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HSLDA Alerts & Information (ALL)
March 2010

3/31/2010HSDLA: Beware National Education Standards 2.0
3/31/2010HSLDA: Your Calls Needed to Advance Parental Rights Amendment
3/31/2010Kansas--Scott Woodruff to Speak at the MPE 2010 Conference!
3/30/2010Virginia--Why the Suspended Policy Is Out Of Bounds
3/29/2010Virginia--Warren County Suspends Erroneous Policy
3/26/2010HSLDA Member Benefit: Special Needs Coordinators
3/26/2010California--Visit HSLDA at the CFS 26th Annual Expo Homeschool Convention
3/26/2010Pennsylvania--Visit HSLDA at the 24th Annual CHAP Convention
3/26/2010Wyoming--Visit HSLDA at the Homeschoolers of Wyoming 2010 Convention
3/26/2010Texas--Visit HSLDA at the 26th Annual Arlington Home School Book Fair
3/25/2010HSLDA: Meet and Greet Senator Coburn
3/25/2010Kentucky--Please Continue to Call Now on Bill that Raises Compulsory School Age!
3/25/ An Evening of Colonial Elegance
3/24/2010Rhode Island--Attend North Kingstown Policy Meeting Tomorrow Morning
3/24/2010Virginia -- Call to Stop Warren County from Abolishing Religious Exemption
3/24/ An Evening of Colonial Elegance
3/24/2010New Mexico--Reminder to Submit Annual Notice of Intent
3/23/2010Kentucky--Please Call Now on Bill that Raises Compulsory School Age!
3/18/2010New Hampshire: Listen to Debate on HB 1580, Up for Reconsideration TODAY
3/17/2010Oklahoma: Visit HSLDA at the OCHEC Eastern Oklahoma (Tulsa) Convention
3/17/2010Oklahoma--Visit HSLDA at the OCHEC (Oklahoma City) Convention
3/17/2010New York: Visit HSLDA at the Long Island/NYC Homeschool Convention
3/17/2010Georgia: Visit HSLDA at the GHEA Conference and Curriculum Fair
3/17/2010California: Visit HSLDA at the CHEA Bay Area Homeschool Convention
3/16/2010New Hampshire: Attend Rally to Secure Homeschool Freedom
3/16/2010South Dakota: Scholarship Equity Bill Passes!
3/15/2010Virginia--Visit HSLDA and Generation Joshua in Roanoke
3/12/2010URGENT - Please Take Immediate Action to SECURE Your Homeschool Freedom
3/12/2010North Carolina: Homeschooling Thru High School Symposium
3/12/2010Louisiana--Visit HSLDA at the CHEF of La. Homeschool Convention!
3/12/2010Massachusetts: Visit HSLDA at the 2010 MASSHOPE Convention!
3/12/2010Washington: Visit HSLDA at the 2010 Christian Heritage Homeschool Conference!
3/12/2010Missouri--Visit HSLDA at the SHEM Homeschool Convention
3/11/2010West Virginia: Your Calls Made a Difference--But More Action is Needed!
3/11/2010Nevada: Special Offer for Homeschool Symposium Attendees
3/10/2010West Virginia: Call IMMEDIATELY to Stop Compulsory Attendance Age Increase!
3/10/2010New Hampshire - Your Calls Made a Difference!
3/10/2010New Mexico--Plan Now to Attend the 2010 CAPE-NM Convention!
3/10/2010Illinois--Mt. Vernon Undermines Personal Freedom with Daytime Curfew
3/10/2010South Dakota--Call Your Senator to Support Scholarship Equity Bill
3/9/2010Maryland--Calls Needed Today to Oppose Discriminatory Attendance Bill
3/9/2010New Hampshire -Calls Needed Immediately to Defend Against Intrusive Regulations!
3/5/2010Nebraska--Visit HSLDA at the NCHEA Conference and Curriculum Fair
3/5/2010Kansas--Visit HSLDA at the Midwest Parent Educators 2010 Conference
3/5/2010Alaska--Visit HSLDA at the APHEA 2010 Convention!
3/5/2010Minnesota--Visit HSLDA at the MACHE 2010 Conference!
3/5/2010Maryland--Visit HSLDA at the MACHE 2010 State Curriculum Fair!
3/5/2010Missouri--Visit HSLDA at the Greater St. Louis Area Home Educators Expo!
3/5/2010California--Visit HSLDA at the Central Coast Home Education Conference!
3/5/2010Alaska--Visit HSLDA at the AHEA 2010 Convention!
3/4/2010New Hampshire - Correction on Date of Rally at the Capitol!
3/4/2010New Hampshire--Take Action to Recognize Parents' Educational Freedom!
3/4/2010South Dakota--Call Your Senator to Support Scholarship Equity Bill
3/4/2010Mississippi--Threatening Legislation Dead
3/4/2010Iowa--Stop Calls on HF 2436
3/2/2010Maryland: Calls Needed to Oppose Compulsory Attendance Bill
3/2/2010IOWA: Calls Needed Today for Parent-Taught Driver Ed
3/1/2010Oklahoma: Daytime Curfew Ordinance Being Considered in Oklahoma City
3/1/2010West Virginia: Calls Needed TODAY to Protect Religious Freedom!