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February 2012

2/29/2012Calls Needed to Senate to Advance Freedom!
2/29/2012Missouri--Urgent Action Needed to Stop Kansas City Daytime Curfew
2/29/2012Right of Conscience Vote in U.S. Senate Tomorrow--Urgent Calls Needed
2/29/2012Maine--Call to Support Amending LD 1503!
2/28/2012HSLDA Opposed to Senate Bill 384
2/25/2012Indiana: HSLDA's staff attorney speaking at IAHE 2012 Home Educator's Convention
2/25/2012Pennsylvania: Pick up some savings at the YHSA 2012 Curriculum Fair!
2/25/2012Florida: Pick up some savings at the 2012 South Florida Homeschool Convention!
2/25/2012Michigan: Pick up some savings at the KAHSA Kalamazoo Homeschool Expo!
2/24/2012Maine: Call to Support Amending LD 1503!
2/24/2012Virginia: Crucial Date for Sports Bill Coming
2/23/2012Wyoming: Call to Oppose Mandatory Vaccination!
2/23/2012West Virginia: Victory! RFRA Passes House and HB 4309 Diverted!
2/23/2012Utah: Action Needed to Oppose Law Targeting Homeschoolers
2/23/2012Maine: Call Within the Next 2 Hours to Stop Compulsory School Age Expansion!
2/22/2012Take Action Today to Resist Government Intrusion!
2/21/2012HSLDA's Consultants Diane Kummer and Vicki Bentley are speaking at EPHSC!
2/21/2012Rhode Island: Help Reverse Onerous New Demands in East Greenwich
2/21/2012Illinois: Call Today to Stop Compulsory School Age Expansion
2/21/2012Maine: Call Today to Stop Compulsory School Age Expansion
2/21/2012Your Action Needed to PASS the WVRFRA!
2/17/2012Missouri: Pick up some savings at the Greater St. Louis Area Home Educators Expo
2/17/2012Missouri--Did a Juvenile Officer Ask You for Homeschool Records?
2/17/2012VICTORY for Religious Freedom!
2/17/2012ACTION NEEDED: Homeschooling is Good for ALL!
2/16/2012West Virginia: Calls Needed Tonight to Protect Religious Freedom!
2/16/2012Generation Joshua's iGovern: A camp to build leadership in teens
2/16/2012Contact the U.S. Senate: Oppose Judicial Activism
2/16/2012Reminder: You're Invited to be a Member of Congress for a Day on Saturday, Febru
2/16/2012Action NEEDED to Defeat Bad Amendment!
2/15/2012HSLDA--Action Needed TODAY to Support Parental Rights
2/15/2012Mississippi: No More Calls Needed on House Bill 464
2/15/2012SB 245 Update--Comprehensive Health Education
2/15/2012Mississippi -- Calls Needed to Stop Worst Bill Ever
2/14/2012Maryland--Call Now to Stop Compulsory Age Expansion
2/14/2012VICTORY--SF 44 Fails Introduction--Your Calls Made a Difference
2/14/2012Oppose the Daytime Curfew
2/13/2012Homeschooling--The Healthy Choice!
2/13/2012HSLDA--Action Needed to Oppose Law Targeting Homeschoolers
2/13/2012HB 4309--ACTION NEEDED to Protect Families From Government Intrusion!
2/10/2012Reminder--Be Refreshed at Apologia Live
2/10/2012Maryland: Call Now to Prevent Expansion of Compulsory Education Age
2/10/2012Last Chance to Join Generation Joshua at Discount Pricing!
2/10/2012HSLDA--Action Needed to Support Parental Rights
2/9/2012Nebraska: Committee Considers Positive Changes to Truancy Law
2/8/2012Alabama: Calls Needed to Stop Expansion of State Control over Education
2/8/2012Virginia: Correction
2/7/2012VIRGINIA--Victory for Freedom! SB 564 Passes 23-17
2/7/2012Virginia: Call Today by Noon For "Curriculum Description" Fix
2/6/2012Prosecutor Asks for Another Chance in Michigan Medical Decisions Case
2/6/2012New Hampshire: Calls Needed to Protect Religious Freedom!
2/6/2012Georgia: Calls Needed to Stop Expansion of State Control over Education
2/3/2012Virginia: Call By Monday 11:00 a.m. For "Curriculum Description" Fix
2/3/2012VICTORY--HB 1571 Passes 17-0
2/3/2012You're Invited to be a Member of Congress for a Day on Saturday, February 25!
2/2/2012HB 4309 DELAYED: Your Calls Making a Difference--Keep Calling and Emailing
2/2/2012Oklahoma: Pre-Register for Capitol Day and Come Oppose Bad Bills!
2/2/2012Missouri--Protect Homeschool Freedom: Vote
2/2/2012Success in 2011!
2/1/2012Keep Mountaineers Always Free: Stop HB 4309
2/1/2012Oregon--You are Needed at Hearing to Stop Mandatory Reporter Bill!
2/1/2012Take Action NOW to Defend Homeschool Freedom
2/1/2012Virginia: Free Webinar Keeps You Caught Up On Legislation
2/1/2012New Jersey--Calls Needed to Stop Second Compulsory Attendance Expansion Bill