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HSLDA Alerts & Information (ALL)
August 2006

8/31/2006New Hampshire--Notice of Intent Reminder
8/31/2006HSLDA Announces "Building Your Homeschool Together" Seminar
8/25/2006Maine--Annual Notice and Assessment Reminder
8/25/2006Maryland--Annual Notice Reminder
8/25/2006Wisconsin--Annual Notice to Department of Public Instruction Reminder
8/24/2006New Mexico--Distance Education Academy Bad Deal for Homeschoolers
8/22/2006Maryland--Announcing Homeschooling Thru High School seminars
8/22/2006California--Act Now to Oppose Socialized Medicine Bill
8/17/2006Ohio--Home Education Programs and '08 schools'
8/15/2006Iowa--Protecting Privacy During the 'Learning Curve'
8/11/2006Ohio--08 Schools Continue to File Notice to Parents with Department of Education
8/8/2006Maryland--Meetings not Required for Portfolio Review
8/8/2006HSLDA: Early Registration Deadline for Regional Seminar
8/4/2006Michigan: Support Tim Walberg in the August 8 Primary
8/4/2006Wyoming--Help Preserve Homeschool Freedom!
8/3/2006Virginia, D.C.--Sales Tax Holiday Upcoming
8/3/2006South Dakota--Fight for Privacy Continues
8/2/2006South Carolina--LIFE Scholarship Problem Solved
8/2/2006Washington--Follow up on Virtual Charter Schools
8/1/2006HSLDA: Registration Open for Homeschool Parent and Regional Seminar