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12/22/2014Helping Families, Expanding Freedom
12/19/2014Defending Your Rights, One Case at a Time--2014 in Review
12/18/2014Call Governor--Parents Can Educate their Children
12/18/2014International Families Inspire Hope--2014 in Review
12/17/2014Victories on Capitol Hill--2014 in Review
12/16/2014Job Openings at PHC Prep Academy
12/16/2014More Calls Needed to Protect Religious Liberty
12/15/2014Action Needed to Protect Religious Freedom
12/15/2014Wisconsin--Heads Up in Green Bay
12/5/2014Meet Michael Farris in Person Next Week
12/5/2014Meet Michael Farris in Person Next Week
12/4/2014Power Grab—State Superintendent to be Made “Head” of Every Homeschool
12/3/2014High School Symposium Sponsored by Home Educators at Grove-Richmond, VA
11/25/2014Course Developer Positions Open
11/24/2014Mark your calendars.
11/20/2014Legal Assistant Job Opening
11/20/2014World-Renowned Dr. Ben Carson to Speak at OCHEC's Capitol Day
11/20/2014Come to the 2014 FPEA Special Needs Convention THIS WEEKEND!
11/20/2014IAHE Hosts "Public School Sports and the Homeschooler" Conference Call
11/20/2014Local Grassroots Group Hosts "Let's Talk Homeschooling"
11/19/2014Please RSVP! Dad's Night Out in Harrisonburg!
11/19/2014Parents Tasered, Sprayed, Handcuffed--as Kids Watch
11/19/2014Texas: Legislature Opening in 2015
11/18/2014Dad's Night Out in Harrisonburg!
11/13/2014Pennsylvania--Celebrate Enactment of Homeschool Bill
11/12/2014Grassroots Group Hosts "Let's Talk Homeschooling" Event in Lee County
11/4/2014Pennsylvania--Governor Signs Homeschool Bill!
11/3/2014Another Major Victory Protecting all Parents and Children
10/31/2014Come to the 2014 FPEA Special Needs Convention in November!
10/29/2014Your U.S. Senator Needs to Hear from You about Dangerous UN Treaty
10/27/2014Miami Dade Homeschool Day--This Weekend!
10/27/2014Meet Mike Farris at James Madison University
10/24/2014Virginia--Carroll County Seeking Inappropriate Religious Exemption Information
10/23/2014Say Goodbye to a Homeschool Hero
10/21/2014Stop Authorities Harrying Homeschoolers
10/21/2014Pennsylvania--Homeschool Bill Passes Legislature!
10/20/2014Meet Mike Farris, Lt. Gov. Forest in Greensboro
10/20/2014Last Chance to Register for Nov. 8 High School Symposium
10/17/2014New York: School Board Upholds Denial of Parent-Conducted Assessments
10/17/2014Iowa--Parent-Taught Driver Education Up and Running!
10/16/2014Pennsylvania-Homeschool Bill Passes Senate!
10/15/2014Virginia--Hanover Calling Religious Exemption References
10/15/2014New York: Appeals of Denied Parent-Conducted Assessments, UPDATE!
10/15/2014New Jersey--Measure Supporting UN "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" Treaty Passes
10/15/2014Family Protection Ministries Needs Your Help
10/14/2014Register to Vote NOW--Deadline is Next Monday!
10/10/2014Meet Mike Farris, Lt. Gov. Forest at Town Hall
10/10/2014Special Needs Workshop Near You
10/10/2014Calls Needed by Monday to Block Support for UN Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Treaty
10/8/2014Filing the PI 1206: Paper, Online, and Rejections
10/8/2014Meet Mike Farris this Week in Ohio
10/7/2014Pennsylvania--Homeschool Bill in Trouble
10/6/2014Alabama - Private School Information
10/3/2014High Schoolers--Meet Dr. Michael Farris in Chandler
10/3/2014Reminder: Meet Michael Farris this Week in Phoenix
10/1/2014Invitation to join Concerned Women for America at Pro-Israel Rally
10/1/2014HSLDA High School Symposium Sponsored by GHEM - Clinton, MD
10/1/2014Meet Michael Farris this Week in Phoenix
10/1/2014Scholarships Available for Leadership Training
9/30/2014Thank Governor Brown for Vetoing AB 1444
9/30/2014Sandy Hook Commission Recommends Homeschool Restrictions
9/29/2014Putnam County Homeschool Information Session TOMORROW
9/29/2014Victory Newsflash: AB 1444 VETOED!
9/29/2014Pennsylvania--Homeschool Bill Passes Senate Committee
9/24/2014Iowa: Council Bluffs Sends Attendance Officer to Home
9/24/2014HSLDA Symposium: High School at Home for All Teens: Discover the Possibilities!
9/23/2014Hear from The Heritage Foundation about Common Core Tomorrow in Leesburg
9/22/2014Update--Meeting with Indianapolis Police Department-Southwest District
9/19/2014New Jersey--Calls Needed to Block Support for UN Treaty
9/18/2014New Form for -08s? What Should I Do?
9/17/2014Indiana: Please Pray for Meeting with Indianapolis Police
9/16/2014Florida: Lee County Floods Homeschoolers' Mailboxes with Misleading Mailing
9/15/2014Last Chance to Register for WV High School Symposium
9/15/2014Hear Michael Farris Speak in Iowa
9/15/2014Maryland--Wicomico County Imposes Multiple Unlawful Requirements
9/12/2014Pennsylvania--Lobby for Homeschool Bill
9/10/2014Council Bluffs Threatens Prosecution--Again
9/9/2014Homeschool Notice of Intent Reminder
9/8/2014AB 1444--Call Governor Again!
9/8/2014Urgent Calls Needed to U.S. Senate: Defeat UN Disabilities Treaty!
9/5/2014Virginia--Hampton Religious Exemption Form: Problem and Solution
9/5/2014Join Us for IFHS High School Map Your Future Event
9/4/2014Homeschool Notice of Intent Reminder
9/4/2014Homeschool Notice of Intent Reminder
9/4/2014Don't Forget to Submit Homeschooling Notice
9/3/2014Daytime Curfew Proposed in Victorville
9/2/2014Compulsory School Age Cutoff Date
8/28/2014Meeting Opens Dialogue with Miami-Dade Officials
8/22/2014McIntyre Case Hasn't Altered Homeschool Law
8/22/2014Join Michael Farris at a Convention of States Debate in Manassas August 28
8/22/2014Maryland--Wicomico Demands Child's Birth Certificate, Social Security Card
8/21/2014Thank You for Your Action to Oppose Common Core at Public Hearings
8/21/2014AB 1444--Passed Legislature--Call Governor Brown to VETO!
8/20/2014Florida--Miami-Dade County Still Making Extra Demands
8/19/2014Georgia--Info about Declaration of Intent
8/18/2014HSLDA High School Symposium Coming to Beckley Area (Daniels), WV!
8/18/2014South Carolina--Info Needed on Interscholastic Activities
8/15/2014Study Constitutional Law this Fall with Michael Farris!
8/15/2014Oppose Mandatory Kindergarten - Calls Urgently Needed
8/14/2014Meet Me in Columbus
8/14/2014Social Workers Snatch Sick Kids
8/13/2014Virginia: Updated Hampton Notice Still Gets it Wrong
8/11/2014Last Call! HSLDA High School Symposium Coming to Morgantown, WV!
8/11/2014AB 1444 Action Alert: Mandatory Kindergarten--Calls Urgently Needed
8/7/2014Low Cost College Classes Now Available to 11th and 12 Grade Homeschool Students
8/6/2014Reminder--Notice of Intent Due August 15
8/5/2014During Recess, Tell Your Senators to Vote No on UN Disabilities Treaty
8/4/2014Hampton Won't "Accept" Your Notice of Intent?
8/4/2014Changes to Utah's Homeschool Law
8/1/2014Senator Marco Rubio Stands Strong against UN Treaty
8/1/2014Senator Ron Johnson Stands Strong Against UN Treaty
8/1/2014Senator Jim Risch Stands Strong against UN Treaty
8/1/2014Senator Rand Paul Stands Strong Against UN Treaty
8/1/2014Senator Jeff Flake Stands Strong against UN Treaty
8/1/2014Senator Bob Corker Stands Strong against UN Treaty
8/1/2014Senator Hatch's Powerful Speech against UN Treaty
7/31/2014HSLDA Working to Stop Countywide Visits
7/28/2014Please Call Your Two U.S. Senators Right Now to Reject UN Disabilities Treaty
7/25/2014Correction: Action Needed at July 30 Common Core Hearing
7/25/2014North Carolina--Anti-Common Core Bill Passes
7/24/2014URGENT: Action Needed to Oppose Common Core!
7/23/2014Patrick Henry College Job Opportunity
7/23/2014Hampton: What's Wrong With Their Notice of Intent Form?
7/21/2014Virginia: Know the Law to Protect Your Freedom
7/18/2014Invitation to Attend Speech by Senator Rubio on Family Values
7/17/2014Senate Committee to Vote on UN Disabilities Treaty on Tuesday--Calls Needed
7/14/2014Virginia--Carroll Requests Religious Exemption Renewal
7/11/2014Teacher Wanted for AP English Language and Composition Online Course
7/10/2014Magnolia Stands For Freedom
7/10/2014CORRECTION: Patrick Henry College Job Opportunity
7/9/2014Virginia--City of Roanoke Requests Religious Exemption Renewal
7/9/2014Patrick Henry College Job Opportunity
7/8/2014Public Hearing on Proposed Daytime Curfew
7/2/2014AB 1444 Vote Postponed--No Action Needed Until August
7/2/2014Call Governor to Fight New Threat to Homeschool Freedom: Common Core
7/2/2014Reminder--Town Hall Event with Congressman Phil Roe
7/2/2014Pennsylvania--Update on Homeschool Bill
7/1/2014Change in Notification Law
7/1/2014iGovern Pacific: Leadership, Learning, and Legislation
6/27/2014iGovern Pacific: Leadership, Learning, and Legislation
6/27/2014$100 iGovern Discount for California Residents
6/27/2014Take Action Against UN Disabilities Treaty During July 4 Recess
6/26/2014Town Hall Event with Congressman Phil Roe--Especially for Homeschoolers!
6/25/2014Call Now to Challenge Common Core, an Emerging Threat to Freedom
6/24/2014AB 1444 - Calls Urgently Needed - Oppose Mandatory Kindergarten
6/23/2014Summary of Alabama's New Homeschool Law
6/20/2014Action Needed to Oppose Common Core Implementation
6/16/2014Your Action Needed Oppose Common Core at Public Hearings on Wednesday!
6/16/2014Oppose Mandatory Kindergarten--Calls Urgently Needed
6/12/2014Bad News: UN Disabilities Treaty has Returned--Stronger than Ever
6/12/2014Calls Needed to Stop State Assembly from Supporting UN Disabilities Treaty
6/10/2014Action Still Needed as Legislature Fails to Curb Homeschool Discrimination
6/10/2014Oppose Mandatory Kindergarten--Letters Needed
6/5/2014Pennsylvania--Homeschool Bill Passes Education Committee
6/3/2014Volunteers Needed
6/2/2014Call Now--Bill Allows Vaccine Administration Without Parent's Knowledge
6/2/2014Pennsylvania--Calls needed on Two Bills Affecting Homeschoolers
5/30/2014Urgent Calls Needed: Tell Gov. Mary Fallin to Stop Common Core
5/30/2014URGENT Action Needed to Remove Harmful Language from Legislation
5/29/2014Last Day to Comment on Immunization Registry
5/28/2014Governor Gives "Thumbs Up" to Pushing 4-Year-Olds into School
5/28/2014Oppose Mandatory Kindergarten--Calls Urgently Needed
5/27/2014More Action Needed to Stop Discrimination against Homeschoolers in Ohio
5/23/2014Brain Development Seminar Offered for Families of Children with Special Needs
5/23/2014Update on Tarr Amendments and Invitation to Attend Listening Tours
5/23/2014More Action Needed to Stop Discrimination against Homeschoolers in Ohio
5/21/2014Immediate Action Needed to Stop Discrimination against Homeschoolers in Ohio
5/21/2014MORE ACTION Needed to Stop Common Core!
5/21/2014North Carolina: Calls Needed to Support Anti-Common Core Bills
5/20/2014Immediate Action Needed to Stop Discrimination against Homeschoolers
5/20/2014Action Needed to Stop Common Core in Michigan
5/20/2014ACTION Needed to Stop Common Core!
5/19/2014AB 1444 - Mandatory Kindergarten - Calls Urgently Needed
5/14/2014Thanks for Protecting Homeschool Freedom
5/12/2014AB 1444 Vote Postponed--No Action Needed
5/9/2014You're Invited: Common Core "Building the Machine" Screening
5/9/2014GenJ Camp Correction--Deadline Extended
5/8/2014California Voter Information--June 3 Primary Election
5/7/2014VIRGINIA--Stop Fairfax Homeschool Co-op Killer Ordinance
5/7/2014New Hampshire Board of Education Nomination
5/7/2014Why Your Attorney Recommends GenJ Camp
5/7/2014Why Your Attorney Recommends GenJ Camp
5/5/2014Oppose Mandatory Kindergarten
5/5/2014Homeschoolers Need not Apply--Take Action to End Discrimination
5/5/2014Mandatory Kindergarten Bill Advances--Keep Calling
5/2/2014Why Your Attorney Recommends GenJ Camp
5/2/2014Why Your Attorney Recommends GenJ Camp
5/2/2014Why Your Attorney Recommends GenJ Camp
5/2/2014Why Your Attorney Recommends GenJ Camp
5/2/2014Why Your Attorney Recommends GenJ Camp
5/2/2014Why Your Attorney Recommends GenJ Camp
5/2/2014Why Your Attorney Recommends GenJ Camp
5/2/2014Why Your Attorney Recommends GenJ Camp
5/2/2014Why Your Attorney Recommends GenJ Camp
5/2/2014Why Your Attorney Recommends GenJ Camp
5/1/2014Your Calls Working--More Action Needed!
5/1/2014Your Calls Working--More Action Needed!
5/1/2014Indiana--Graduates: Last Chance to Register for Statewide Graduation Ceremony
4/30/2014Virginia--Another Test Letter Blooper in Williamsburg-James City County
4/30/2014Act Now to Protect Your Child's Medical Privacy
4/28/2014Action Needed to Stop Common Core in Massachusetts. Seriously!
4/28/2014Early Education Bill Threatens Parental Rights
4/24/2014Pennsylvania: HSLDA to Testify Against Senate Bill 27
4/22/2014Act Now to Defeat Dangerous Legislation
4/17/2014TEACH-CT an Invaluable Partner in Protecting Homeschool Freedom
4/17/2014Maine--Please Call Lawmakers to Protect 4-Year-Olds
4/16/2014Idaho--Pocatello D25 Backslides on Dual Enrollment
4/16/2014Calls Needed to Protect Parental Freedom
4/14/2014Maine--Please Call Governor LePage to Stop Government Preschools
4/10/2014Calling Homeschool Young Scientists: Special Invitation to USA STEM Festival
4/7/2014Kansas--Tax Relief Falls Just Short
4/4/2014Kansas: Email Key Members TONIGHT on Tax Reduction, Common Core Provisions
4/4/2014Calls Needed Urgently--Tax Reduction for Home, Private Educators Within Sight!
4/4/2014Parent's Rights Rejected by Colorado Senate
4/3/2014Pennsylvania: Update on Homeschool Bill
4/3/2014Urgent: Keep Calling for Tax Relief
4/2/2014Urgent: Call Now for Property Tax Relief for Homeschools and Private Schools
4/1/2014New Mexico: Reminder to Submit Annual Notice of Intent
4/1/2014Minnesota: Calls Needed to Oppose House Bill 826
3/31/2014Hear Rep. Hultgren Discuss "State of Homeschooling" Tonight
3/28/2014Mississippi: Calls Urgently Needed to Pass Religious Freedom Bill
3/28/2014Action Needed--Amendment Threatens Parental Freedom
3/27/2014Action Required to Defeat Increase in Compulsory School Age
3/27/2014More Action Needed to Restore Parental Rights
3/26/2014Pennsylvania--Lobby for Homeschool Bill
3/21/2014Call Now to Support Parental Rights Bill
3/21/2014Louisiana: Senate Bill 72--Lowering Standard in Family Court Petitions
3/21/2014Only a Few Weeks Left to Register for Science & Faith Conference
3/20/2014Continue to Fight to Protect Parental Freedom
3/20/2014Iowa--Terrific College Scholarships Available
3/19/2014Mike Farris in OK City to Debate Convention of the States
3/17/2014Last Call for HSLDA High School Event in Asheville, NC!
3/17/2014Virginia--Buckingham County Update
3/13/2014More Action Needed to Protect Parental Freedom
3/12/2014Alabama -- Calls Needed to Stop Violation of Parental Rights
3/11/2014Arizona Call to Action--Vote Scheduled this Wednesday
3/11/2014Alabama: Calls Needed to Pass Homeschool Antidiscrimination Bills
3/10/2014Attend Hearing on Homeschool Bill
3/10/2014Keep Contacting School Board, Attend Wednesday Meeting
3/10/2014Virginia--Caroline County Board Meeting Today at 5:30 p.m.
3/7/2014VIRGINIA--Buckingham Superintendent Remains Defiant--Update
3/6/2014New York: Come to Legislative Day at the Capitol and Put "Liberty on the Line"!
3/6/2014Correction: Action Needed to Protect Parental Freedom
3/5/2014Action Needed to Protect Parental Freedom
3/5/2014Kansas: Call to Protect Freedom, Stop Common Core
3/5/2014Missouri--Urgent: Help Block Long-Term Threat to Homeschool Freedom
3/4/2014Virginia--Act to Protect Faith-based Homeschooling in Buckingham County
2/28/2014Action TODAY Needed to Defeat SF 106
2/27/2014Action Needed to Defeat SF 106
2/27/2014Colorado: Calls Are Working but More Action Needed to Defend Parental Freedom!
2/26/2014California Legislature in Session Again
2/26/2014Iowa--Join Hundreds of Families March 18 for the NICHE Capitol Day!
2/26/2014Virginia--Movement in Caroline County on Religious Exemption
2/25/2014Action Needed NOW to Protect Parental Freedom
2/25/2014Action Needed to Defend Freedom
2/25/2014Action Needed NOW to Protect Parental Freedom
2/25/2014South Dakota--Call Now to Challenge Common Core
2/21/2014Email Your Representative to Support Student Privacy
2/21/2014Iowa: Please Act to Protect New Homeschool Options
2/20/2014Come Hear Luis Palau and Dr. David Jeremiah
2/14/2014Action Requested--Participate in Silent Rally at Capitol Against Common Core
2/14/2014Kansas--Urgent: Block Long-Term Threat to Homeschool Freedom
2/14/2014Your Action Needed to Preserve Wyoming Constitution
2/14/2014Oklahoma: Saving Account Bill Poses no Threat to Home Education
2/13/2014Your Calls and Emails Worked! House Bill 26 Defeated!
2/12/2014Virginia--Statewide Threat to Religious Exemption: Spotlights Needed
2/11/2014Virginia--Caroline County School Board's Surprise!
2/10/2014Join Us Tomorrow at the Capitol
2/10/2014Your Action Needed to Stop Government Intrusion into the Family
2/10/2014Missouri--Please Call Now to Protect Parenting
2/10/2014Senator Graham Takes Leadership against Common Core and for Homeschool Freedom
2/7/2014Washington: Register Now for the 2014 Day at the Capitol!
2/7/2014Virginia--Attend Board Meeting to Protect Religious Freedom in Pittsylvania
2/5/2014PSEO Program Application Information Available
2/4/2014South Dakota--Please Call Immediately to Oppose Attack on Homeschooling Rights
2/4/2014Action Requested on Bill to Study Tuition-Free Community College
2/3/2014Michigan--Reminder: Rally with me in Lansing next week to oppose Common Core!
2/3/2014Oklahoma: We Need You at Capitol Day Next Week, Register Now!
2/3/2014Maine--Let Kids Stay Home: Please Call to Stop Government Preschools
2/3/2014Maine--Act Today: Religious Freedom in the Balance
1/31/2014Virginia: Faith-Based Education Win!
1/30/2014Mississippi: Calls Needed to Support Anti-Common Core Bills
1/30/2014Public Hearing on Legislative Bill 528
1/29/2014I Need You to Join Me in Lansing Next Week to Oppose the Common Core!
1/29/2014Tennessee--Legislature Now in Session
1/29/2014South Carolina--Legislature Now in Session
1/29/2014Georgia--Legislature Now in Session
1/29/2014Delaware--Legislature Now in Session
1/29/2014Alaska--Legislature Now in Session
1/28/2014Mississippi: Calls Needed to Oppose Compulsory Attendance Age Bills
1/28/2014Virginia--Crucial Week to Stop Attack on Faith-Based Homeschooling
1/24/2014Your Calls are Working but More Action Needed to Stop House Bill 4005
1/24/2014Maine--Committee Misses Boat on Religious Freedom: LD 1428 Update
1/24/2014Maine--Committee to Remove Threat to 5-Year-Olds: LD 1530 Update
1/23/2014Homeschooling a struggling learner--come hear from speaker Kathy Kuhl
1/23/2014Action Needed to Have Parental Rights Bill Heard!
1/23/2014Action Needed NOW To Defeat Unwarranted Government Intrusion
1/21/2014Join Mike Farris in Richmond to Rally for Liberty
1/17/2014Maine--Help Needed to Prevent Compulsory Schooling for 5- and 6-year-olds
1/17/2014Virginia--Call Committee to Protect the Religious Exemption
1/16/2014Action Needed to Oppose Federally Controlled Testing
1/16/2014Support Income Tax Credit that Includes Homeschoolers
1/16/2014Maine--Act To Restore Religious Freedom
1/15/2014Oklahoma: Made Plans to Come to Annual Home Educators' Capitol Day Yet?
1/13/2014Kansas--Act Now to Get Kansas Out of Common Core
1/13/2014Virginia--Call Now to Thwart Attack on Faith-Based Homeschooling
1/10/2014Pennsylvania--Legislature Now in Session
1/10/2014Mississippi--Legislature Now in Session
1/10/2014Action Needed To Defend against Unwarranted Government Intrusion
1/10/2014Maine--Committee Action on Bill Moved to January 23
1/10/2014Hurry! Spring Constitutional Law Course Registration Closing Soon
1/9/2014Pennsylvania--Calls Needed to Pass Homeschool Bill
1/9/2014Help Needed Immediately to Prevent Compulsory Schooling for 5- and 6-year-olds
1/6/2014Parenting with a Vision One-Day Conference Set