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March 2004

3/30/2004Illinois--Calls Needed to Defeat Compulsory Attendance Bill
3/30/2004Iowa--URGENT-Come to Capitol Tomorrow to help Driver Ed Bill
3/30/2004Vermont--Hearing on parent-taught driver's ed bill!
3/30/2004Iowa--Calls Needed Immediately For Driver's Education Bill
3/29/2004Iowa--Victory in Iowa for Driver's Education in Senate Committee!
3/24/2004New Mexico--Announcing the 2004 New Mexico Christian Home School Convention
3/24/2004Massachusetts--Announcing the 15th Annual MassHOPE Christian Homeschool Convention
3/24/2004Maryland--Announcing the Annual MACHE Curriculum Fair
3/24/2004Maryland--Announcing the Annual MACHE Curriculum Fair
3/24/2004Pennsylvania--Announcement of CHAP HELP Day at the State Capitol
3/24/2004Virginia--Calls Needed to Governor to Pass Homeschool Freedom Bill
3/19/2004Maine--Announcing the 2004 HOME Convention
3/19/2004Minnesota--Announcing the 19th Annual MACHE Homeschool Conference
3/19/2004Washington--Announcing the 10th Annual WATCH Conference
3/19/2004Louisiana-Announcing the Annual CHEF of LA State Homeschool Convention
3/19/2004Virginia-Announcing the 2004 Blue Ridge Home Education Conference
3/19/2004Pennsylvania-Announcing the 2004 SEARCH of PA Conference
3/19/2004Kansas-Announcing the 2004 Midwest Parent Educators Conference
3/19/2004Illinois-Announcing the 15th Annual Heart of Illinois Convention of Home Educators
3/19/2004California--Announcing the 18th Annual CHEA of CA Bay Area Convention
3/18/2004Maryland -- Victory on SB 345!
3/18/2004Pennsylvania--CORRECTION - House Bill 36 Passes House Education Committee
3/18/2004Pennsylvania--Calls Needed:Attempts to Expand Compulsory Attendance Age
3/18/2004Maryland--Compulsory Attendance Bill Withdrawn
3/17/2004New York--Calls Needed to Senate to Stop Discrimination Against College Bound Homeschoolers!
3/16/2004Virginia--Letters Needed to Governor to Pass Homeschool Freedom Bill
3/16/2004Nevada--Homeschoolers Win Victory
3/16/2004Virginia--Homeschoolers Proved Right by Attorney General's Office
3/16/2004Virginia--Child Welfare Reform Signed by Governor
3/15/2004Maryland--Calls Needed-Hearing on Bill to Raise Compulsory Age to 18
3/15/2004Pennsylvania--Calls Needed: Attempts to Expand Compulsory Attendance Age
3/15/2004Kentucky--Announcing the Southeast Christian Church Home Educators Meeting
3/15/2004New Jersey--Letters Needed--Cosmetology Board Postpones Decision
3/15/2004Utah--End of Legislative Session - Some Progress Made
3/12/2004Nebraska--Announcing the NCHEA 2004 Conference & Curriculum Fair
3/12/2004Tennessee--Testing of Homeschoolers
3/12/2004New Hampshire--Announcing the 2004 CHENH State Homeschool Convention
3/12/2004Kentucky--Your Calls Made a Difference!
3/12/2004Iowa--Victory in House for Parent-Taught Driver's Ed!
3/12/2004HSLDA Files Emergency Appeal
3/12/2004Wyoming--Out of Time for HB 88
3/11/2004German Homeschoolers Thankful for Help from HSLDA Members
3/11/2004Colorado--Immunization Tracking Bill Defeated
3/11/2004New York--Help Stop State College Discrimination of Homeschool Students!
3/11/2004Kentucky--Calls Needed to Protect Homeschoolers' Right to Drive
3/11/2004Utah--Legislature Fails to Make Federally Mandated Changes
3/10/2004Teen Camp Discount for HSLDA Members
3/10/2004Vermont--Homeschoolers versus Drivers Education Teachers
3/10/2004Alaska--Your Calls Stopped School Tracking Bill!
3/9/2004Nebraska--Calls Needed Immediately to Stop Increased Control Over Homeschoolers!
3/9/2004Iowa--Calls Needed Urgently: Mascher Tries to Hijack Drivers Education Bill
3/8/2004Maryland--Calls Needed: Bill Turns Truancy Into Child Abuse
3/8/2004New Jersey--Homeschool Graduate's License in the Balance
3/5/2004Utah--Homeschool Victory!
3/4/2004Illinois-Child Welfare Investigation Reform Passes Senate!
3/4/2004Join us in preserving and protecting homeschool freedom.
3/4/2004West Virginia--Update - Victory on Immunization bill - SB 439!
3/4/2004Idaho--Homeschoolers Defeat Several Bills
3/3/2004Utah--Announcing the Utah Christian Home School Conference
3/3/2004West Virginia--Urgent: Calls Needed Today Before Key Vote
3/3/2004Tennessee--Victory for Homeschool Freedom - Testing Bill Withdrawn!
3/3/2004Virginia--Homeschool Freedom Bill Passes Senate
3/2/2004Iowa--Calls Needed-Parent Directed Driver Ed Heads For Crucial Vote
3/2/2004Hawaii--Announcing the 2004 CHOH Conference
3/1/2004Invitation for HSLDA Members and Friends
3/1/2004Kentucky--"Voluntary" Certification of Homeschoolers in Kentucky
3/1/2004Tennessee--Subcommittee Hearing on Homeschool Testing Bill Cancelled
3/1/2004Hawaii--Homeschool Parent & Support Group Seminar