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December 2014

12/22/2014Helping Families, Expanding Freedom
12/19/2014Defending Your Rights, One Case at a Time--2014 in Review
12/18/2014Call Governor--Parents Can Educate their Children
12/18/2014International Families Inspire Hope--2014 in Review
12/17/2014Victories on Capitol Hill--2014 in Review
12/16/2014Job Openings at PHC Prep Academy
12/16/2014More Calls Needed to Protect Religious Liberty
12/15/2014Action Needed to Protect Religious Freedom
12/15/2014Wisconsin--Heads Up in Green Bay
12/5/2014Meet Michael Farris in Person Next Week
12/5/2014Meet Michael Farris in Person Next Week
12/4/2014Power Grab—State Superintendent to be Made “Head” of Every Homeschool
12/3/2014High School Symposium Sponsored by Home Educators at Grove-Richmond, VA