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April 2015

4/27/2015Committee Hearing Today for Tax Credit Bill!
4/27/2015Committee Hearing Today for Tax Credit Bill!
4/24/2015SB 277 Call Senate Judiciary Committee
4/24/2015Come to Apple Pie Day and Contact Your Legislators!
4/23/2015Instructors wanted for online high school English course
4/23/2015Teaching Preschool to 8th Grade at Home? Join Vicki Bentley May 2
4/21/2015Please Call to Reduce Common Core Damage
4/21/2015Michigan Senator Pledges to Halt Intrusive Homeschool Legislation
4/21/2015SB277: Call Again—New Committee Members
4/16/2015Michigan Legislator Proposes Onerous New Legislation
4/14/2015Puerto Rico-PSA 793, Continua el intento de reglamentar la Educacion
4/14/2015PSA 793, Government Attempt to Regulate Home Education Continues
4/14/2015Your Action is Needed—Come to Apple Pie Day and Contact Your Legislators!
4/13/2015SB 277 Deletes Vaccine Waiver
4/13/2015Call to Keep Virginia out of Common Core
4/10/2015Plan A Homeschool Trip to the Capitol!
4/8/2015Governor Signs Religious Freedom Bill
4/8/2015Hearing on Bill Supporting Parental Rights Tomorrow
4/7/2015AB 713 Mandatory Kindergarten - Call Today (Tuesday)!
4/7/2015Governor Signs Nondiscrimination Diploma Bill
4/7/2015Homeschool Legislative Day at the Capitol is April 28!
4/2/2015Oppose Mandatory Kindergarten--Calls Needed
4/2/2015Calls Needed for Student Privacy Bill
4/2/2015Governor Vetoes Important Legislation