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September 2006

9/29/2006HSLDA Launches Online Curriculum Market
9/26/2006HSLDA Launches Online Curriculum Market
9/26/2006Virginia--Calls Needed Now to Help Pass Tax Credit for Homeschoolers
9/26/2006California--Socialized Medicine Bill Vetoed
9/25/2006Virginia--Homeschool Leadership Conference
9/22/2006Urgent! UPDATE--Calls Needed to the German Embassy Next Week
9/22/2006Urgent! Calls Needed to the German Embassy Next Week
9/22/2006Illinois--Judge Dismisses Protect Marriage Illinois' Lawsuit
9/21/2006Puerto Rico--Urgent Action Needed to Stop Homeschool Bill P.C. 2754
9/21/2006HSLDA: 'Building Your Homeschool Together'
9/20/2006Get Preschool Resources from HSLDA
9/14/2006Ohio--Calls Needed to Stop Daytime Curfew Ordinance
9/12/2006HSLDA Announces
9/12/2006Washington--Declaration of Intent Reminder
9/11/2006Illinois: Officials Visit Homeschool Families Demanding to See Curriculum
9/11/2006Alabama--School Districts Threaten Truancy Charges
9/11/2006Michigan: Family Receives Unannounced Home Visit
9/8/2006Ohio--Calls Needed to Stop Daytime Curfew Ordinance
9/6/2006California--Continued Support for Family Protection Ministry Is Necessary
9/6/2006HSLDA Announces "Building Your Homeschool Together" Seminar
9/1/2006New York--NYC Dept. of Ed. to Reorganize Homeschool Reporting