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November 2002

11/15/2002Maryland--More Letters Needed for Board of Education
11/14/2002Pennsylvania-Homeschool Legislation Officially Dead for 2002
11/13/2002Maryland--Written Comment Needed Immediately on Change to Regulations
11/12/2002Illinois--Homeschoolers Facing Harassment
11/12/2002Puerto Rico--Update: Legislature Holds Hearings on Homeschool Bill
11/11/2002Pennsylvania--Committee Vote Scheduled on Home Schooling Bill
11/8/2002Maryland--Board of Education Tries to Change Homeschool Regulations Without Consulting Homeschoolers
11/8/2002Florida-- Voluntary Pre-kindergarten Amendment Passes
11/8/2002District of Columbia--Mandatory Preschool Legislation Amended
11/5/2002Nevada Board of Education Meets With Homeschoolers
11/4/2002Puerto Rico--Please Attend Homeschooling Rally on Thursday (11/7/2002)
11/1/2002Florida--Ballot Initiative May Lead to Mandatory Preschool