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December 2010

12/21/2010Merry Christmas from HSLDA
12/17/2010Home School Foundation: International Homeschoolers in Trouble!
12/17/2010HSLDA: Registration for SuperConference now open!
12/16/2010Virginia: Warren County Board Votes 3-2 In Favor of Improved Policy
12/15/2010PHC Prep: Don't Miss January 7 Registration Deadline for AP Courses!
12/15/2010PHC Prep: Don't Miss January 7 Registration Deadline for AP Courses!
12/10/2010HSLDA Benefit: Online Courses Prep Teens for May 2011 AP Exams!
12/9/2010New Hampshire: Still Time to Join Tonight's Legislative Discussion
12/9/2010HSLDA: Register for High School Teacher Training
12/9/2010HSLDA: Come to Richmond to Hear Inspiring Speakers
12/8/2010New Hampshire: New Law? No Law? Let's Talk Tomorrow Night!
12/8/2010Home School Foundation: Give an unexpected gift this Christmas!
12/7/2010PHC Prep: Register Now for Spring Accelerated AP Courses!
12/6/2010HSLDA: Energize Your Homeschool at MACHE'S Annual Conference
12/3/2010New Hampshire--Homescholers on Offense in the State House?
12/3/2010Virginia--Restore Freedom at Dec. 9 School Board Meeting
12/1/2010HSLDA: Register Now for Constitutional Law Online with Michael Farris, Esq.
12/1/2010Ohio--Mentor Proposes Daytime Curfew
12/1/2010Ohio: Homeschool Pioneer Goes Home
12/1/2010Illinois: Marriage in the Balance--Calls Needed Immediately
12/1/2010Maine: Special Education Services Difficulties
12/1/2010Oklahoma: Energize Your Homeschool at OCHEC