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July 2004

7/30/2004Ohio--Check Teacher Certification Online
7/29/2004Pennsylvania--Mike Farris Defends Family's Religious Freedom in Westmoreland County
7/29/2004Job Opportunities at HSLDA
7/21/2004Ohio--Frequently Asked Questions at the Beginning of the Public School Year
7/21/2004Wyoming--Wyoming Wants Your Opinion!
7/19/2004HSLDA gives you peace of mind and much, much more.
7/16/2004Distance Learning Tuition Discount for Patrick Henry College
7/13/2004New York--Urgent! Calls Needed to Stop Bill Raising the Compulsory Attendance Age!
7/12/2004Ohio--Columbus Public Schools Violate Privacy-Again!
7/9/2004Texas--Announcing the 9th Annual North Texas Home Educators' Network 2004 Summer Homeschool Conference and Book fair
7/1/2004Job Opportunities at HSLDA