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April 2005

4/29/2005Texas--Calls Needed to Support Marriage
4/29/2005Oregon--Update - Continue to Call to Support Religious Freedom Bill
4/29/2005New Hampshire--Oppose Curriculum Requirement for First-time Homeschoolers
4/28/2005California: Socialized Medicine Bill Defeated
4/28/2005Illinois--Your Calls Are Working
4/27/2005North Carolina--Announcing NCHE's 21st Annual Conference and Book Fair
4/27/2005Florida--Announcing the 2005 FPEA Florida Homeschool Convention
4/27/2005Arkansas--Announcing the Education Alliance 2005 Convention
4/27/2005Virginia--Triennial School Census
4/26/2005Oregon--Calls Needed Immediately to Support Religious Freedom Bill
4/26/2005Colorado--Calls Needed to the Governor Concerning Immunization Bill
4/26/2005Texas--Calls Needed to Support Anti-Discrimination Bill for College Scholarships
4/26/2005Louisiana--Calls Needed to Oppose Lowering Compulsory School Age to 5
4/26/2005Idaho--Child Welfare Reform Signed by Governor
4/26/2005Alerta: La Libertad de Obtener Licencia de Guiar Puesto en Riesgo
4/25/2005Texas--Your Calls Worked - the Child Welfare Bill was Amended
4/25/2005Illinois--Calls Needed to House Committee to Stop the Compulsory Attendance Bill
4/25/2005New Hampshire--Calls Needed to Support Bill Simplifying Homeschool Notification
4/25/2005California moves toward universal health care
4/22/2005New York--Homeschool Rally at the Capitol
4/22/2005Wyoming--Update--Invite Your Legislator to the Homeschool Convention
4/21/2005Iowa--Calls Needed to Stop Anti-Parent Plan
4/21/2005Wyoming--Invite Your Legislator to the Homeschool Convention
4/21/2005Montana--Driver Education Bill Dies
4/20/2005Illinois--Announcing the Illinois Christian Home Educators Convention
4/20/2005New Jersey--Announcing New Jersey's 15th Annual Statewide Homeschool Convention
4/20/2005Oklahoma--Announcing the Root & Branches Homeschool Conference
4/20/2005Texas--Announcing the FEAST Homeschool Convention & Curriculum Fair
4/20/2005Wisconsin--Announcing CHEA's Annual Spring Conference
4/20/2005West Virginia--Announcing the CHEWV 2005 State Convention
4/20/2005Wyoming--Announcing the Homeschoolers of Wyoming Convention
4/19/2005Texas--Calls Needed Now to Stop a Bill that Endangers Parental Rights
4/15/2005New Hampshire--Announcing the Christian Home Educators of New Hampshire
4/14/2005Indiana--Calls Needed to Veto Harmful Bill
4/14/2005Washington--Announcing the 11th Annual WATCH Conference
4/14/2005Virginia--Announcing the 2005 Tidewater Education Expo
4/14/2005Tennessee--Announcing the Tennessee Home Education Association's Curriculum Fair
4/14/2005Texas--Announcing the Homeschool Book Fair
4/14/2005Pennsylvania--Announcing the Nineteenth Annual CHAP Homeschool Convention
4/14/2005Michigan--Announcing the 22nd Annual Michigan Home Education Convention
4/14/2005Mississippi--Announcing the 20th Annual MHEA Spring Conference
4/14/2005Georgia--Announcing GHEA's 19th Annual Christian Home Education Conference
4/14/2005California--Announcing the Christian Family Schools of San Diego Homeschool Expo
4/13/2005New Mexico--Surprise Victory in Legislature
4/13/2005Texas--Calls Needed to Expand Opportunities for Homeschoolers
4/12/2005Illinois--Calls Needed to Senate Today to Stop the Compulsory Attendance Bill
4/11/2005North Carolina--DNPE to Stay Under Department of Administration
4/8/2005Indiana--Calls Needed This Weekend to Support $6,000 Tax Credit for Homeschools
4/8/2005Colorado--Calls Still Needed to the Senate Concerning Immunization Bill
4/8/2005Illinois--Calls Still Needed to Stop the Compulsory Attendance Bill
4/8/2005Nevada--Assembly Bill 397: Restrictive Testing Provision Removed
4/8/2005Kansas--New Protection for Marriage in Kansas Constitution
4/7/2005Colorado--Correction: Come Support Freedom at the Homeschool Day at the Capitol
4/6/2005Indiana--Calls Needed to Support $500 Tax Credit for Homeschools
4/6/2005Colorado--Calls Needed to Senate Today to Stop Immunization Tracking Bill
4/6/2005Nevada--Calls Needed Today to Stop Homeschool Testing Bill
4/5/2005Minnesota--Thank You for Your Calls
4/5/2005North Dakota--Favorable Legislation Signed by Governor
4/5/2005Oregon--E-Mails Needed to Support Home Education Equity Bill
4/5/2005Indiana--Calls Still Needed to Stop Harmful Bill
4/4/2005Minnesota--Calls Needed to Expand Tuition Credit to Homeschoolers
4/4/2005North Carolina--Possible Change in State Government Affecting Homeschools
4/4/2005Kansas--Vote to Uphold Marriage on April 5
4/4/2005Pennsylvania--Calls Needed to Oppose Lowering the Compulsory Attendance Age
4/4/2005Colorado--Update on Immunization Tracking Bill
4/4/2005Illinois--Calls Needed - Senate Voting on Harmful Bill
4/4/2005Montana--Calls Needed Today to Pass Driver Education Bill
4/1/2005Massachusetts--Update - Announcing the 2005 MassHOPE Convention
4/1/2005Oregon--Calls Needed to Ensure Social Workers Receive Proper Training
4/1/2005Colorado--Come Support Freedom at the "Homeschool Day at the Capitol"
4/1/2005Indiana--Calls Needed to Stop Harmful Bill