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September 2004

9/27/2004New York--Breakthrough for Homeschoolers Seeking Admission to New York Colleges
9/24/2004Setting the Record Straight About a Military Draft
9/23/2004Utah--Vote for Traditional Marriage!
9/22/2004Michigan--Homeschoolers Portrayed as
9/22/2004Job Opportunities at HSLDA
9/20/2004New Jersey--Bill Would Outlaw Homeschooling for Some Kids Who Need It the Most
9/14/2004Rhode Island--Changes to the Compulsory Education Law
9/14/2004Wyoming--Correction: Family Values Legislative Training Conference
9/8/2004Wyoming--Fighting for Freedom in Wyoming
9/3/2004Last Month For Voter Registration Drives
9/1/2004Persecution of German Homeschoolers Intensifies - Help Needed!