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12/19/2005Constitutional Law Online with Michael Farris begins Jan. 9--Register Today
12/12/2005Wisconsin--Calls Needed in Support of Marriage
12/9/2005HSLDA - Unite in Defending Homeschool Freedom
12/5/2005New Jersey--HSLDA Attorney Scott Somerville to Appear on CN8 Tonight
12/5/2005Pennsylvania--HSLDA Attorney Scott Somerville to Appear on CN8 Tonight
12/5/2005Pennsylvania -- Calls Needed to Three Senators
11/28/2005Indiana--Ask WISH 8 to Correct Inaccuracies about Homeschooling!
11/23/2005HSLDA: It's amazing what your clicks can do for homeschooling
11/17/2005Texas--Marriage Amendment to Constitution Passes
11/14/2005California--There's No Place Like Home
11/8/2005Pennsylvania--Homeschool Bill Passes House
10/18/2005New York--Calls and Emails Needed Now to Stop Mandatory Early Education
10/17/2005Pennsylvania--Calls Needed For Homeschool Bill
10/11/2005Massachusetts--Calls Needed to Defend Homeschool Freedom
10/11/2005Virginia--Parent-Taught Driver Education Program Approved
10/6/2005Missouri--Defending a Family's Right to Privacy at the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals
10/5/2005Virginia--Negotiations Begin on Virginia Beach PSAT Denial
10/5/2005Wisconsin--Annual Notice Reminder
10/4/2005Transcript Boot Camp coming to Northern Virginia
9/28/2005Virginia Beach Members--Opportunity to take the PSAT
9/23/2005Calfornia--Legislative Newsflash from FPM
9/23/2005Rhode Is.-Bristol Warren to Vote on Increase in Homeschool Regulations
9/22/2005Wyoming--Building Effective Citizens
9/22/2005California--Private School Affidavit Filing Instructions
9/22/2005Puerto Rico--Legislative Attack on Homeschool Freedoms
9/19/2005Maryland - Conference for New Homeschoolers
9/15/2005Missouri - School District Seeks to Find Homeschoolers
9/7/2005HSLDA's Operation Extended Family--Locating Families in Need
9/6/2005Maryland--Annual Notice Reminder
9/2/2005P.S. to Operation Extended Family
9/2/2005HSLDA's Operation Extended Family
8/31/2005Home School Foundation Hurricane Response
8/31/2005IDEA--Final Effort to Secure Favorable Regulations
8/30/2005California--Letter from the California Department of Education
8/26/2005Washington--Declaration of Intent Deadline Fast Approaching
8/25/2005Colorado--Correction Regarding Parent-Taught Driver's Education E-lert
8/25/2005California--Urgent: Your Help is Needed to Protect our Freedoms
8/25/2005Iowa--Reminder - Filing Deadlines Fast Approaching
8/24/2005Maine--Assistant Superintendent Goes Beyond the Law
8/22/2005West Virginia--Please Continue to Call in Support of the Byrd Scholarship
8/15/2005Generation Joshua to be Featured on ABC World News Tonight
8/10/2005Emails Needed--Senator Norm Coleman Wants to Hear from You
8/8/2005HSLDA Announces New Homeschooling Thru High School Program
8/5/2005West Virginia--Include Homeschoolers in the Byrd Scholarship
8/1/2005Arkansas--Notice of Intent Deadline
7/29/2005Reminder - Virginia Test, Evaluation or Assessment Results Due Monday, August 1
7/29/2005Tennessee--Notice of Intent Deadline
7/29/2005Constitutional Law Online with Michael Farris begins Sept. 6--Register Today
7/28/2005Wisconsin--Homeschool Tax Credit Vetoed
7/26/2005California--Confusion Reigns in Gilroy
7/21/2005Wisconsin--Calls Still Needed to Support Tax Credit
7/19/2005Oregon--Announcing the 11th Annual Oregon Christian Home Education Conference
7/15/2005Oregon--Update - Please Continue to Contact the Committee
7/14/2005Oregon--Calls Needed - Opportunity to End Testing Requirement for Homeschoolers
7/13/2005Colorado--Action Still Needed To Protect Parent Taught Driver's Education
7/12/2005Tennessee--Homeschool Parent & Support Group Seminar & Teen Track
7/12/2005Texas--Announcing the North TX Home Educators' Network Conference and Bookfair
7/12/2005Kentucky--Update-Announcing the Christian Home Educators of Kentucky Conference
7/11/2005Wisconsin--Calls Needed Immediately To Support $100 Tax Credit For Homeschools
7/8/2005Colorado--Action Needed Now To Protect Parent Taught Driver's
7/1/2005New York--Update - Legislature Closes
6/29/2005Comments Needed Now To Support Draft IDEA Regulations
6/29/2005Florida--Miami-Dade County Requires Non-existent
6/28/2005Nevada--It's Not Over Til It's Over
6/28/2005Georgia--Announcing the Southeast Homeschool & Education Expo
6/28/2005California--Announcing the 12th Annual Home Education Convention
6/28/2005California: The battle over socialized medicine continues
6/27/2005Texas--Marriage Amendment Passes
6/24/2005Pennsylvania--Calls Needed to Oppose Legislation Lowering Compulsory Attendance
6/23/2005Virginia--Prince William County School Board Abolishes 3-day Waiting
6/22/2005Louisiana--Legislative Update - Many Victories This Year
6/22/2005New Mexico--Department of Education Demands Online Notification
6/22/2005Tennessee--Announcing the 2005 CSTHEA Curriculum Fair
6/22/2005Arizona--Announcing the 2005 Arizona Home Educator's Convention
6/20/2005Nebraska--Confusion at the Department of Education
6/15/2005Kentucky - Announcing the Christian Home Educators of Kentucky
6/15/2005Florida - Announcing the Home Educational Resources and Information Convention
6/9/2005New Hampshire--Your calls helped H.B. 406 survive!
6/9/2005Pennsylvania - Calls Needed to Oppose Lowering the Compulsory Attendance Age
6/8/2005New Hampshire--Calls Needed - Good Homeschool Bill Urgently Needs Your Help
6/6/2005New Hampshire--Calls Needed--Harmful Amendment added to Good Homeschool Bill
6/1/2005Illinois--Victory! Compulsory Attendance Age Bill Dead For Now
6/1/2005Louisiana--Update-Victory on Compulsory Attendance Bill
5/27/2005Minnesota--Call Now to Expand Tax Credits
5/27/2005Louisiana--Hearing Scheduled on TOPS Bill!
5/26/2005Virginia--James City Testing Error
5/26/2005Oregon--Please Call on Social Workers Training Bill
5/25/2005California - Announcing the 22nd Annual Christian Home Educators Convention
5/25/2005Virginia - Announcing the Nat. Assoc. of Catholic Homes & Educators Conference
5/25/2005Alabama - Announcing the 2005 State Convention and Curriculum Fair
5/25/2005Tennessee - Announcing the Smoky Mountain Home Ed. Assoc. Family Resource Fair
5/25/2005Virginia - Announcing the Northern Virginia Home Education Conference
5/25/2005Oregon - Announcing the NW Curriculum Exhibition
5/25/2005Montana - Announcing the Montana Home Education Event Corporation Convention
5/25/2005Nevada - Announcing the NV Homeschool Network 3rd Annual Homeschool Convention
5/25/2005Texas - Announcing the Christian Home Education Association of Central Texas
5/25/2005Ohio - Announcing Ohio's 21st Annual Home Educator's Convention
5/25/2005Louisiana - Please Continue to Call to Oppose the Compulsory Attendance Bill
5/25/2005Oregon - Update - Bill Passes with Wider Margin!
5/24/2005Oregon--Bill to be Voted on Today! Please Call Now!
5/23/2005Louisiana--Please Call Now on Compulsory Attendance Bill!
5/23/2005Texas--Update: Calls Needed in Support of Marriage
5/19/2005Nevada--Called Needed To Protect Your Constitutional Rights!
5/18/2005Texas--Calls Needed to Support Marriage
5/18/2005Virginia - School District Seeks Unauthorized Information from Homeschoolers
5/18/2005Time is Running Out - Few Spaces Left for PHC Teen Camps
5/18/2005California--Legislative Action Alert SB 840: Socialized Medicine
5/18/2005Virginia - Announcing the 22nd Annual HEAV State Convention & Educational Fair
5/18/2005California - Announcing the 20th Annual Convention & Curriculum Fair
5/18/2005Washington - Announcing the Washington Homeschool Org's 20th Annual Convention
5/18/2005South Carolina - Announcing the South Carolina Home Educators Assoc. Convention
5/17/2005Louisiana - Calls Needed to Help Reduce TOPS Discrimination
5/17/2005Oregon - Calls Needed to Help Pass Home Education Equity Bill in the House
5/17/2005Pennsylvania - Calls Needed to Oppose Lowering the Compulsory Attendance Age
5/17/2005Rhode Island--Calls Urgently Needed - Bill Threatens Freedom to Teach Civics
5/13/2005Texas--Bill Preventing Discrimination in College Scholarships Dies
5/12/2005Texas--Bill to Help Homeschoolers Become Lawyers Dies
5/11/2005Iowa--Announcing the 13th Annual Home Educator's Conference
5/11/2005Tennessee--Announcing the 19th Annual Conference and Curriculum Fair
5/11/2005Oregon--Announcing the Jackson County Home Educators
5/11/2005Connecticut--Announcing the TEACH 2005 Convention
5/11/2005Colorado--Announcing the Christian Home Educators of Colorado 2005 Conference
5/11/2005New Hampshire--Calling a Few Servant Leaders
5/10/2005Texas--Calls Needed to Help Homeschoolers Become Lawyers
5/10/2005Oregon--Please Continue to Support Home Education Equity Bill
5/9/2005Maryland--Compulsory Attendance Bill Defeated
5/9/2005Colorado--Final Word on Senate Bill 87
5/6/2005Oregon--Emails Needed to Support Home Education Equity Bill
5/6/2005Colorado--Correction--Immunization Tracking Bill
5/6/2005Colorado--Your Calls Worked - Immunization Tracking Bill Signed Into Law
5/6/2005Illinois--Calls Still Needed to Defeat Compulsory Attendance Bill
5/6/2005Rhode Island--Calls Needed - Bill Threatens Freedom to Teach Civics
5/5/2005Colorado--Marriage Amendment Prevented from Moving Forward
5/5/2005New Hampshire--CHENH Convention - A Personal Invitation to Waterville Valley
5/3/2005Vermont--Making a Difference in Montpelier
5/3/2005Kansas--Announcing the Teaching Parents Association Homeschool Conference
5/3/2005California--Announcing the 17th Annual SCOPE Homeschool Conference
5/3/2005Idaho--Announcing the Idaho 7th Annual Homeschool Convention
5/3/2005Texas--Announcing the Nineteenth Annual Gulf Coast Home Education Conference
5/3/2005New York--Announcing the NYS Loving Education at Home Convention
5/3/2005New York--Please Call Today During Homeschool Rally
5/2/2005Nevada--Calls Needed to Support Religious Freedom Bill to Protect Homeschoolers
4/29/2005Texas--Calls Needed to Support Marriage
4/29/2005Oregon--Update - Continue to Call to Support Religious Freedom Bill
4/29/2005New Hampshire--Oppose Curriculum Requirement for First-time Homeschoolers
4/28/2005California: Socialized Medicine Bill Defeated
4/28/2005Illinois--Your Calls Are Working
4/27/2005North Carolina--Announcing NCHE's 21st Annual Conference and Book Fair
4/27/2005Florida--Announcing the 2005 FPEA Florida Homeschool Convention
4/27/2005Arkansas--Announcing the Education Alliance 2005 Convention
4/27/2005Virginia--Triennial School Census
4/26/2005Oregon--Calls Needed Immediately to Support Religious Freedom Bill
4/26/2005Colorado--Calls Needed to the Governor Concerning Immunization Bill
4/26/2005Texas--Calls Needed to Support Anti-Discrimination Bill for College Scholarships
4/26/2005Louisiana--Calls Needed to Oppose Lowering Compulsory School Age to 5
4/26/2005Idaho--Child Welfare Reform Signed by Governor
4/26/2005Alerta: La Libertad de Obtener Licencia de Guiar Puesto en Riesgo
4/25/2005Texas--Your Calls Worked - the Child Welfare Bill was Amended
4/25/2005Illinois--Calls Needed to House Committee to Stop the Compulsory Attendance Bill
4/25/2005New Hampshire--Calls Needed to Support Bill Simplifying Homeschool Notification
4/25/2005California moves toward universal health care
4/22/2005New York--Homeschool Rally at the Capitol
4/22/2005Wyoming--Update--Invite Your Legislator to the Homeschool Convention
4/21/2005Iowa--Calls Needed to Stop Anti-Parent Plan
4/21/2005Wyoming--Invite Your Legislator to the Homeschool Convention
4/21/2005Montana--Driver Education Bill Dies
4/20/2005Illinois--Announcing the Illinois Christian Home Educators Convention
4/20/2005New Jersey--Announcing New Jersey's 15th Annual Statewide Homeschool Convention
4/20/2005Oklahoma--Announcing the Root & Branches Homeschool Conference
4/20/2005Texas--Announcing the FEAST Homeschool Convention & Curriculum Fair
4/20/2005Wisconsin--Announcing CHEA's Annual Spring Conference
4/20/2005West Virginia--Announcing the CHEWV 2005 State Convention
4/20/2005Wyoming--Announcing the Homeschoolers of Wyoming Convention
4/19/2005Texas--Calls Needed Now to Stop a Bill that Endangers Parental Rights
4/15/2005New Hampshire--Announcing the Christian Home Educators of New Hampshire
4/14/2005Indiana--Calls Needed to Veto Harmful Bill
4/14/2005Washington--Announcing the 11th Annual WATCH Conference
4/14/2005Virginia--Announcing the 2005 Tidewater Education Expo
4/14/2005Tennessee--Announcing the Tennessee Home Education Association's Curriculum Fair
4/14/2005Texas--Announcing the Homeschool Book Fair
4/14/2005Pennsylvania--Announcing the Nineteenth Annual CHAP Homeschool Convention
4/14/2005Michigan--Announcing the 22nd Annual Michigan Home Education Convention
4/14/2005Mississippi--Announcing the 20th Annual MHEA Spring Conference
4/14/2005Georgia--Announcing GHEA's 19th Annual Christian Home Education Conference
4/14/2005California--Announcing the Christian Family Schools of San Diego Homeschool Expo
4/13/2005New Mexico--Surprise Victory in Legislature
4/13/2005Texas--Calls Needed to Expand Opportunities for Homeschoolers
4/12/2005Illinois--Calls Needed to Senate Today to Stop the Compulsory Attendance Bill
4/11/2005North Carolina--DNPE to Stay Under Department of Administration
4/8/2005Indiana--Calls Needed This Weekend to Support $6,000 Tax Credit for Homeschools
4/8/2005Colorado--Calls Still Needed to the Senate Concerning Immunization Bill
4/8/2005Illinois--Calls Still Needed to Stop the Compulsory Attendance Bill
4/8/2005Nevada--Assembly Bill 397: Restrictive Testing Provision Removed
4/8/2005Kansas--New Protection for Marriage in Kansas Constitution
4/7/2005Colorado--Correction: Come Support Freedom at the Homeschool Day at the Capitol
4/6/2005Indiana--Calls Needed to Support $500 Tax Credit for Homeschools
4/6/2005Colorado--Calls Needed to Senate Today to Stop Immunization Tracking Bill
4/6/2005Nevada--Calls Needed Today to Stop Homeschool Testing Bill
4/5/2005Minnesota--Thank You for Your Calls
4/5/2005North Dakota--Favorable Legislation Signed by Governor
4/5/2005Oregon--E-Mails Needed to Support Home Education Equity Bill
4/5/2005Indiana--Calls Still Needed to Stop Harmful Bill
4/4/2005Minnesota--Calls Needed to Expand Tuition Credit to Homeschoolers
4/4/2005North Carolina--Possible Change in State Government Affecting Homeschools
4/4/2005Kansas--Vote to Uphold Marriage on April 5
4/4/2005Pennsylvania--Calls Needed to Oppose Lowering the Compulsory Attendance Age
4/4/2005Colorado--Update on Immunization Tracking Bill
4/4/2005Illinois--Calls Needed - Senate Voting on Harmful Bill
4/4/2005Montana--Calls Needed Today to Pass Driver Education Bill
4/1/2005Massachusetts--Update - Announcing the 2005 MassHOPE Convention
4/1/2005Oregon--Calls Needed to Ensure Social Workers Receive Proper Training
4/1/2005Colorado--Come Support Freedom at the "Homeschool Day at the Capitol"
4/1/2005Indiana--Calls Needed to Stop Harmful Bill
3/31/2005North Carolina--Calls Needed to Support Religious Freedom Bill
3/31/2005Nevada--Calls Needed to Support Religious Freedom Bill
3/31/2005Looking for a Mystery Mom
3/31/2005Massachusetts--Announcing the 2005 MassHOPE Convention
3/31/2005Oklahoma--Announcing the OCHEC Home Educators' Convention 2005
3/30/2005Texas--Calls Needed to Expand Legal Education Opportunities for Homeschoolers
3/30/2005Florida--Compulsory Attendance Bill Defeated
3/29/2005New Hampshire - Call to Support Bill Simplifying Home Education Notification
3/29/2005Rhode Island--Call to Defeat Expansion of State Control Over Homeschoolers
3/29/2005Colorado--Calls Needed Immediately to Keep Homeschoolers Out of Immunization Tracking System
3/28/2005Job Opportunities at HSLDA
3/28/2005New York--Calls Needed to Support the Homeschool Freedom Bill
3/28/2005Colorado--Calls Needed Immediately Concerning Immunization Tracking System
3/24/2005Pennsylvania--Calls Needed to Support Homeschool Reform Bill
3/24/2005Confronting the Judicial War on Faith
3/23/2005Louisiana--Announcing the CHEF of Louisiana Convention and Book Fair
3/23/2005Maryland--Announcing the Maryland State Home Education Curriculum Fair
3/23/2005Utah--Announcing the Utah Christian Home School Association Convention
3/23/2005California--Announcing the Nineteenth Annual Bay Area Convention
3/23/2005Kansas--Announcing the 2005 Midwest Parent Educators Conference
3/23/2005Oregon--Calls Needed - Stop Teacher Certification for Some Homeschool Parents
3/22/2005Rhode Island--Calls Needed to Defeat Expansion of State Control Over Homeschoolers
3/22/2005Montana--Calls Needed Today to Pass Driver Education Bill
3/21/2005New Hampshire--Hearing Tuesday for Bill to Protect Parents' Rights
3/21/2005Texas--Legislative Update
3/21/2005Maryland--Calls Needed to Defeat Expansion of State Control Over Homeschoolers
3/21/2005Colorado--Legislative Update
3/18/2005Virginia--Prince William County Public Schools Letter to Homeschool Parents
3/18/2005Illinois--Harmful Bill Passes Committee
3/17/2005Rhode Island--Overflow Crowd Opposes Sex Education Bill
3/16/2005Rhode Island--Calls Needed to Defeat Expansion of State Control Over Homeschoolers
3/16/2005Rhode Island--Update on Sex Education Bill - 4:30 pm Hearing Expected Today
3/15/2005Illinois--Announcing the 16th Annual Heart of Illinois Convention of Home Educators
3/15/2005Minnesota--Announcing the Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators 20th Annual Spring Conference
3/15/2005Pennsylvania--Announcing the Southeastern Area Christian Homeschoolers of Pennsylvania Spring Conference and Book Fair
3/15/2005Oregon--Please Write to the Governor in Support of the Home Education Equity Bill
3/15/2005Pennsylvania--Calls Needed: Legislation Would Lower Compulsory Attendance Age from Eight to Six
3/15/2005Rhode Island--Calls Needed Urgently to Stop State-Imposed Sex Education in Homeschools
3/15/2005Ohio--Calls Needed to Protect Pastors
3/14/2005Illinois--More Calls Needed to Stop Expansion of Compulsory Attendance
3/11/2005Wyoming Improves Child Protection Law
3/10/2005North Dakota--Calls Needed - House Bill 1265 in Senate
3/10/2005Colorado--Update on Parent-Taught Driver's Education Bill
3/10/2005Ohio--Calls Needed to Prevent Pastors from Becoming Agents of the State
3/9/2005Arkansas--Calls Needed to Defeat Anti-Homeschool Bill
3/9/2005Montana--Calls Needed Today to Pass Driver Education Bill
3/9/2005Colorado--Calls Needed Today to Save Parent-Taught Driver's Education Bill
3/8/2005Maine--Announcing the Homeschoolers of Maine 15th Annual Convention
3/7/2005Florida--Calls Needed to Stop Increase in State Control Over Homeschools
3/4/2005Alabama--Calls Needed to Stop the State Increasing its Control of Your Children
3/4/2005Indiana--Update - Raising the Compulsory Attendance Age
3/3/2005Virginia--Year End Testing Recommendations for HSLDA Members
3/3/2005Virginia--School Districts Begin School Census
3/2/2005Minnesota--Action Needed to Expand the Homeschool Tax Credit
3/2/2005Nebraska--Announcing the NCHEA Conference & Curriculum Fair
3/1/2005Utah--Update - Homeschool Freedom Bill Passes House of Representatives
3/1/2005New Mexico--Call Needed Now - Support a $3,500 Tax Deduction for Homeschoolers
2/28/2005Indiana--Calls Needed Today to Support $500 Tax Credit for Homeschools
2/28/2005Title Correction--Calls Needed - To allow Developmentally Disabled Children to be Homeschooled
2/28/2005North Dakota--Calls Needed - To allow Special Needs Children to be Homeschooled
2/25/2005Virginia--Homeschool Testing Freedom Protected
2/25/2005Urgent Action Needed to Help Shape IDEA Special Needs Regulations
2/25/2005Virginia--Please Call Immediately to Stop the State Choosing Tests for Homeschoolers
2/23/2005Virginia--Please Call Immediately - Testing Freedom in Hands of Conference Committee
2/23/2005Indiana--Calls Needed Immediately to Support $500 Tax Credit for Homeschools
2/23/2005Illinois--Calls Needed Now to Stop Expansion of Compulsory Attendance
2/23/2005Alaska--Announcing the Alaska Private and Home Educators Association
2/23/2005Hawaii--Announcing the 2005 Christian Homeschoolers of Hawaii Conference
2/21/2005Maryland--Calls Needed--Bill to Protect Parent's Rights During Investigation set for Hearing Tuesday
2/18/2005Colorado--Calls Needed to Protect Parent-Taught Driver's Education
2/18/2005Colorado--Calls Needed To Support $1000 Tax Credit for Homeschooling
2/18/2005Virginia--Calls Needed Urgently Monday Morning--Testing Freedom in Hands of Conference Committee
2/18/2005North Dakota--Announcing the North Dakota Home School Association Christian Home Educators' Convention
2/18/2005Montana--Victory for Homeschool Freedom
2/18/2005Illinois--Harmful Daytime Curfew Bill Stopped by Homeschoolers
2/18/2005Alabama--Calls Needed: Legislation Would Lower Compulsory Attendance Age from Seven to Five
2/18/2005Hawaii--Your Calls Have Defeated the Daytime Curfew Bills
2/18/2005Minnesota--Calls Needed To Stop Homeschool Regulation Bill
2/18/2005Utah--Update-Homeschool Freedom Bill Passes Senate
2/17/2005German Update: Your Calls Are Working But More Help Is Needed
2/17/2005Montana--Calls Needed to Break Committee Deadlock on Driver Education
2/17/2005Texas--Calls Needed Now to Stop a Bill that Endangers Parental Rights
2/17/2005Virginia--Calls Needed Urgently--Testing Freedom In Jeopardy
2/16/2005Wyoming--Calls Needed Now To Protect Parental Rights
2/16/2005Virginia--Please Call Immediately!--Testing Freedom Bill Set for Crucial Vote Today
2/15/2005Illinois--Calls Needed to Stop Daytime Curfew Bill
2/14/2005Virginia--More Calls Needed to Support $250 Tax Deduction for Homeschooling
2/14/2005Virginia--Senate Unanimously Approves Testing Freedom Bill
2/11/2005Virginia--Calls Needed - House Bill 1770: Possible Vote this Monday on Testing Freedom Bill
2/11/2005Hawaii--Calls Needed to Stop Daytime Curfew Bill
2/11/2005Vermont--Calls Needed to Stop Compulsory Attendance Age Expansion!
2/10/2005Virginia--Victory for Testing Freedom for Homeschoolers
2/10/2005Virginia Passes Marriage Amendment
2/9/2005Indiana--Announcing the Indiana Association of Home Educator's Convention
2/9/2005Virginia--Calls Needed to Support $250 Tax Deduction for Homeschooling
2/9/2005Oregon--Update - Your Calls on Senate Bill 415 are Working!
2/8/2005New Mexico--Your Calls are Working
2/7/2005Maryland--Final Reminder -
2/7/2005Oregon--Urgent! Calls Needed to Stop School District Control of Homeschoolers
2/7/2005Montana--We Need Your Attendance: Hearing Date Set for Anti-Homeschool Bill
2/4/2005Virginia--Homeschool Case Postponed in Franklin County
2/4/2005Oregon--Calls Needed to Secure Cosponsors for Homeschool Equity Bill
2/4/2005Ohio--Calls Needed to Keep Pastors from Becoming Agents of the State
2/4/2005Hawaii--Victory in the House! Calls Still Needed in the Senate
2/3/2005Indiana--Update--Raising the Compulsory Attendance Age
2/3/2005Utah--Update--Call Now for Homeschool Freedom
2/2/2005Utah--Call now for homeschool freedom!
2/2/2005Opportunity for Southwest Virginia Members to Meet with HSLDA Attorney Scott Woodruff
2/2/2005Hawaii--Urgent! More Calls Needed: To Stop Five-Year-Olds Being Required to Attend School
2/2/2005Virginia--Calls Needed Today to Support $1200 Tax Credit for Homeschooling
2/1/2005North Dakota - House Bill 1265 Passes House - Calls Still Needed
1/31/2005Utah--E-mails needed: Bill introduced to expand homeschool freedoms!
1/28/2005Maryland Homeschoolers Ready to Impact the State Capitol
1/27/2005Indiana--Urgent: Calls Needed to Defeat Compulsory Attendance Age Increase
1/27/2005Title Correction--Homeschool Freedom Threatened in Montana
1/27/2005Homeschool Freedom Threatened in Montana
1/27/2005North Dakota--Calls Needed to Pass Positive Homeschool Legislation
1/26/2005Hawaii--Calls Needed: To Stop Five-Year-Olds Being Required to Attend School
1/25/2005Utah--Bill Introduced to Support a Parent's Right to Make Medical Decisions for a Child
1/24/2005Colorado--Calls Needed to Stop Bill that Opens Door to Mandatory Kindergarten
1/24/2005Wyoming--Calls Needed to Defend Marriage!
1/24/2005Indiana--Calls Needed--Religious Freedom Hangs in the Balance
1/21/2005New Mexico--Calls Needed to Stop a Bill that Requires Homeschoolers to Take the State Assessment!
1/21/2005Generation Joshua/Templeton Essay Contest - $80,000 of Patrick Henry College Scholarships Available
1/21/2005Progress in Wyoming
1/21/2005North Dakota--Report on Homeschool Bill
1/20/2005South Dakota--Homeschoolers Defeat Onerous Testing Bill
1/20/2005Job Opportunities at HSLDA
1/19/2005Wyoming--Bill Introduced to Restrict Parental Freedoms
1/19/2005South Dakota--Revised List of Senate Education Committee Members
1/18/2005South Dakota--Calls Needed Now to Stop Bill Reducing Homeschool Freedom
1/14/2005Proposed Marriage Amendment to the Virginia Constitution
1/14/2005Texas--Announcing the North Texas Home Educators Network Winter Conference
1/14/2005North Dakota - Calls Needed to House Education Committee
1/14/2005Ohio--Victory for Families in Ohio!
1/12/2005Oregon--Bill Threatens Homeschool Freedom!
1/11/2005Kentucky--School Officials Make Unwanted Visits to Homeschoolers in Harlan County
1/10/2005"Homeschooling Illegal" Declares German School Official - Calls Needed Now!
1/6/2005Job Opportunities at HSLDA
1/4/2005Rhode Island--Bristol Warren Discusses Dramatic Increase in Homeschool Regulations