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October 2014

10/31/2014Come to the 2014 FPEA Special Needs Convention in November!
10/29/2014Your U.S. Senator Needs to Hear from You about Dangerous UN Treaty
10/27/2014Miami Dade Homeschool Day--This Weekend!
10/27/2014Meet Mike Farris at James Madison University
10/24/2014Virginia--Carroll County Seeking Inappropriate Religious Exemption Information
10/23/2014Say Goodbye to a Homeschool Hero
10/21/2014Stop Authorities Harrying Homeschoolers
10/21/2014Pennsylvania--Homeschool Bill Passes Legislature!
10/20/2014Meet Mike Farris, Lt. Gov. Forest in Greensboro
10/20/2014Last Chance to Register for Nov. 8 High School Symposium
10/17/2014New York: School Board Upholds Denial of Parent-Conducted Assessments
10/17/2014Iowa--Parent-Taught Driver Education Up and Running!
10/16/2014Pennsylvania-Homeschool Bill Passes Senate!
10/15/2014Virginia--Hanover Calling Religious Exemption References
10/15/2014New York: Appeals of Denied Parent-Conducted Assessments, UPDATE!
10/15/2014New Jersey--Measure Supporting UN "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" Treaty Passes
10/15/2014Family Protection Ministries Needs Your Help
10/14/2014Register to Vote NOW--Deadline is Next Monday!
10/10/2014Meet Mike Farris, Lt. Gov. Forest at Town Hall
10/10/2014Special Needs Workshop Near You
10/10/2014Calls Needed by Monday to Block Support for UN Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Treaty
10/8/2014Filing the PI 1206: Paper, Online, and Rejections
10/8/2014Meet Mike Farris this Week in Ohio
10/7/2014Pennsylvania--Homeschool Bill in Trouble
10/6/2014Alabama - Private School Information
10/3/2014High Schoolers--Meet Dr. Michael Farris in Chandler
10/3/2014Reminder: Meet Michael Farris this Week in Phoenix
10/1/2014Invitation to join Concerned Women for America at Pro-Israel Rally
10/1/2014HSLDA High School Symposium Sponsored by GHEM - Clinton, MD
10/1/2014Meet Michael Farris this Week in Phoenix
10/1/2014Scholarships Available for Leadership Training