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HSLDA Alerts & Information (ALL)
June 2008

6/30/2008District of Columbia--WRITTEN COMMENTS NEEDED
6/27/2008HSLDA Benefit of the Month: Curriculum Market
6/26/2008Georgia--Announcing the 2008 Annual Southeast Homeschool Expo
6/26/2008Maryland--Announcing the 2008 Annual Catholic Family Expo
6/26/2008California--Announcing the 15th Annual Valley Home Educators Conference
6/25/2008HSLDA--Local Candidates Sought for Job Openings
6/25/2008HSLDA--Keep Praying for the California Case
6/23/2008New York--Special Education Bills Pass!
6/20/2008Massachusetts--State Science and Engineering Fair Open to Homeschoolers
6/20/2008Ohio--Home Education Rules Up for Review by Ohio Department of Education
6/19/2008Nevada--Last Chance to Attend the 2008 Homeschool Network Convention
6/17/2008Minnesota: Legislative Wrap-up
6/17/2008New Hampshire--Legislative Wrap-Up
6/17/2008Nebraska--Legislative Wrap-Up
6/16/2008HSLDA--Help Mike Farris Prepare for California Case
6/13/2008District of Columbia--Homeschool Regs Removed from Meeting Agenda
6/12/2008New York--Calls Needed to Restore Special Ed Services for Homeschoolers
6/10/2008D.C: Emails Needed to Support Proposed Changes to Homeschool Regulations
6/10/2008New Hampshire: Reminder--Evaluations Due to Participating Agency by July 1
6/10/2008Louisiana--Christian Home Educators Fellowship of Louisiana Convention
6/10/2008Arizona--25th Annual Families for Home Education Convention
6/10/2008Tennessee--Chattanooga Southeast Home Education Association Curriculum Fair
6/10/2008Virginia--2008 Annual Southwest Virginia Homeschool Expo
6/10/2008CHEA--Christian Home Educators Association of California Conference
6/10/2008Primer Congreso Anual de Educadores en el Hogar
6/9/2008California: Resolution Supports Homeschooling and Parents Rights
6/4/2008District of Columbia--Update on Tonight's SBOE Working Session
6/3/2008Florida--Annual H.E.R.I Curriculum Convention and Leadership Conference
6/3/2008Kentucky--18th Annual Christian Home Educators of Kentucky Conference
6/3/2008Virginia--5th Annual Northern Virginia Home Education Conference
6/2/2008District of Columbia--Your Attendance Needed at SBOE Work Session