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June 2009

6/24/2009HSLDA: Delegation at UN Disconnects Phone--Update
6/24/2009Louisiana: Urgent--Please Call Now to Help Pass Religious Freedom Amendment!
6/24/2009HSLDA: Call Now to Stop UN Children's Treaty
6/22/2009Texas--Your Calls Helped Work to Defeat Harmful CPS Investigation Bill!
6/19/2009Texas--Legislative Wrap-Up
6/19/2009Texas--More Calls Needed To Defeat Bill That Takes Away Constitutional Rights
6/19/2009Kentucky: FREE @home e-vent to discuss Kentucky law
6/15/2009New Hampshire: June 23rd Subcommittee Work Session--CANCELLED!
6/15/2009HSLDA: Tomorrow's @home e-vent: Understanding science, Understanding God
6/15/2009California--Announcing the 16th Annual Valley Home Educators 2009 Convention!
6/12/2009Oregon--House Memorial Urges Ratification of UN Treaty
6/11/2009Ohio--Reminder: 25th Annual Christian Home Educators of Ohio 2009 Convention
6/11/2009Tennessee--Annual CSTHEA 2009 Curriculum Fair and Education Expo!
6/10/2009New Hampshire--New Compulsory School Law Activates June 30!
6/9/2009HSLDA: Tomorrow's e-vent: Change the World in Your Spare Time!
6/8/2009New Hampshire: Please Attend Home Education Advisory Council Meeting--Tomorrow!
6/8/2009HSLDA: Support a College that Supports Your Values
6/5/2009Nevada--Early Education Bill, SB 378, Defeated--Your Calls Made the Difference!
6/5/2009Texas--Calls Needed To Defeat Bill That Takes Away Constitutional Rights
6/4/2009New Jersey--Reminder: the First Annual Sacred HEART 2009 Convention!
6/2/2009New York--Attend 25th Annual LEAH Convention and Parental Rights Discussion
6/1/2009Arizona--Families for Home Education 2009 Convention and Curriculum Fair!
6/1/2009Tennessee--West Tennessee Home Education Association Conference!
6/1/2009Florida--Home Educational Resources and Information Curriculum Convention!
6/1/2009Texas--One Day High Academy 2009 Homeschool Resource Fair!