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HSLDA Alerts & Information (ALL)
June 2010

6/30/2010HSLDA Benefit: Online AP Courses with a Christian Worldview!
6/25/2010Maine--State Abruptly Barricades Aspirations Program
6/24/2010Illinois--Visit HSLDA at the Chicago Homeschool Expo
6/22/2010Massachusetts--Act Now to Defeat Expansion of State Control Over Homeschools
6/22/2010Virginia--Errors in Goochland Letter
6/21/2010Georgia--Visit HSLDA at the Southeast Homeschool Expo
6/21/2010California--Visit HSLDA at the 17th Annual Valley Home Educators Convention
6/18/2010HSLDA: Final Chance to Register for iGovern Leadership Camp
6/18/2010HSLDA: 16th Annual Oregon Christian Home Education Conference Next Week!
6/18/2010HSLDA: Early Registration for AFHE Home Educator's Convention Next Week!
6/18/2010New Hampshire--Reminder: Evaluations Due to Participating Agency
6/18/2010West Virginia--Reminder: End-of-Year Assessment Due by June 30
6/17/2010HSLDA: Help Your Student Earn Potential College Credit with HSLDA Discount!
6/17/2010HSLDA: Help Your Student Earn Potential College Credit with HSLDA Discount!
6/16/2010HSLDA: Iowa HSAP Families Now Welcome in HSLDA
6/16/2010Tennessee--Visit HSLDA at the 28th Annual CSTHEA Expo
6/16/2010Arizona--Visit HSLDA at the 27th Annual AFHE Convention
6/15/2010HSLDA: Join Mike Farris in a Biblical Response to Environmentalism
6/14/2010Louisiana: Action Needed--Homeschool Graduate Bill to be Voted on by Full House
6/11/2010Virginia--Warren County RE Policy Advances
6/11/2010HSLDA: Religious Freedom Bill Will be heard in House--Calls Needed
6/11/2010Ohio--Action Needed to Oppose Reynoldsburg Daytime Curfew
6/11/2010Rhode Island--Good News: Both Bad Compulsory Attendance Bills Dead!
6/10/2010Generation Joshua's iGovern Summer Leadership Camps--5 Days Left to Register
6/10/2010Rhode Island--Action Still Needed on Both Compulsory Attendance Bills!
6/9/2010Virginia--Warren County School Board to Meet on New Religious Exemption Policy
6/9/2010Tennessee--Visit HSLDA at the WTHEA Curriculum Fair & Conference
6/9/2010Rhode Island--Kill The CompulsoryAttendance Age Increase Tonight!
6/9/2010Florida--Visit HSLDA at the HERI 2010 Convention!
6/9/2010West Virginia--Visit HSLDA at the Eastern Panhandle Home School Conference
6/9/2010California--Visit HSLDA at the 27th Annual CHEA Convention
6/8/2010HSLDA needs your help!
6/7/2010Louisiana: Update--Homeschool Graduate Bill To Be Heard in House Education
6/4/2010West Virginia: GenJ's iGovern East
6/2/2010New Jersey: Visit HSLDA at the Sacred H.E.A.R.T. Convention!
6/1/2010Rhode Island: Calls Urgently Needed to Prevent Compulsory Attendance Age Inrease
6/1/2010Nebraska: Online Seminar with Important Information