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February 2004

2/27/2004West Virginia--Urgent-Calls Needed Monday-Committee To Vote on Harmful Immunization Bill
2/27/2004Utah--Good News! HB 266 has passed the House!
2/26/2004Idaho--Calls Needed: Idaho Attempts to Expand Compulsory Attendance Age
2/26/2004Tennessee--Hearing on Homeschool Testing Bill--Calls Needed Immediately!
2/26/2004Virginia--Urgent: Calls Needed to Pass Homeschool Bill in the Senate
2/26/2004Illinois--Child Welfare Investigation Reform Passed Unanimously!
2/26/2004Arizona--Your Calls Worked!
2/25/2004Virginia--Calls Needed: Homeschool Bill Scheduled for Revote Tomorrow
2/25/2004Alaska--Announcing the 2004 APHEA Homeschool Convention
2/24/2004West Virginia--Urgent-Calls needed to Stop Immunization Bill after Sham Amendment
2/24/2004Idaho--Anti-Homeschool Bill Defeated
2/23/2004Virginia--Old Prejudices Against Homeschooling Revealed in Hearing
2/23/2004New York--Please Call Now to Help Pass Homeschool Freedom Bills!
2/23/2004West Virginia--Calls Needed to Stop Bill Undermining Parent Authority on Immunization
2/23/2004Wyoming-Your calls worked! HB 88 is being amended
2/20/2004Arizona--Oppose Raising the Compulsory Attendance Age!
2/20/2004Georgia--Announcement of Home Education Day at the State Capitol
2/19/2004Wyoming--Urgent: 18 hours to stop HB 88 in the House!
2/19/2004Virginia--Homeschool Bill Hearing Tomorrow
2/18/2004Utah--End Government Discrimination Against Homeschoolers
2/18/2004Arizona--Calls Needed for Scholarship Credits
2/18/2004Idaho--Calls Still Needed to Defeat Bill that Targets Homeschoolers
2/17/2004Wyoming--Calls Needed To Amend HB 88!
2/17/2004Alaska--Update-Hearing on Tracking Bill Postponed!
2/17/2004Oklahoma--Update SB 895 - Homeschoolers Help Defeat Math Test as Driver Qualification
2/17/2004Texas--Two Homeschool Families Facing Truancy and Neglect Charges Win Dismissals
2/13/2004Alaska--Calls Needed Now! - Bill to Create Identification Tracking Number for Homeschoolers
2/13/2004Virginia--Homeschool Bill Passes Subcommittee -- One More Hearing to Go!
2/13/2004Oklahoma- -Calls needed--Bill to Make Driver's License Hostage to State Math Test
2/13/2004Wyoming - Calls Needed To Protect Parental Rights
2/13/2004Minnesota--Homeschoolers Respond-Will the Sponsor?
2/12/2004South Dakota--Homeschool Monitoring Bill Dies Quiet Death
2/12/2004Colorado--Child Welfare Investigation Reform Passed Unanimously!
2/12/2004Job Opportunities at HSLDA
2/11/2004Kentucky--County Demands More Information
2/11/2004Kentucky--County Demands More Information
2/10/2004Virginia--Senate Hearing Rescheduled but Calls Still Needed for Homeschool Bill
2/10/2004Virginia--Senate Hearing Rescheduled but Calls Still Needed for Homeschool Bill
2/10/2004Update on Marriage Amendment - Action Needed
2/10/2004Washington--Anti-Homeschool Bill Stopped! -Senate Bill 6450
2/10/2004Minnesota--Calls needed to stop Homeschool regulation bill
2/10/2004Wisconsin Virtual Academy: A Trojan Horse
2/9/2004Calls Needed to Defeat Bill that Targets Homeschoolers
2/9/2004Update on Assembly Bill 1892-A
2/9/2004Update--HB 675--Homeschool Freedom Bill
2/9/2004Want your home school kids to help change America?
2/5/2004Preserve the Institution of Marriage -- URGENT
2/4/2004New York--Calls Needed to Help Pass the Homeschool Freedom Bills This Year!
2/4/2004Virginia--Two Victories for Home Schoolers in Virginia Assembly!
2/2/2004Vermont--Your Calls are Making a Difference