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HSLDA Alerts & Information (ALL)
May 2010

5/28/2010Rhode Island--Calls Needed to Block Compulsory Attendance Age Increase!
5/28/2010Rhode Island--Chariho Requests Documents by June 25
5/28/2010New Hampshire: Classified as Highly Regulated Due to Hostile Legislative Climate
5/28/2010Hoekstra test
5/28/2010California: Visit HSLDA at TCHEN 2010 Convention
5/28/2010Virginia--Visit HSLDA at the 2010 Northern Virginia Home Education Conference
5/28/2010HSLDA: J. Michael Smith to speak at National Black Home Educators Conference!
5/28/2010HSLDA: Opportunity to Speak Out to Elected Officials
5/25/2010Oregon-- Lowering Compulsory Attendance Age Senate Committee Topic May 26
5/25/2010New York--Make Plans to Attend 26th Annual Upstate LEAH Conference!
5/25/2010Florida--We Hope to See You at the FPEA Homeschool Convention
5/24/2010Rhode Island--Action Needed to Prevent Compulsory Attendance Age Increase!
5/21/2010Louisiana: Update--Homeschool Graduate Bill Passes Education Committee
5/21/2010Texas--HSLDA and Generation Joshua at the 2010 SETHSA Convention!
5/20/2010Virginia--Caution: Public School at Home Programs to Recruit Homeschoolers
5/20/2010New York--Update on Rochester City School District
5/19/2010New Hampshire: HSLDA Challenges Absurd Ruling in State Supreme Court
5/19/2010Arizona--Register Early for AFHE Home Educators' Convention and Save!
5/18/2010Illinois--Scott Woodruff, HSLDA Senior Counsel, to Speak at ICHE Convention!
5/14/2010South Carolina--Calls Needed: Driver's License Bill Passed House
5/13/2010Rhode Island: Compulsory Age Increase Stopped--For Now
5/13/2010Louisiana: Update--Homeschool Graduate Bill Passes Education Committee
5/12/2010Louisiana: Please Call Now in Support of Homeschool Graduate Bill
5/12/2010Texas: Newspaper Article Causes Confusion
5/12/2010Tennessee--Visit HSLDA at the SMHEA 2010 Family Resource Fair
5/12/2010Oregon--Visit HSLDA at the OCEANetwork 2010 Conference
5/12/2010Ohio--Visit HSLDA at the 26th Annual CHEO Convention
5/12/2010Kentucky--Visit HSLDA at the CHEK 2010 Conference
5/12/2010Texas--Visit HSLDA at the 23rd Annual CHEACT Conference
5/11/2010Nevada--Homeschool Requirements Corrected on Scholarship Form
5/11/2010Rhode Island--Action Needed to Prevent Compulsory Attendance Age Increase!
5/11/2010Missouri--Act Immediately to Prevent Expansion of Compulsory School Attendance
5/10/2010New Hampshire - More Action Needed to Protect Privacy
5/10/2010Washington--Visit HSLDA at the WHO 2010 Convention
5/10/2010Pennsylvania--Visit HSLDA at the SEARCH 2010 Convention
5/10/2010Louisiana: Urgent--Please Act Now to Help Pass Parental Rights Resolution
5/10/2010South Carolina--Visit HSLDA at the SCHEA 20th Statewide Convention
5/10/2010Texas--Visit HSLDA at the One Day Academy Resource Fair!
5/10/2010Iowa--Visit HSLDA at the Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators Conference
5/10/2010Michigan--Visit HSLDA at the 2010 MCH Conference
5/10/2010New Jersey--Visit HSLDA at the HEART Convention
5/10/2010Colorado--Visit HSLDA at the CHEC Annual Conference
5/7/2010New Hampshire--CHENH Conference Deadline Extended!
5/7/2010Attend EU "Open House Day" at European Embassies Across Washington DC
5/5/2010Ohio: Update on HB 371--Bad Bill Slows Down But Still a Threat
5/3/2010New Hampshire: Take Action to Protect Privacy
5/3/2010South Carolina--Calls Needed: Driver's License Bill Threatens Families
5/3/2010Connecticut--Visit HSLDA at TEACH 2010 Convention!
5/3/2010California--Visit HSLDA at the 22nd Annual SCOPE Conference
5/3/2010Tennessee--Visit HSLDA at the MHEA Conference and Curriculum Fair
5/3/2010Virginia--Visit HSLDA at the 27th Annual HEAV Homeschool Convention
5/3/2010New York--Visit HSLDA at the LEAH 26th Annual Upstate Convention!
5/3/2010New York: Rochester--Come to Meeting Tonight About Annual Assessments