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HSLDA Alerts & Information (ALL)
October 2003

10/29/2003New Jersey--Calls Needed to Stop Proposed Homeschool Legislation
10/29/2003Maine--Phantom Caller Resurfaces
10/24/2003Urgent Alert--The Netherlands Needs Your Help Immediately To Legalize Home Schooling
10/23/2003Socialization Myth Debunked
10/22/2003Virginia--Roanoke County Pursues Unauthorized Information
10/17/2003HSLDA sends letter to Presidents of CBS and Viacom
10/15/2003CBS Attacks "Homeschooling"
10/15/2003Wyoming--Announcing Wyoming Homeschool "Legislative Reception"
10/15/2003Missouri--Farmington R-7 Seeks Unlimited Access to Homeschool Records
10/15/2003North Carolina-Announcing the Black Mountain Bible Conference for Home Schoolers
10/14/2003CBS Attacks "Homeschooling"
10/8/2003Pennsylvania--Announcing the Special Needs Workshops - Understand, Challenge, and Educate Your Unique Child
10/1/2003Immediate Reply Needed