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HSLDA Alerts & Information (ALL)
February 2010

2/26/2010West Virginia: Immediate Action Needed to Help Protect West Virginia Families!
2/26/2010HSLDA--Financial Literacy Challenge Opportunity
2/25/2010Louisiana--Visit HSLDA at the RCHAL 2010 Curriculum Fair!
2/25/2010New Jersey--Visit HSLDA at the 11th Annual CHAPLET Homeschool Conference!
2/25/2010HSLDA Member Benefit: Court Report Magazine
2/24/2010West Virginia: Calls Needed to Protect Religious Freedom!
2/24/2010Virginia--Protect Loudoun County Library Funding
2/23/2010South Dakota--Call Your Senator to Support Scholarship Equity Bill
2/22/2010Maryland--Calls Needed to Oppose Discriminatory Compulsory Attendance Bill
2/22/2010Third Annual HSLDA High School Symposium
2/22/2010West Virginia--Calls Needed to Prevent Compulsory Attendance Age Increase!
2/22/2010Minnesota--Announcing a Parental Rights Seminar Featuring Michael P. Farris
2/22/2010Washington: Your Attendance is Needed for the Homeschool Day at the Capitol!
2/22/2010Wyoming--College Entrance Exam & Job Skills Assessment Offered but not Required!
2/19/2010Colorado: Calls Needed to Expand Homeschooling and Parental Education Choice
2/19/2010Georgia -- Calls Needed to Stop Expansion of State Control over Education
2/19/2010South Dakota--Call Committee to Support Scholarship Equity Bill
2/19/2010Nebraska--Please Attend Legislative Day 2010!
2/18/2010Virginia: Vaccination Equity Bill Advances to Senate Floor--Follow Up
2/18/2010West Virginia--Please Call to Defend Freedom!
2/18/2010California: CHEA Labors on Your Behalf
2/18/2010Tennessee--Updated: THEA's Capitol Hill Day, Featuring Michael P. Farris
2/18/2010Iowa--NICHE Homeschool Day at the Capitol Featuring Michael P. Farris
2/17/2010Tennessee--THEA Capitol Hill Day Featuring Michael P. Farris
2/17/2010Nevada--Visit HSLDA at the 2010 Homeschool Symposium!
2/16/2010Ohio--Online Seminar with Important Information!
2/12/2010HSLDA's Stimulus Plan. Limited Time Offer.
2/12/2010Florida--Visit HSLDA at the 2010 South Florida Homeschool Convention
2/12/2010Washington--Visit HSLDA at the Inland Northwest Homeschool Conference!
2/12/2010Illinois--Visit HSLDA at the APACHE 21st Annual Convention!
2/12/2010HSLDA: Senior Web Developer Needed for 2-3 months
2/12/2010Utah--Visit HSLDA at the 2010 UTCHA Convention!
2/12/2010North Dakota--Visit HSLDA at the 2010 NDHSA Convention!
2/12/2010Maine--Visit HSLDA at the 2010 Homeschoolers of Maine Convention!
2/11/2010South Dakota: Calls Needed Immediately For College Scholarship Access
2/10/2010Wyoming: Bill Sponsor pledges to amend language to protect homeschoolers
2/9/2010West Virginia: Calls Needed to Prevent Compulsory Attendance Age Increase!
2/9/2010Ohio: Hearing Cancelled -- Continue to Call
2/9/2010NY: Threat to Parental Rights
2/9/2010Maryland--Calls Needed to Oppose Discriminatory Compulsory Attendance Bill
2/8/2010Ohio--Calls Needed to Prevent Unreasonable Government Interference
2/8/2010Oklahoma: Action Needed--Home Education Freedom Threatened!
2/8/2010HSLDA: Hear Elizabeth Smith's Encouraging Message at Mom Heart Conference
2/8/2010South Dakota--Calls Needed for Homeschool Scholarship Bill
2/8/2010HSLDA: Join Elizabeth Smith at Apologia Live Homeschool Conference
2/8/2010HSLDA: Join Elizabeth Smith at Apologia Live Homeschool Conference
2/5/2010West Virginia--Please Keep Calling to Defeat Increased Government Regulation!
2/5/2010Virginia--Vaccination Equity Bill Wins 22-0 Committee Vote
2/5/2010Iowa--"Suspended Homeschool Child" Articles
2/3/2010Oklahoma: Your Attendance Needed for Home Education Day at the Capitol!
2/2/2010Mississippi--Calls Needed: Legislation Would Threaten Parental Rights
2/2/2010Virginia--Hearing on Vaccination Equity Bill
2/2/2010Missouri--Act Now to Prevent Expansion of Compulsory School Attendance
2/2/2010West Virginia--Call to Defeat Expansion of State Control Over Homeschoolers
2/1/2010New Mexico--Plan Now to Attend Home School Day at the Capitol Event!