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March 2012

3/30/2012Georgia: Bad Grandparent Visitation Bill Passes Senate
3/30/2012Alaska: Calls Needed -- Bad Compulsory Attendance Age Bill Passes Senate
3/30/2012Volunteer for HSLDA & earn a free year of membership!
3/30/2012HSLDA: Free Registration and Final Days to Save on Planners
3/30/2012Driver's Ed Bill Needs Your Help!
3/30/2012Maine: Update--Victory Over Compulsory Age Expansion
3/30/2012Maryland--Updates Posted on SB 362
3/29/2012Register Now for 2012 Summer OR Fall Constitutional Law Online with Dr. Farris
3/29/2012Victory for Homeschoolers in Defeating Daytime Curfew Proposal
3/29/2012California: Official Threatens Homeschooler with Truancy
3/29/2012Maryland--Help Needed Urgently on Compulsory Attendance, Homeschool Bill
3/28/2012Maine--Victory Over Compulsory Age Expansion!
3/28/2012Alaska -- Calls Needed This Morning to Oppose Compulsory Attendance Age Bill
3/28/2012New Mexico--Last Chance to Pre-Register and Save for 2012 CAPE-NM Convention
3/27/2012Illinois: Call Today--Crucial Vote Coming on Compulsory School Age Expansion
3/27/2012New Hampshire Senator: Parents ... Unqualified and Untrustworthy?
3/26/2012Mississippi -- Calls Needed to Pass Family Protection Bill
3/26/2012Please Attend 2012 Homeschool Day at the Capitol!
3/23/2012Maryland--SB 362 Fight Moves to House of Delegates
3/23/2012Georgia--Homeschool Capitol Day!
3/23/2012Georgia -- Calls Needed to Stop Bad Grandparent Visitation Bill
3/23/2012Maine: Call Immediately to Support Amending LD 1503!
3/22/2012Maryland--Call to Stop Compulsory Age Increase, More Regulatory Power
3/22/2012Missouri--Kansas City Daytime Curfew Battle Moves to Next Phase
3/22/2012Maine--"School Choice" Bills Don't Threaten Homeschoolers
3/22/2012California: Oppose Expansion of Government Control over Education
3/21/2012More Action Needed to Preserve the Family!
3/21/2012Missouri--Kansas City
3/20/2012Victory: HB 1440 Passes with GOOD Amendment
3/20/2012Georgia: Calls Needed on Parental Rights Resolution
3/19/2012Action Needed to Defeat Expansion of State Control Over Homeschoolers!
3/19/2012HSLDA High School at Home: The Basics, March 23, 2012 Reminder
3/16/2012Missouri--Full Force Needed March 21 against Kansas City Daytime Curfew
3/16/2012Help Homeschoolers Hurt by Storms
3/16/2012HSLDA Member Benefit--Home School Enrichment Magazine!
3/15/2012Mississippi--Homeschool Capitol Day!
3/15/2012Missouri--Update-- Kansas City Daytime Curfew Hits Speed Bump
3/14/2012Maryland--Delegate Alston to Withdraw Two Homeschool Bills
3/13/2012Maine: Call to Support Amending LD 1503!
3/13/2012Missouri--Urgent Action Needed to Stop Kansas City Daytime Curfew
3/13/2012Action Needed to Preserve the Family!
3/13/2012West Virginia--Don't Miss Eastern Panhandle Home School Conference
3/12/2012Georgia: Calls Needed to Stop Violation of Parental Rights
3/12/2012Indiana--Last Week to Pre-Register for IAHE Convention and Save!
3/9/2012Minnesota--HSLDA High School Consultants at MACHE
3/9/2012Leadership in the Law Summer Camp 2012
3/9/2012Generation Joshua's iGovern East early bird registration ends next week
3/8/2012More Calls Needed to Support Religious Freedom Restoration Act!
3/8/2012Help Stop Law Requiring Homeschoolers to Teach "Tolerance!"
3/7/2012HSLDA: Hear Heidi St. John and Pam Tebow at Apologia Live
3/7/2012Calls Needed to Support Religious Freedom Restoration Act!
3/7/2012Arkansas--Legislature Now in Session
3/7/2012Connecticut--Legislature Now in Session
3/6/2012RFRA Referred to Study Committee
3/6/2012Unanimous Repeal of Cedar Park's Daytime Curfew
3/5/2012Illinois--Calls Needed Immediately to Stop Compulsory School Age Expansion
3/5/2012Take Action To Preserve Parental Rights and Family Autonomy!
3/2/2012MORE Calls Needed to SENATE to Advance Freedom!
3/1/2012Virginia--Legislative Update
3/1/2012Illinois: Call Today to Stop Compulsory School Age Expansion
3/1/2012Missouri--Looking For Victims of Daytime Curfews
3/1/2012Save $Thousands AND Advance Freedom--Take Action Today!