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August 2012

8/31/2012Vermont: Commissioner's New Labor Day "Deadline" Approaching
8/30/2012Missouri--Urgent Action Needed to Stop Raytown Daytime Curfew
8/29/2012California: AB 2109 - Call The Governor!
8/27/2012Public Hearing on Daytime Curfew in Chula Vista!
8/24/2012Will You Be On the Field...or on the Sidelines this Election Season?
8/24/2012Clarification: AB 2109--Close Vote Call Again
8/24/2012California: AB 2109--Close Vote Call Again
8/24/2012Upton-Mendon Situation Shows that Freedom Demands Vigilance
8/22/2012California: AB 2109 - Calls Needed Now!
8/22/2012Kansas--No More Calls Needed to KSBE
8/21/2012Still some openings left in PHC Prep Academy online courses...
8/20/2012Still some openings left in PHC Prep Academy online courses...
8/17/2012Vermont: Action Needed to Fight Commissioner's New Homeschool Policy
8/17/2012Kansas--Call State Education Board on Homeschool Legislation
8/13/2012Homeschool Starter Kit for New Homeschool Families
8/13/2012Iowa--Reminder: CPI Form Filing Deadline August 26
8/13/2012Mississippi--Certificate of Enrollment Reminder
8/13/2012Georgia--Declaration of Intent Deadline
8/13/2012Arkansas--Notice of Intent Deadline
8/8/2012Reminder: New Hampshire's New Homeschool Law Webinar!
8/7/2012New York--Deadline Approaching
8/7/2012Reminder: Homeschool Notification Due by August 15
8/7/2012California: AB 2109 - Vaccination Waiver Threatened
8/3/2012Virginia: Reminder--Sales Tax Holiday This Weekend
8/3/2012Vermont: DOE unveils revised, restrictive homeschool enrollment policy