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HSLDA Alerts & Information (ALL)
January 2004

1/30/2004Virginia--Urgent - Calls Needed Monday Morning to Pass the Home School Bill!
1/30/2004South Dakota--Calls Urgently Needed to Stop Compulsory Attendance Bill
1/30/2004New York--Urgent! Calls Needed to Stop Bill Raising the Compulsory Attendance Age
1/30/2004South Dakota--Mandatory Monitoring Bill Likely to Flunk First Test
1/29/2004Ohio--Update: SB 100 - Requiring Pastors to Report Child Abuse
1/29/2004Vermont--Update: Signs of Progress on House Bill 560
1/29/2004Arizona--Announcing the Heart of Home Schooling Conference
1/28/2004Virginia--Urgent: Calls Needed on Curriculum Freedom Bill
1/28/2004Indiana--Senate may restrict homeschool freedom for teenagers - calls needed
1/27/2004Virginia--Urgent Calls Needed Today to Pass Homeschool Bill!
1/23/2004Virginia--Home School Bill Hearing on Monday, Need Your Attendance at Hearing!
1/23/2004Tennessee--Update on Mandatory State Testing of all Homeschool High School Students, More Calls Needed!
1/23/2004New Jersey--Update: Weinberg Re-files Homeschool Bill
1/22/2004Nebraska--Update: Compulsory Attendance bill LB 868
1/21/2004Tennessee--Mandatory State Testing of all Homeschool High School Students Threatened, Calls Needed!
1/20/2004Vermont--Homeschool Drivers Ed Options Proposed in Vermont
1/16/2004Maryland--Homeschoolers Invited to "Shine" at State House
1/16/2004Ohio--Calls Needed to Protect Religious Liberty and Parental Rights
1/15/2004Nebraska--New Bill Aims to Restrict Homeschool Freedoms
1/14/2004California--Victory For Homeschool Family In San Diego
1/13/2004New Jersey--Homeschoolers Preempt Stealth Passage of AB 4033
1/9/2004New Jersey--Update on A.B. 4033
1/9/2004New Jersey--Highly Urgent, Calls and Visits Needed TODAY to stop AB 4033
1/6/2004New Jersey -- Restrictive Homeschool Law Proposed, calls needed immediately