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January 2012

1/31/2012Your Action Needed IMMEDIATELY to Defeat Dangerous Legislation
1/31/2012Virginia--Update: Committee Votes "Yes" on Curriculum Description Repair Bill
1/30/2012Chance to Repeal Cedar Park's Daytime Curfew
1/30/2012CORRECTION: Updated Link for New Jersey Legislators
1/30/2012New Jersey: Act Now to Stop Expanding Government Control over Education
1/30/2012Take Action: Online Driver's Education Needs Your Support!
1/27/2012HSLDA: Celebrate the Journey at an Apologia Live Retreat
1/27/2012Minnesota Legislature Now In Session
1/26/2012Virginia--Update: Curriculum Description, Sports Bills Pass First Test
1/26/2012Oklahoma: Two Bad Bills--We Need You at the Day at the Capitol!
1/25/2012Vermont: Freedom Update--Possible Threat Looming
1/25/2012South Dakota: Victory in House Committee!
1/25/2012Urgent Calls Needed to Stop Obama's Attack on Educational Freedom
1/25/2012Urgent: Call Today, Attend Hearings Tomorrow to Fix Curriculum Description
1/25/2012A Monumental Victory for All Parents Took Effect Jan. 1
1/24/2012Virginia: Crucial Hearing on Sports Bill Thursday Morning
1/24/2012Freedom Alert: Take Action to Advance Freedom
1/24/2012South Dakota: Call Immediately to Prevent Harmful Change to Homeschool Law
1/20/2012Virginia--Reform "Curriculum Description" Requirement
1/20/2012Board of Supervisors Tables Daytime Curfew
1/20/2012Hearing Rescheduled for House Bill 1382
1/19/2012Freedom Alert: Take Action to Defeat Government Overreach!
1/19/2012Freedom Alert: Take Action to Advance Homeschool Freedom
1/19/2012Shaping Hearts and Minds Conference coming to Las Vegas
1/18/2012Florida: Legislature Now in Session
1/18/2012Georgia: Legislature Now in Session
1/18/2012Delaware Legislature Now in Session
1/18/2012Washington: Your Calls are Needed to Preserve Marriage!
1/18/2012Arizona: Legislature Now in Session
1/18/2012Michigan: Michigan Legislature Now in Session
1/18/2012Freedom Alert: Take Action to Advance Freedom
1/17/2012Homeschoolers on Trial
1/13/2012Washington: More Action Needed on Third-Party Visitation Bill!
1/13/2012South Carolina--Legislature Now in Session
1/13/2012Tennessee--Legislature Now in Session
1/13/2012Oklahoma: Home Education Day at the Capitol is Coming Soon!
1/12/2012Freedom Alert: Let Freedom Reign--Victory for Homeschooling Freedom!
1/12/2012California: Action Needed to Oppose San Luis Obispo Daytime Curfew
1/12/2012Join Generation Joshua Today: 30-Day Future of America Discount Pricing
1/11/2012New Jersey--Please Call to Terminate Mandatory Homeschool Notice Bill
1/11/2012Freedom Alert: Colorado Legislature Now in Session!
1/11/2012Freedom Alert: West Virginia Legislature Now in Session!
1/6/2012Michigan--Pick up Savings at 2012 Mid-Winter Homeschool Convention
1/5/2012Washington: Action Needed on Third-Party Visitation Bill
1/5/2012Mississippi Legislature Now in Session
1/4/2012Nebraska Legislature Now in Session
1/4/2012Vermont Legislature Now in Session--Possible Threat Looming