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May 2009

5/29/2009Nevada--Calls Needed Now to Legislators to Support Governor's Veto of SB 378
5/27/2009New Hampshire: Homeschool Inquisition Continues
5/22/2009Texas--1st Annual One Day High Academy 2009 Homeschool Resource Fair!
5/22/2009California--Annual CHEA of California 2009 Home Education Convention!
5/22/2009Ohio--Announcing the 5th Annual Dayton Catholic 2009 Homeschool Conference!
5/22/2009Virginia--2009 Annual Northern Virginia Home Education Conference!
5/21/2009Missouri: Update--Army of Homeschoolers Thwarts Power Grab
5/19/2009Pennsylvania: Special @home e-vent covers updates to homeschool law
5/19/2009Minnesota--Homeschool Law Remains Unchanged
5/19/2009Texas: 23rd Annual SETHSA Gulf Coast Home Education Conference
5/18/2009California-- Tri-County Home Education Network 2009 Homeschool Convention!
5/18/2009Tennessee--Smoky Mountain Home Education Association Family Resource Fair!
5/18/2009Alabama--2009 Christian Home Education Fellowship of Alabama State Convention
5/18/2009Texas--Christian Home Education Association of Central Texas 2009 Conference
5/18/2009HSLDA: It's Wedding Season! Buy Three Cookbooks for Wedding Gifts & Save!
5/15/2009Ohio--Christian Home Educators of Ohio 2009 Convention!
5/14/2009Alabama--Announcing the 2009 Annual Mobile Homeschool Expo!
5/14/2009Kentucky--2009 Annual Christian Home Educators of Kentucky Conference!
5/13/2009Missouri--CORRECTION:Emergency Rally Tomorrow, May 14 in Jefferson City--Urgent!
5/13/2009Missouri--Emergency Rally Tomorrow, May 24 in Jefferson City--Urgent!
5/13/2009HSLDA: Contact Your Congressman Now to Protect Parental Rights
5/12/2009Texas: Please Attend Council Meeting to Defeat Daytime Curfew Tomorrow!
5/11/2009California--Rescheduled: CA @home e-vent
5/11/2009Washington--Washington Homeschool Organization Convention
5/11/2009Pennsylvania-- SouthEastern Area Christian Homeschoolers of Pa. Conference
5/11/2009South Carolina--SCHEA 2009 Home School Convention!
5/11/2009New Jersey--First Annual Sacred HEART 2009 Convention!
5/11/2009New Hampshire--Reminder: The 2009 Annual CHENH Convention!
5/11/2009Colorado--Christian Home Educators of Colorado Christian Family Conference!
5/11/2009Virginia--Join Mike Farris, National Leaders in Free Event for Youth & Pastors
5/11/2009Tennessee--Call to Help Pass Resolution Supporting Educational Freedom in Germany
5/8/2009California--This Monday: @home e-vent on homeschooling in California
5/7/2009Nevada--Calls Needed Now to Stop Early Education Bill
5/6/2009South Dakota--Rapid City Creates Confusion Over Computer Literacy Test
5/6/2009Connecticut--Announcing TEACH 15th Annual 2009 Homeschool Convention!
5/6/2009Oregon--Announcing the 15th Annual OCEAN 2009 Conference!
5/6/2009Tennessee--MHEA 2009 Mid-South Educational Resources Expo!
5/6/2009Texas--Announcing the One Day High School Seminar of Frisco Home Is School
5/6/2009Virginia--Home Educators Association of Virginia 2009 Homeschool Convention!
5/6/2009Idaho--11th Annual Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State 2009 Convention!
5/6/2009Maryland--Announcing the 2009 Annual Catholic Family Expo!
5/5/2009Texas--Calls Still Needed to Support CPS Reform Bill
5/5/2009Nevada: Calls Needed Now to Stop Early Education Bill
5/4/2009Texas: Keep Calls Coming to Defeat Daytime Curfew Ordinance in Dallas!
5/4/2009New Hampshire--'Definitions' Subcommittee Meeting Canceled for May 6th!
5/1/2009Maryland: @home e-vent on district's parent teaching requirement
5/1/2009Oregon--Speaking Event with HSLDA Attorney Thomas Schmidt
5/1/2009Minnesota--Sign-up Now for Informative Online Seminar