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February 2015

2/27/2015Bill Proposed to Eliminate Most Vaccine Exemptions--Parental Rights Threatened
2/27/2015Come to the Indiana Association of Home Educators Convention Next Month!
2/26/2015Victory in House! Action needed TODAY to prohibit discrimination against homeschooled graduates
2/26/2015Calls Urgently Needed to Pass Religious Freedom Bill
2/25/2015Unfortunate News (Special Event Cancelled)
2/24/2015Join HSLDA at the 2015 Annual Mom's Retreat in Shamong, NJ!
2/24/2015 Immediate Action Needed on Parental Rights!
2/24/2015Immediate Action Needed to Advance Homeschooling Freedom
2/23/2015Declaration of Participation Forms—No Response Required
2/23/2015Special Event in Oklahoma
2/23/2015Calls Needed to Stop Homeschool Testing
2/20/2015Update: Support Positive Changes to Homeschool Law!
2/20/2015Calls Needed to Oppose Compulsory Attendance Age Bill
2/20/2015Report on SB 126
2/19/2015Help Defeat the Worst Child Visitation Bill Ever
2/19/2015Support Positive Changes to Homeschool Law!
2/18/2015You Can Homeschool Symposium in Shamong, NJ
2/18/2015Speak Up for Religious Freedom!
2/18/2015Calls Needed Immediately to Stop State Regulation of Private Schools
2/17/2015Calls Needed Immediately for Homeschool Fairness Bill
2/17/2015It is Not Too Late to Come to the Homeschool Day at the Capitol Tomorrow!
2/13/2015Oklahoma: 30th Annual Home Educators’ Capitol Day Great Success!
2/13/2015Keep up the Good Work!
2/13/2015Action Needed to Expand Driver’s Ed Options
2/12/2015High School Teacher Training Symposium in Winston-Salem
2/12/2015Act Now to Protect Independent Private Instruction
2/11/2015Update: Action Still Needed to Protect Parental Rights
2/10/2015No Further Calls on SB 133
2/10/2015Action Needed Today to Protect Parental Rights
2/9/2015Committee Victories!
2/6/2015Immediate Action Still Needed to Defeat Over-burdensome Homeschool Regulations
2/6/2015Calls No Longer Needed to Stop Civics Test Bill
2/6/2015Reminder: Rally for Homeschooling in Charleston
2/6/2015You Did It!
2/6/2015Call Before Monday to Protect Sports Access
2/5/2015Join HSLDA for a Forum with Senator Tim Scott!
2/5/2015Correction: Action Needed Now to Defeat Government Interference with Homeschooling
2/5/2015Sen. Coburn: Stand With Mike Farris for Freedom
2/5/2015Calls Needed to Defeat Tim Tebow Bill
2/5/2015Virgin Islands--Update on Action Items
2/4/2015Sign up for High School, Early Years Symposiums
2/4/2015Action Needed Now to Defeat Government Interference with Homeschooling
2/4/2015Be a Part of History in North Dakota
2/4/2015 Last Chance to Register for Capitol Day, Dr. Carson
2/4/2015 Act Now to Oppose Burdensome Homeschool Policy
2/4/2015Urgent: Call Before Friday to Stop Oppressive Homeschool Regulations
2/3/2015Freedom to Issue Diplomas in Jeopardy
2/3/2015 Correction: Calls Needed to Oppose Compulsory Attendance Bill!
2/2/2015Stay Informed, Be Encouraged, Make a Difference at Capitol Day
2/2/2015Calls Needed to Oppose Compulsory Attendance Bill!
2/2/2015Action Needed Today to Oppose Increase in Compulsory School Attendance Age