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May 2008

5/30/2008D.C.--Calls Needed to Stop Unnecessary Regulation of Homeschoolers
5/30/2008D.C.--WRITTEN COMMENTS NEEDED to Defeat Harmful Homeschool Regulation
5/29/2008HSLDA: Register Now for Fall Constitutional Law Online
5/29/2008Texas--North Texas Home Educators Network Conference and Bookfair
5/29/2008New Hampshire--S.B. 337 House Version Approved by Senate, On to Governor
5/28/2008Ohio--Four Weeks Until the Christian Home Educators Convention
5/28/2008Colorado--Two Weeks Left Until Christian Home Educators Conference
5/27/2008California: Defeat of AB 2943--Prohibition of Spanking
5/23/2008Wisconsin--2008 Wisconsin Christian Home Educators Association Conference
5/23/2008Ohio--24th Annual Christian Home Educators of Ohio Convention
5/23/2008Missouri: Correction--Highway Patrol Bill Fails to Gain Passage
5/22/2008California--Court Filings Complete
5/22/2008Tennessee--Smoky Mountain Home Education Association Family Resource Fair
5/22/2008California--Announcing the 2008 Annual Tri-Counties Homeschool Convention
5/22/2008Texas--Christian Home Educators Association of Central Texas Conference
5/22/2008Register Now for Generation Joshua Summer Camp
5/21/2008Louisiana: Calls Needed--Bill Limits Parental Rights!
5/20/2008Iowa--Legislature Closes with Freedom Intact
5/19/2008District of Columbia--Action Needed to Defeat Harmful Homeschool Regulation
5/19/2008Missouri--Homeschoolers Win Access to Highway Patrol as Legislature Closes
5/15/2008New Hampshire--S.B. 337 Passed House with Carson Amendment, 188 to 168
5/15/2008Ohio--Announcing the 24th Annual Christian Home Educators of Ohio Convention
5/15/2008Minnesota--Governor Tim Pawlenty Vetoes Compulsory School Attendance Bill
5/14/2008South Carolina--Annual Home Educators Association Conference
5/14/2008Oregon--14th Annual Oregon Christian Home Education Conference
5/14/2008Nevada--2008 Annual Nevada Homeschool Network Convention
5/14/2008Tennessee--Annual Memphis-Area Education Association Curriculum Fair
5/14/2008Connecticut--Education Association of Christian Homeschoolers Convention
5/13/2008HSLDA--2008 Annual Homeschoolers of Wyoming Convention
5/12/2008New York--Make Plans to Attend 24th Annual LEAH Conference!
5/12/2008New Hampshire--Your Presence Needed to Protest Restrictive Homeschool Bill
5/12/2008New Jersey: Call to Stop Expansion of Government Control Over Homeschoolers
5/12/2008Kentucky--Your Vote Crucial in Preserving Homeschool Freedom
5/12/2008Oregon--Your Vote Crucial in Preserving Homeschool Freedom
5/9/2008Florida: Miami-Dade County Schools Sends Misinformation
5/9/2008Missouri--Update on House Bill 2078--Dangerous Driver's License Bill
5/8/2008District of Columbia--ACTION NEEDED to Defeat Harmful Homeschool Regulation
5/8/2008New Hampshire--More Calls Needed to Stop Restrictive Homeschool Bill
5/6/2008Arkansas--Correction Regarding Springdale Conference
5/6/2008Tennessee: Update on Diploma Bill
5/6/2008Michigan: Calls Needed to Stop Expansion of State Control Over Children
5/6/2008California--Action Still Needed to Defeat Anti-spanking Bill
5/5/2008Tennessee: Change to Calls on Diploma Bill
5/5/2008Tennessee: Calls Needed on Diploma Bill
5/5/2008Arkansas: Free Book Giveaway--Springdale Conference May 9-10!
5/2/2008New Hampshire--ACTION STILL Needed to Defeat Harmful Homeschool Legislation
5/2/2008District of Columbia--Newest Proposed Rules STILL Threaten Parental Freedom
5/2/2008Arkansas--Join Us in Springdale, May 9 & 10!
5/1/2008Washington--2008 Washington Homeschool Organization Convention
5/1/2008Pennsylvania--South Eastern Area Christian Homeschoolers of Pa. Conference
5/1/2008Kansas--2008 Kansas City Conference for Catholic Homeschoolers
5/1/2008West Virginia--Annual Eastern Panhandle Home School Conference
5/1/2008Colorado--2008 Annual Christian Home Educators of Colorado Conference
5/1/2008Missouri--Calls Needed to Stop Dangerous Driver's License Bill