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July 2015

7/29/2015CHEA Needs Your Help
7/28/2015Oppose Mandatory Kindergarten--Call Senate Appropriations Committee
7/27/2015Join HSLDA’s Will Estrada and HEARTS for 2nd Annual Kickoff!
7/23/2015WIAA Changes Position, Accepts Homeschoolers
7/20/2015Come to Homeschool Meeting before County School Board Hearing!
7/16/2015School Board Amendments Threaten Homeschool Freedom
7/15/2015Job Opening - Grant Administrator at Home School Foundation
7/15/2015Job Opening: Online Algebra 1 Classroom Teacher
7/15/2015 Sports Access Moving Forward
7/15/2015AB 713 Alert Update
7/13/2015 Governor Signs Two HSLDA-Initiated Laws and Sports Access Measure
7/10/2015Urgent--Calls needed to defeat student tracking study and protect privacy
7/10/2015 Urge Governor to End Discrimination against Homeschool Graduates
7/9/2015Clarity for New Diploma Law
7/6/2015 Oppose Mandatory Kindergarten—Call Senate Education Committee
7/1/2015Homeschools Exempt from New Vaccination Law
7/1/2015Governor Signs Diploma Fairness Bill!