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HSLDA Alerts & Information (ALL)
February 2009

2/27/2009HSLDA Member Benefit: Special Needs Coordinators
2/27/2009Virginia--Update--Scholarship Equity Bill Passes House Unopposed
2/26/2009Minnesota--More Action Needed to Support Homeschool Freedom
2/26/2009Arizona--Great News: Compulsory Bill Fails!
2/26/2009HSLDA High School Symposium: Equipped and Encouraged to Teach High School
2/25/2009Illinois: Calls Needed to Support $1,000 Tax Credit
2/24/2009Illinois: Your Calls Needed to Protect Traditional Marriage
2/24/2009Minnesota--Call Now to Support Increased Homeschool Freedom
2/24/2009Nebraska--Call Judiciary Committee TODAY to Oppose L.B. 253
2/24/2009New Hampshire--More Action needed to Oppose Threatening Legislation
2/24/2009North Dakota--Homeschool Freedom Bill Passes House!
2/24/2009Montana--Compulsory Attendance Age Bill Dies
2/24/2009North Dakota--Calls Needed: Bad Bill Passes Senate!
2/23/2009HSLDA: Senate Committee to Vote on Ogden Nomination--Calls Needed
2/23/2009Virginia: House Committee Approves Scholarship Equity Bill
2/23/2009Indiana--Indiana Association of Home Educators 24th Annual Convention!
2/23/2009Minnesota--MACHE 25th Annual Homeschool Conference and Curriculum Fair!
2/20/2009Spring 2009 Group Quarterly E-zine
2/20/2009Arizona--Urgent Calls Needed to Stop Government Control Over Homeschoolers
2/20/2009Minnesota--Attend Capitol Day to Support Reduction in Regulations
2/19/2009West Virginia--Call Delegate Talbott to Stop Unlawful Seizure of Children
2/18/2009Virginia--Call for Scholarship Bill Before Full Committee Vote
2/17/2009Virginia--Call Now for Scholarship Equity Bill
2/17/2009Michigan: Calls Still Needed to Stop Expanded Government Control Over Children
2/17/2009Illinois: Calls Needed To Support Increasing the Home Educators Tax Credit
2/17/2009Washington: Multiple Bills Allow Court to Order Grandparent Visitation
2/17/2009Montana--Calls Needed to Oppose Compulsory Attendance Age Bill
2/13/2009New Hampshire--THANK YOU for a Record-Breaking Turnout
2/13/2009Washington--Your Voice Crucial in Preserving Traditional Family!
2/13/2009Virginia--Announcing the 2009 Valley Home Educators' Dad's Night Out!
2/13/2009Arizona--Exciting Free Evening Seminar Coming Next Week
2/12/2009HSLDA: Register Now for Parental Rights Conference
2/12/2009Washington--Announcing the 2009 Pacific Northwest Homeschool Conference!
2/12/2009Nebraska--Christian Home Educators Association Conference and Curriculum Fair!
2/12/2009Missouri--Announcing the 2009 Greater St. Louis Area Home Educators' Expo!
2/12/2009Illinois--Association of Peoria Area Christian Home Educators Convention!
2/11/2009HSLDA: Call to Stop Confirmation of Justice Candidate
2/11/2009Michigan--Calls Still Needed to Stop Expansion of State Control Over Homeschools
2/11/2009Nebraska--Homeschool Legislative Day Update
2/11/2009North Dakota--Support $2,000 Tax Deduction for Homeschooling Families!
2/11/2009North Dakota - Calls Needed: Legislation Would Lower Compulsory Attendance Age
2/11/2009North Dakota--Calls Needed to Support Homeschool Freedom!
2/10/2009Alaska--Calls Needed to Oppose Government Nanny Bill - Correction
2/10/2009Alaska--Calls Needed to Oppose Government Nanny Bill
2/9/2009Virginia--Calls Needed Now to Help Pass a Tax Credit for Homeschoolers
2/9/2009New Hampshire--Attend Cornerstone Policy Research Press Conference
2/6/2009New Hampshire: Action needed to Oppose Threatening Legislation
2/6/2009Oklahoma: Update--No More Calls Needed!
2/6/2009Oklahoma--More Calls Needed on Bad Bills!
2/6/2009North Dakota--Annual Christian Home Educators' State Convention!
2/5/2009HSLDA: Justice Candidate a Threat to Parental Rights
2/5/2009Hawaii: Urgent--Calls Needed to Stop Civil Unions!
2/4/2009Idaho--Legislator Contemplates Homeschool Restrictions
2/3/2009Montana--Attend the Legislative Day at the Capitol!
2/2/2009HSLDA: Cookbook Sales Benefit Needy Homeschoolers
2/2/2009Indiana--2009 Annual Southwestern Indian Home Educator's Convention!
2/2/2009Maine--Announcing the 2009 Annual Homeschoolers of Maine Convention!
2/2/2009N.J.-- Gloucester County Christian Home School Association's Winter Workshop!
2/2/2009Colorado--2009 Annual Home Instruction Ministry's Convention!
2/2/2009Utah--17th Annual Utah Christian Home School Association Convention!