9/2011California--HSLDA Membership Discounted at the TCHEN Convention!
6/9/2011Texas--HSLDA Membership Discounted at the CHC of Central Texas!
6/9/2011Illinois--Oppose Curfew, Truancy Ordinance at Hearing June 15
6/9/2011Kansas--Your Help Needed to Stop Unfair Admissions Rules
6/8/2011Arizona--Save up to 50% at AFHE Conference by Pre-registering Now!
6/8/2011Minnesota: Governor Vetoes Homeschool Freedom
6/8/2011New York--Dangerous CPS Bill Could Pass at any Time!
6/6/2011Another freebie for you...
6/3/2011I'm embarrassed to admit this...
6/2/2011HSLDA to Marple: We'll Fight!
6/1/2011Illinois: Revised Boone County Ordinance Deserves Swift Defeat
5/31/2011California: NEW Immunization Documentation Requirement--Your Action Needed!
5/31/2011Tennessee: HSLDA Membership Discounted at the SMHEA Conference!
5/31/2011Oregon: HSLDA Membership Discounted at OCEANetwork Annual Conference!
5/31/2011Massachusetts: HSLDA Membership Discounted at the NECHC Conference!
5/31/2011Kentucky: HSLDA Membership Discounted at the 2011 CHEK Homeschool Conference!
5/31/2011Texas: HSLDA Membership Discounted at the Annual CHEACT Conference!
5/30/2011Your school's discount...
5/27/2011Illinois: Act now to stop Boone County curfew and truancy ordinance!
5/27/2011Illinois: Canton--Not Considering Daytime Curfew
5/27/2011A video for you...
5/27/2011Another download gift for you...
5/27/2011Wisconsin: Kohler Uses Census to Get Private Information
5/26/2011Maine: Access Bill Passes Committee Unanimously
5/25/2011Take Action to Increase Freedom!
5/24/2011Home School Heartbeat: Listening out Loud
5/23/2011Do You Know a Family Hurt by the Storms?
5/23/2011Ohio--HSLDA Membership Discounted at the CHEO Convention!
5/23/2011Oregon--Please Call Now to Help Pass Good Bill!
5/20/2011California--HSLDA Membership Discounted at the CHEA Homeschool Convention
5/20/2011Washington--HSLDA Membership Discounted at the WHO Conference!
5/20/2011Colorado--HSLDA Membership Discounted at the CHEC Convention!
5/20/2011For current student families only...
5/20/2011Before it's gone...
5/20/2011A personal note...
5/20/2011Kansas--HSLDA Membership Discounted at the KCCCH Conference!
5/20/2011New York--We Need You at the 27th Annual Upstate LEAH Conference!
5/20/2011Michigan--HSLDA Membership Discounted at MCHE Conference!
5/20/2011South Carolina--HSLDA Membership Discounted at the SCHEA Conference!
5/20/2011Iowa: It's not too Late to Register for the NICHE Conference!
5/20/2011Connecticut: Two HSLDA Speakers at the TEACH Convention!
5/19/2011UPDATE -- State Super: "Homeschoolers Need More Oversight!"
5/19/2011New Jersey: It's not too Late to Register for the ENOCH Convention!
5/19/2011Virginia--Hear Michael P. Farris Speak at the HEAV Convention!
5/19/2011California--HSLDA Membership Discounted at the SCOPE Convention!
5/18/2011Speech and Debate Judges Needed
5/18/2011HSLDA High School Teacher Training Sessions
5/18/2011Indiana: Right to Reasonably Resist Unlawful Police Entry Struck Down
5/17/2011Connecticut: Calls Needed to Your State Representative
5/17/2011State Super: "Homeschoolers Need More Oversight!"
5/16/2011Do You Know a Family Hurt by the Storms?
5/13/2011Florida--Early Registration Deadline for FPEA Convention is Tomorrow!
5/12/2011New York--Local School Official Wrongly Threatens Legal Action!
5/12/2011Kansas: HSLDA Membership Discounted at TPA!
5/12/2011Texas: HSLDA Membership Discounted at SETHSA
5/12/2011Minnesota--HSLDA Membership Discounted at MCHEC!
5/12/2011Illinois: Come Hear HSLDA's Speakers at the ICHE Conference!
5/12/2011Idaho: HSLDA Membership Discounted at CHOIS!
5/11/2011HSLDA: High School Teacher Training Summer Sessions
5/9/2011HSLDA: Register now for ReConnect Family Conference
5/6/2011This is for you...
5/6/2011New York--It's Not Too Late to Register for the Rochester LEAH Conference!
5/6/2011New Hampshire: HSLDA Membership Discounted at CHENH!
5/6/2011West Virginia: Personal Invitation to Join Me at CHEWV Homeschool Convention
5/5/2011Wisconsin: North Lake Seeks Confidential Information in School Census
5/4/2011Alabama: HSLDA Membership Discounted at SEHEC!
5/4/2011North Carolina: HSLDA Membership Discounted at NCHE!
5/4/2011Florida--HSLDA Membership Discounted at the FPEA Annual Convention!
5/4/2011Wisconsin--HSLDA Membership Discounted at WICHEA!
5/3/2011Maine: Call by Thursday to Stop Compulsory School Age Expansion to 20
5/3/2011Were you able to see it?...
5/3/2011California: Correction about the CHEA Annual Homeschool Convention
5/3/2011Indiana: Not Too Late to Register for the IAHE Annual Homeschool Convention!
5/3/2011California - More Information about the CHEA Annual Homeschool Convention!
5/2/2011Oregon--Your Calls Needed to Support Good Bill!
4/29/2011HSLDA: Administrators Only...
4/29/2011HSLDA: Member Discount for iGovern West
4/29/2011Home School Foundation: Help Struggling Families with Curriculum
4/29/2011Rhode Island--Help Stop Compulsory Age from Rising to 18
4/29/2011GenJ at Classical Education Forum Near You!
4/29/2011Iowa: Three Great HSLDA Speakers at the NICHE 2011 Conference!
4/29/2011Alabama: Two Great HSLDA Speakers at the CHEF Convention!
4/29/2011Connecticut: More Information about the TEACH Convention!
4/28/2011April HSLDA Benefit: PHC Prep Academy
4/28/2011Wisconsin--Surrender Your Freedom, Get Free Stuff, With Public School at Home
4/28/2011Important news for you...
4/27/2011Southern New Mexico & Texas--Homeschool Conference This Week!
4/27/2011New Jersey: ENOCH Convention Early Bird Registration Ends Saturday!
4/27/2011Illinois: Calls Needed to Stop Truancy Ordinance
4/27/2011Alabama: Calls Needed to Oppose Compulsory Attendance Age Bill
4/27/2011For you and your group...
4/25/2011Rhode Island: Call by Wednesday to Stop Compulsory School Age Expansion to 18
4/25/2011Mississippi: State Supreme Court Vacates Judge's Order Seeking Homeschool Info
4/21/2011Restore Parental Rights and Increase Freedom
4/21/2011HSLDA's Homeschooling Thru the Early Years Newsletter--April 2011
4/18/2011HSLDA: Young Men's Purity Seminar
4/15/2011Georgia--Vicki Bentley and Dianne Craft to Speak at the GHEA Conference!
4/15/2011Join Mike Smith for National Training Session
4/15/2011HSLDA: Save Big At GenJ's iGovern West!
4/14/2011Exclusive Mother's Day offer: Pair HSF's cookbook with a vintage apron
4/13/2011Missouri--Branson Using Ploy to get "Declaration of Enrollment"
4/13/2011Mississippi--HSLDA Membership Discounted at MHEA 2011 Spring Conference!
4/13/2011Indiana--Michael P. Farris to Speak at the IAHE Annual Convention in June!
4/13/2011Arkansas--HSLDA Membership Discounted at TEA Searcy Convention!
4/13/2011Texas--HSLDA Membership Discounted at Concho Valley Conference!
4/13/2011Tennessee--HSLDA Membership Discounted at Nashville Home Education Expo!
4/13/2011Illinois--HSLDA's Scott Woodruff to Speak at APACHE Convention!
4/13/2011Michigan--HSLDA Membership Discounted at the Annual INCH Convention!
4/13/2011Texas--HSLDA Membership Discounted at FEAST 2011 Convention!
4/13/2011West Virginia--Michael P. Donnelly to Speak at the CHEWV Conference!
4/13/2011Indiana--HSLDA Membership Discounted at the Fort Wayne Expo!
4/13/2011California: Los Angeles Public Hearing on Daytime Curfews
4/13/2011New York--HSLDA Membership Discounted at the Buffalo Catholic Conference!
4/13/2011New York--Becky Cooke to Speak at LEAH Upstate Conference!
4/13/2011Iowa--Deadlines Trump Good and Bad Bills
4/12/2011Oklahoma--It's Not Too Late to Register for OCHEC's Conferences!
4/12/2011Oregon--Your Calls Needed to Support Good Bill!
4/11/2011Texas: House Considers Opposition to National Standards
4/11/2011Wyoming--Generation Joshua Hosting Teen Track at HOW 2011 Convention!
4/11/2011California--HSLDA Membership Discounted at CFS 2011 Convention!
4/8/2011Patrick Henry College staff positions open
4/8/2011North Dakota--Homeschool Bill Becomes Law
4/7/2011Illinois--SR 92 Epilogue, ICHE Legislative Day
4/7/2011Maine--Committee Hears Evidence to Restore Aspirations and Special Ed Services
4/7/2011Mississippi--Supreme Court Stays Proceedings
4/7/2011Mississippi--HSLDA Press Release Regarding Judge's Order
4/6/2011Texas--HSLDA Membership Discounted at the Arlington Home School Book Fair!
4/6/2011Missouri--Scott Woodruff to Speak at the SHEM 2011 Conference
4/6/2011Chicopee Responds--No Action Needed
4/6/2011Florida: Important-Possible Impact of SB 2156
4/5/2011Colorado: Your Attendance Needed at the 2011 Homeschool Day at the Capitol!
4/5/2011Massachusetts: School District Threatens to Deny Homeschooling
4/5/2011Illinois--Sen. Lightford Agrees to Drop U.N. Resolution!
4/4/2011Mississippi: HSLDA Opposing Court Order
4/4/2011Illinois--Place Calls: Hearing Wednesday on Resolution in Support of UN Treaty
4/1/2011Oregon--Bad Bill Adds Volunteers to Mandatory Reporters
4/1/2011Maine: Call, Attend Crucial Hearing in Augusta on April 6 to Restore Equal Acces
4/1/2011Indiana--Vicki Bentley to Speak at IFHS Workshops on April 9!
4/1/2011Washington, D.C.--Will Estrada to Speak at FRC Panel Discussion!
3/31/2011HSLDA: Purchase any graduation item and receive 30% off one book!
3/31/2011Oregon--Calls Needed to Oppose DHS Pilot Program
3/31/2011Washington: Your Calls Are Needed to Stop Immunization Bill!
3/31/2011Rhode Island--Scott Woodruff to Speak at the RIGHT Conference on Saturday!
3/31/2011Florida: Your Calls Worked in Support of the Parental Rights Amendment!
3/31/2011HSLDA: Parental Rights Summit with Mike Farris
3/30/2011Nebraska: Legislature Recognizes Homeschool Advocates
3/30/2011Iowa--Calls to Sen. Quirmbach Needed Immediately!
3/30/2011Virginia--Chesterfield County Schools Ask Exempt Families for Grade Information
3/30/2011New Mexico--Annual Notice to the State Superintendent Reminder
3/29/2011Rhode Island--Action Urgently Needed to Stop Compulsory School Age Increase
3/29/2011Florida - Calls Needed to Support Parental Rights Amendment
3/29/2011Iowa--Call Immediately: New Homeschool Option at Stake
3/28/2011North Dakota--Homeschool Bill Passes Legislative Assembly
3/28/2011Connecticut: Energize Your Homeschool at the TEACH Convention!
3/25/2011Oregon--Will Estrada to Speak at Oregon Capitol Day Next Week!
3/25/2011Wisconsin--School Census: "Response Required by Law!"--Not
3/25/2011Rhode Island--Committees Hold UN Resolutions for "Further Study"
3/25/2011Texas: Calls Needed to Support Bill Protecting Parental Rights
3/25/2011Re: HSLDA High School Teacher Training Session--April 1, 2011
3/25/2011Oklahoma--HSLDA Membership Discounted at OCHEC Conferences!
3/25/2011Minnesota--It's Not Too Late to Register for the MACHE Conference
3/24/2011Rhode Island--Action Urgently Needed to Stop Compulsory School Age Increase
3/24/2011Pennsylvania: HSLDA Attorney Dee Black to Speak at the CHAP Convention!
3/24/2011Connecticut--Calls Needed to Your State Senator
3/23/2011Illinois--Call to Stop Illinois from Adopting U.N. Parent-Child Policy
3/23/2011New Jersey -- HSLDA Membership Discounted at the CHAPLET Conference!
3/23/2011Massachusetts--Hear Four Great HSLDA Speakers at the MASSHOPE Convention!
3/23/2011Rhode Island--Please Call Now to Oppose Compulsory School Age Increase
3/23/2011Iowa--Driver Ed and New Homeschool Option Need Your Help Now!
3/23/2011Washington--HSLDA Membership Discounted at CCHEW Conference!
3/23/2011New Jersey - Curious about the ENOCH Convention? Here's Some Info!
3/23/2011Alabama - Curious about the CHEF Convention? Here's Some Info!
3/23/2011Indiana - Ready for the 2011 IAHE Convention? We Are!
3/22/2011Alaska--HSLDA President J. Michael Smith to Speak at the APHEA Convention!
3/21/2011Loudoun County: Leadership in the Law Summer Camp 2011
3/21/2011Rhode Island--Second Urgent Request to Stop UN Child's Rights Resolution
3/21/2011North Dakota--Calls Needed Today on Homeschool Bill!
3/21/2011Wisconsin--Call to Stop "Intermittent Attendance" Threat
3/21/2011Rhode Island--Urgent: Call Today to Stop UN Child's Rights Resolution
3/21/2011Presidential forum and straw poll at the Pacific Homeschool SuperConference!
3/21/2011Iowa--Capitol Day, March 23, Crucial This Year
3/18/2011Washington: Your Calls Needed to Help Pass SB5142
3/18/2011Iowa--Call Now to Support Driver Ed
3/18/2011Louisiana--HSLDA Membership Discounted at CHEF Convention!
3/18/2011New Mexico--Michael P. Farris to Speak at the CAPE-NM Convention!
3/18/2011Maryland--HSLDA Membership Discounted at Annual MACHE Curriculum Fair!
3/17/2011Missouri--HSLDA Membership Discounted at Midwest Parent Educators Conference!
3/17/2011More Action Needed to Reduce Reporting
3/17/2011New York: Sign up for Parental Rights Summit with Mike Farris
3/17/2011Virginia--Will Estrada to Speak at The Awakening in Lynchburg
3/17/2011Iowa--Good Bills Take Giant Steps in Des Moines
3/16/2011Illinois--Please Call Now to Oppose Compulsory School Age Increase
3/16/2011South Carolina--William Estrada to Speak in N. Augusta
3/16/2011Vermont--Victory: Senate Pulls Proposed Home Study Changes
3/15/2011New Mexico: Call Now to Support Homeschoolers Receiving Scholarships
3/14/2011California: Action Needed to Oppose San Juan Capistrano Daytime Curfew
3/14/2011Bring the whole family to the Pacific Homeschool SuperConference
3/14/2011North Dakota--Calls Needed to Oppose Compulsory Attendance Bill!
3/14/2011Indiana: Getting Started and Support Group Leadership Workshops
3/14/2011Michigan--Attend Homeschool Family Day at the Capitol!
3/14/2011New Hampshire: Urgent Action Needed - Reduce Reporting!
3/12/2011Vermont; Calls Needed to Stop Harmful Legislation
3/11/2011GenJ Camp: Fun-filled Leadership Training at a Competitive Price
3/11/2011HSLDA: Senate Close to Halting Childs Rights Convention
3/10/2011Vermont--Action Needed to Oppose MANDATORY TESTING
3/10/2011Wisconsin--"Intermittent Attendance," Daytime Curfew Ordinance Threats
3/10/2011Montana -- Calls Needed to Support Parental Rights Amendment
3/10/2011Florida Legislature in Session
3/10/2011Nebraska--Dianne Craft to Speak at the 2011 NCHEA Conference!
3/10/2011Louisiana--HSLDA Membership Discounted at the 2011 RCHAL Conference!
3/9/2011South Dakota--School Approval of Test Choice Not Required
3/8/2011Iowa: Calls No Longer Needed
3/8/2011South Dakota--"Approval" Abolished!
3/8/2011Iowa: Calls Needed Now for Parent-Taught Driver Ed
3/4/2011HSLDA: Parental rights documentary airing tomorrow, March 7!
3/4/2011HSLDA: Parental rights documentary airing March 7!
3/4/2011Washington: Michael P. Farris to Speak at Inland Northwest Conference!
3/4/2011Missouri: Becky Cooke to Speak at St. Louis Home Educators Expo
3/4/2011West Virginia--Visit HSLDA at the Eastern Panhandle Home School Conference!
3/4/2011Utah--HSLDA Memberships Discounted at the UTCH Convention!
3/4/2011Florida--Visit HSLDA at the 2011 South Florida Homeschool Convention!
3/4/2011Indiana--Visit HSLDA at the Indiana Homeschool Support Expo!
3/4/2011New York: Curious about the Rochester LEAH Conference?
3/3/2011Alabama--Alabama Legislature Now in Session
3/2/2011Illinois--SB 136 Epilogue
3/2/2011Registration Extended for You CAN Homeschool Seminar
3/2/2011Minnesota: HSLDA Membership Discounted at the MACHE Conference!
3/2/2011Utah: Provo Daytime Curfew Defeated!
3/2/2011Alaska: Calls Needed to Oppose Compulsory Attendance Age Bill
3/1/2011New Hampshire: Take Action to Protect Your Family from False Allegations!
2/28/2011HSLDA: Hear Sharron Angle at the Pacific Homeschool SuperConference!
2/28/2011HSLDA: Hear Sharron Angle at the Pacific Homeschool SuperConference!
2/28/2011HSLDA: Hear Sharron Angle at the Pacific Homeschool SuperConference!
2/28/2011Montana -- Calls Needed to Oppose Compulsory Attendance Age Bill
2/28/2011West Virginia--Update on Religious Freedom!
2/28/2011Utah: Action Needed to Oppose Provo Daytime Curfew
2/25/2011New Hampshire: Homeschool Bills Retained in Committee
2/25/2011Vermont: Proposed Changes to Homeschool Law
2/25/2011New Mexico: Hearing Today on Daytime Curfew Bill
2/24/2011South Dakota: HB 1133 Heads to Governor!
2/24/2011Colorado: Action Needed to Support Educational Freedom
2/23/2011HSLDA Member Benefit: Court Report Magazine
2/23/2011Oklahoma: Correction on OCHEC's Speaker List
2/23/2011Oklahoma: Thinking about Attending One of OCHEC's Conferences?
2/22/2011Connecticut: Calls Needed to Stop Change in Compulsory Attendance Law
2/22/2011Iowa: Families with Deaf Children Need Your Help Now
2/22/2011Mississippi: Calls Needed to Pass Social Worker Training Bill
2/22/2011West Virginia--Update on Religious Freedom!
2/22/2011North Dakota--Calls Needed Today on Homeschool Bill!
2/21/2011HSLDA: PHC looking for Student Billing Administrator
2/19/2011Illinois: What Does "Tabling" Mean?
2/18/2011Iowa--Call Sen. Rielly for Parent-Taught Driver's Ed
2/18/2011South Dakota-- House Bill 1133 Update and Action Request
2/18/2011Wyoming: Your Action Needed To Protect Homeschool Freedom!
2/18/2011Colorado: Update from February 7 Hearing--Tax Credits for New Homeschoolers
2/18/2011West Virginia: URGENT--Immunization Freedom Bill--Contact Senator Unger Today
2/18/2011Tennessee: Visit HSLDA at the Memphis Catholic Homeschool Conference
2/18/2011Georgia: Curious about the GHEA 2011 Homeschool Convention?
2/18/2011Pennsylvania: Thinking about the CHAP Convention? So Are We!
2/17/2011West Virginia--Update: Draconian Bill Tabled
2/17/2011Minnesota: Thinking About the MACHE Conference? Here's More Info!
2/17/2011HSLDA: Hear Elizabeth Smith's Encouraging Message at Apologia Live
2/17/2011New York--Visit HSLDA at the LEAH Annual Long Island Conference
2/17/2011Illinois: Battle Over--Maloney Withdraws SB 136!
2/16/2011Reminder: You CAN Homeschool! Seminar Coming in March
2/16/2011New York: Help Stop Bill that Would Allow CPS to Enter Homes
2/15/2011Illinois: 4,000 Homeschoolers Say "No" to Registration Bill
2/15/2011South Dakota: HB 1133 Update and Urgent Action Request!
2/15/2011West Virginia: Delegate Introduces Draconian Bill
2/15/2011New Hampshire: Take Action to Support Parental Choice in Education!
2/14/2011West Virginia--More Action Needed to Protect Religious Freedom!
2/14/2011Minnesota: Your Action Needed to Advance Homeschool Freedom!
2/14/2011Oklahoma: Update on Bad Bills, Last Call to Attend Capitol Day!
2/14/2011Washington: Urgent--We Need Your Calls to Oppose Social Worker Immunity Bill
2/14/2011Hawaii: Urgent--Calls Needed to Stop Two Mandatory Kindergarten Bills!
2/11/2011HSLDA: High School Teacher Training Sessions for Parents
2/11/2011Colorado--Advocate for Homeschooling! Visit HSLDA at the 2011 HIM Convention!
2/11/2011Indiana--Homeschooling? Visit HSLDA at the 2011 SWIHE Conference
2/11/2011Kentucky--Call Now to Oppose Bill that Raises Compulsory School Age
2/11/2011Maine--HSLDA Giving Away $100 at the HOME 2011 Conference!
2/11/2011Michigan: Michael P. Farris to speak at the 2011 KAHSA Expo!
2/11/2011Illinois: Come to Homeschool Freedom Summit Before Hearing on Registration Bill
2/11/2011URGENT ACTION Needed to Protect Your Family and Advance Freedom
2/10/2011New Mexico--HB 254 Providing Authority to Enact Curfew Ordinances
2/10/2011Attn.: Hawaii--You Spoke and We Listened!
2/10/2011Planned Parenthood Attacks the Parental Rights Amendment
2/10/2011HSLDA: Freedom in Illinois Threatened!
2/10/2011Illinois: Help Needed Immediately to Stop Registration of Homeschool Children
2/10/2011Montana: Calls Needed to Support Parental Rights Amendment
2/10/2011Tennessee--Correction: Tennessee Legislature Now in Session
2/9/2011South Dakota--Your Calls Needed to Senate Committee for HB 1133!
2/9/2011Mississippi--Mississippi Legislature Now in Session
2/9/2011North Carolina--North Carolina Legislature Now in Session
2/9/2011South Carolina: South Carolina Legislature Now in Session
2/9/2011Tennessee--Tennessee Legislature Now in Session
2/9/2011Arkansas--Arkansas Legislature Now in Session
2/9/2011Pennsylvania--Pennsylvania Legislature Now in Session
2/9/2011Michigan--Michigan Legislature Now in Session
2/9/2011Georgia--Georgia Legislature Now in Session
2/9/2011Connecticut--Connecticut Legislature Now in Session
2/9/2011New Mexico: CAPE at the Capitol--Tomorrow!
2/9/2011Alaska--Alaska Legislature Now in Session
2/9/2011Hawaii: Help Us Serve You!
2/8/2011South Dakota--Homeschool Bill Clears House 63 to 4!
2/7/2011New Hampshire: Clearing up the Confusion about HB 301
2/7/2011Nevada: Legislature Now Open
2/7/2011Montana: Driver's License Bill Tabled
2/7/2011Iowa--Calls Needed to Oppose Compulsory School Attendance Expansion
2/7/2011Colorado--Correction: Hearing at 1:30
2/4/2011Maryland--Calls Needed to Oppose Discriminatory Compulsory Attendance Bill
2/4/2011Wyoming--House Bill 86 Passes Full House and Senate Education Committee!
2/4/2011Colorado - Attend Hearing: Tax Credits for New Homeschoolers
2/4/2011Illinois: Homeschoolers NOT Exempt from Maloney's Child Registration Bill!
2/4/2011New Hampshire--MORE Action to Support HB 301
2/4/2011Montana -- Bad Tax Bill Stalls
2/3/2011New Hampshire--Action Needed to Advance Homeschooling Freedom
2/3/2011An HSLDA You CAN Homeschool! Seminar
2/3/2011Illinois: Contact Senator Maloney to Stop Homeschool Registration
2/3/2011Oklahoma: Bad Bills to be Introduced, Your Action Needed!
2/2/2011West Virginia--Calls Needed to Protect Religious Freedom!
2/2/2011PHC Job opening--Network Administrator
2/2/2011South Dakota--Urgent: Homeschool Bill Still Needs Your Help
2/2/2011HSLDA: Benefit of the Month--Early Years Help
2/2/2011Patrick Henry College: Executive Assistant Needed
2/2/2011New Hampshire--View Legislative Panel Discussion
2/1/2011Montana: Calls Needed to Stop Driver's License Bill
1/31/2011North Dakota--Calls Needed on Homeschool Freedom Bill!
1/31/2011North Dakota--Visit HSLDA at the NDHSA 2011 Convention!
1/31/2011Hawaii--Visit HSLDA at the Christian Homeschoolers of Hawaii 2011 Conference!
1/28/2011Iowa--Attend Hearing to Protect Traditional Marriage
1/28/2011Ohio: Legislature Now in Session!
1/28/2011Nebraska: Legislature Now in Session
1/28/2011Massachusetts: Legislature Now in Session
1/28/2011West Virginia: Legislature Now in Session!
1/28/2011Wyoming: Legislature Now in Session!
1/28/2011Minnesota--S.F. 69 Passes Education Committee!
1/28/2011South Dakota--Urgent: Your Help Needed to Support Homeschool Bill
1/27/2011New Hampshire: HB 301--Best Plan for Homeschoolers
1/26/2011HSLDA Special Offer: A Sweet Deal for Your Valentine
1/24/2011Montana: Calls Needed to Stop Tax Bill
1/21/2011Iowa--Call to Protect Traditional Marriage
1/21/2011Virginia--Full Committee Hearing on Sports Access Bill Monday
1/21/2011Iowa: Energize your Homeschool at the NICHE Annual Conference!
1/21/2011Minnesota--Action Needed to Enhance Homeschool Freedom!
1/21/2011New Mexico: Legislature Now Open--Come Attend Capitol Day Feb. 10!
1/21/2011Texas: Legislature Now in Session
1/20/2011South Dakota: Legislature Now in Session
1/20/2011California: Legislature in Session
1/19/2011Illinois--Daytime Curfew Threat Defeated!
1/19/2011Virginia--Sports Access Bill Hearing Tomorrow
1/19/2011Oklahoma: Plan Now to Attend Home Education Day at the Capitol!
1/18/2011Wyoming--House Bill 86 Passes Education Committee!
1/18/2011Montana--Compulsory Attendance Age Bill Defeated
1/14/2011Illinois--Act Now to Stop Proposed Daytime Curfew
1/14/2011HSLDA: 2011 Graduation Items Now Available
1/14/2011New Jesery--Energize Your Homeschool at the ENOCH Homeschool Convention!
1/14/2011Hawaii: Make Your Plans Now to Attend the 2011 CHOH Conference!
1/14/2011California--Energize Your Homeschool at the CHEA of California Convention!
1/13/2011Wyoming--Your Action Needed to Support Homeschool Freedom!
1/12/2011Minnesota--Minnesota Legislature In Session
1/11/2011Florida--Please Attend Lee County School Board Meeting Tonight
1/11/2011California--Action Needed to Oppose San Juan Capistrano Daytime Curfew
1/7/2011Indiana--Energize Your Homeschool at the Annual IAHE Convention!
1/7/2011Florida--Will Estrada to Speak at the 2011 Tampa Bay Homeschool Conference!
1/7/2011Alabama--Energize Your Homeschool at the CHEF of Alabama Conference!
1/7/2011Michigan--Visit HSLDA at the Mid-Winter Conference for Home Educators
1/7/2011Montana--Calls Needed to Oppose Compulsory Attendance Age Bill
1/5/2011HSLDA: Register Now for High School Teacher Training
1/5/2011Nevada--Dianne Craft speaking at 2011 Nevada Symposium!
1/5/2011New York--Energize Your Homeschool at the Annual LEAH Conference!
1/5/2011Pennsylvania--Energize Your Homeschool at the Annual CHAP Convention!
1/5/2011Georgia: Energize Your Homeschool at the GHEA Convention