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HSLDA Alerts & Information (ALL)
May 2005

5/27/2005Minnesota--Call Now to Expand Tax Credits
5/27/2005Louisiana--Hearing Scheduled on TOPS Bill!
5/26/2005Virginia--James City Testing Error
5/26/2005Oregon--Please Call on Social Workers Training Bill
5/25/2005California - Announcing the 22nd Annual Christian Home Educators Convention
5/25/2005Virginia - Announcing the Nat. Assoc. of Catholic Homes & Educators Conference
5/25/2005Alabama - Announcing the 2005 State Convention and Curriculum Fair
5/25/2005Tennessee - Announcing the Smoky Mountain Home Ed. Assoc. Family Resource Fair
5/25/2005Virginia - Announcing the Northern Virginia Home Education Conference
5/25/2005Oregon - Announcing the NW Curriculum Exhibition
5/25/2005Montana - Announcing the Montana Home Education Event Corporation Convention
5/25/2005Nevada - Announcing the NV Homeschool Network 3rd Annual Homeschool Convention
5/25/2005Texas - Announcing the Christian Home Education Association of Central Texas
5/25/2005Ohio - Announcing Ohio's 21st Annual Home Educator's Convention
5/25/2005Louisiana - Please Continue to Call to Oppose the Compulsory Attendance Bill
5/25/2005Oregon - Update - Bill Passes with Wider Margin!
5/24/2005Oregon--Bill to be Voted on Today! Please Call Now!
5/23/2005Louisiana--Please Call Now on Compulsory Attendance Bill!
5/23/2005Texas--Update: Calls Needed in Support of Marriage
5/19/2005Nevada--Called Needed To Protect Your Constitutional Rights!
5/18/2005Texas--Calls Needed to Support Marriage
5/18/2005Virginia - School District Seeks Unauthorized Information from Homeschoolers
5/18/2005Time is Running Out - Few Spaces Left for PHC Teen Camps
5/18/2005California--Legislative Action Alert SB 840: Socialized Medicine
5/18/2005Virginia - Announcing the 22nd Annual HEAV State Convention & Educational Fair
5/18/2005California - Announcing the 20th Annual Convention & Curriculum Fair
5/18/2005Washington - Announcing the Washington Homeschool Org's 20th Annual Convention
5/18/2005South Carolina - Announcing the South Carolina Home Educators Assoc. Convention
5/17/2005Louisiana - Calls Needed to Help Reduce TOPS Discrimination
5/17/2005Oregon - Calls Needed to Help Pass Home Education Equity Bill in the House
5/17/2005Pennsylvania - Calls Needed to Oppose Lowering the Compulsory Attendance Age
5/17/2005Rhode Island--Calls Urgently Needed - Bill Threatens Freedom to Teach Civics
5/13/2005Texas--Bill Preventing Discrimination in College Scholarships Dies
5/12/2005Texas--Bill to Help Homeschoolers Become Lawyers Dies
5/11/2005Iowa--Announcing the 13th Annual Home Educator's Conference
5/11/2005Tennessee--Announcing the 19th Annual Conference and Curriculum Fair
5/11/2005Oregon--Announcing the Jackson County Home Educators
5/11/2005Connecticut--Announcing the TEACH 2005 Convention
5/11/2005Colorado--Announcing the Christian Home Educators of Colorado 2005 Conference
5/11/2005New Hampshire--Calling a Few Servant Leaders
5/10/2005Texas--Calls Needed to Help Homeschoolers Become Lawyers
5/10/2005Oregon--Please Continue to Support Home Education Equity Bill
5/9/2005Maryland--Compulsory Attendance Bill Defeated
5/9/2005Colorado--Final Word on Senate Bill 87
5/6/2005Oregon--Emails Needed to Support Home Education Equity Bill
5/6/2005Colorado--Correction--Immunization Tracking Bill
5/6/2005Colorado--Your Calls Worked - Immunization Tracking Bill Signed Into Law
5/6/2005Illinois--Calls Still Needed to Defeat Compulsory Attendance Bill
5/6/2005Rhode Island--Calls Needed - Bill Threatens Freedom to Teach Civics
5/5/2005Colorado--Marriage Amendment Prevented from Moving Forward
5/5/2005New Hampshire--CHENH Convention - A Personal Invitation to Waterville Valley
5/3/2005Vermont--Making a Difference in Montpelier
5/3/2005Kansas--Announcing the Teaching Parents Association Homeschool Conference
5/3/2005California--Announcing the 17th Annual SCOPE Homeschool Conference
5/3/2005Idaho--Announcing the Idaho 7th Annual Homeschool Convention
5/3/2005Texas--Announcing the Nineteenth Annual Gulf Coast Home Education Conference
5/3/2005New York--Announcing the NYS Loving Education at Home Convention
5/3/2005New York--Please Call Today During Homeschool Rally
5/2/2005Nevada--Calls Needed to Support Religious Freedom Bill to Protect Homeschoolers