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HSLDA Alerts & Information (ALL)
April 2012

4/30/2012HSLDA-FPM Joint Action Alert: AB 1772 - Mandatory Kindergarten - Calls Needed
4/27/2012California: AB 2109 - Vaccination Waiver Threatened - Calls Needed
4/26/2012Reminder: Homeschool Conference This Weekend
4/25/2012Texas--HSLDA at 2012 FEAST Homeschool Conference
4/25/2012Kansas: A Positive Turn on Daytime Curfew Issue
4/25/2012Missouri: A Positive Turn on Daytime Curfew Issue
4/24/2012Missouri--HSLDA Senior Counsel Speaking at 2012 SHEM Convention
4/24/2012Missouri and Kansas--Make Calls, Attend Hearing April 26, Fight Daytime Curfew
4/23/2012Senate Kills HB 1440
4/20/2012California: HSLDA Alert Update: AB 1772 - Mandatory Kindergarten
4/19/2012California: UPDATE: AB 2109 - Vaccination Waiver Threatened
4/18/2012Kansas/Missouri -- HSLDA Attorney Scott Woodruff to speak at MPE Convention!
4/18/2012California: UPDATE: AB 2203 - 5-Year-Old Compulsory Education
4/18/2012Hearing for SB 130 POSTPONED
4/17/2012Hearing for SB 130 Tomorrow
4/17/2012Texas: Pick up some savings at the 2012 FEAST Conference
4/16/2012Homeschool Freedom Hearing Tomorrow!
4/16/2012Senate Set to Stiff-Arm Homeschoolers?
4/16/2012Missouri--Attend Important Hearing on Kansas City Daytime Curfew Wednesday
4/16/2012California: Oppose Mandatory Kindergarten
4/13/2012HSLDA: Early registration deadline ends next week for GenJ's iGovern Pacific!
4/13/2012California: Vaccination Waiver Threatened-- Attack On Parental Rights!
4/11/2012High School Teacher Training: Last Call for April 20
4/11/2012Take Action: Homeschool Freedom Hearing!
4/11/2012Mike Farris Speaking in DC on CPS & 4th Amendment
4/10/2012Maryland: Compulsory Age To Rise to 18, Graduation Exemption for Homeschoolers
4/10/20127:30 P.M. for GenJ Kick Off!
4/9/2012Local GenJ Club Starting--Train Your Teen to be a Leader!
4/9/2012California: Call Now to Oppose Mandatory Kindergarten
4/5/2012Maryland: Update: No More Calls on SB 362--Pugh Accepts Important Amendment
4/4/2012Reminder: Attend Driver's Ed Bill Hearing Tomorrow
4/3/2012California: Mandatory Kindergarten Bill Delayed
4/2/2012Maryland: Continue Opposing SB 362, HB 373--Amendments in Progress