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HSLDA Alerts & Information (ALL)
September 2015

10/1/2015How to File the Private School Affidavit
9/30/2015Mandatory Vaccinations Proposed for Homeschool Students
9/29/2015Job Opening: Online Course Developer
9/25/2015Officials Making Home Visits
9/23/2015Protection from Screening, For Now
9/21/2015Proposed New Homeschool Regulations: Curtain Comes Off Tomorrow
9/18/2015Reminder to File the Private School Affidavit (PSA)
9/17/2015Register Now: Mike Farris' Idaho Constitutional Literacy Seminar
9/17/2015HSAP Families and the Reading Screening
9/16/2015Iowa - Responding to School Demand for Reading Screening
9/15/2015Dual Enrollment Deadline, Updated Iowa Homeschool Law Summaries
9/11/2015Let’s Meet Tuesday to Discuss the School Board
9/10/2015Free Screening of One Generation Away!
9/9/2015Virginia—PSAT Registration Problem Solved
9/3/2015Victory—AB 713 Stopped
9/2/2015Indiana Foundation for Home Schooling's Map Your Future Event!
9/2/2015Lobby for Bill Protecting Parental Rights