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12/28/2012Only 8 hours left
12/21/2012A special Christmas message from HSLDA
12/19/2012The Christmas Gift: Don't miss Episode 5 in our weekly video series!
12/17/2012Warrant? I Don't Need no Stinking Warrant!
12/14/2012Sign Petition to Oppose Outrageous Home Study Policy
12/13/2012Study Constitutional Law this Spring with Michael Farris!
12/11/2012Come to D.C. Press Conference Tomorrow on National Debt
12/10/2012HSLDA: Judge--Case of Seized Newborn May Now Proceed
12/4/2012Senate Rejects Ratification of UN Disabilities Treaty
12/4/2012Senate Votes at Noon on UN Disabilities Treaty--Please Call One More Time
12/3/2012Senate to Vote on UN Disabilities Treaty at Noon Tomorrow! Keep Calling!
12/3/2012Year-in-Review Request from HSF
11/30/2012Nevada: Calls Needed to Urge Senator Heller to Stay Strong on UN Treaty
11/30/2012KS: Please call your Senators now and urge them to oppose UN Disability Treaty
11/30/2012Urgent: Call Senator Joe Manchin to Oppose Ratification of UN Treaty
11/30/2012Urgent: Calls Needed to Urge Senator Johanns to Stay Strong on UN Treaty
11/30/2012Please Call Senator Hutchison and Urge Her to Oppose the UN Disabilities Treaty
11/29/2012URGENT: Senate to Vote on UN Disabilities Treaty on Tuesday--Call Now!
11/28/2012Senate Hesitates on UN Disabilities Treaty--Keep Calling!
11/27/2012Please Call Senator Hatch and Urge Him to Oppose UN Disabilities Treaty
11/27/2012New Hampshire: Please call Senator Ayotte and urge her to oppose UN Disabilities
11/26/2012Senate to Vote on UN Disabilities Treaty on Wednesday: Calls Needed Immediately
11/16/2012Sign Petition to Protect Your Special Needs Child
11/16/2012Indiana--New State Superintendent Could Bring Changes to Homeschooling
11/14/2012Watch the Bible Bee Live Online
11/14/2012Job Opening at HSLDA
11/8/2012Will You Join HSLDA and Help Protect Homeschool Freedom?
11/8/2012Urgent Post-Election Update from Mike Farris
11/2/2012Missouri--Hollister Curfew: Freedom Prevails
11/2/2012HSLDA's Virginia Attorney to Discuss Future of Homeschooling
11/2/201248 Hours Left to Sign up for the Generation Joshua Banquet
10/29/2012California: Thirty Days to Respond to Match Gift to Help FPM
10/22/2012Georgia--Homeschool Law Updates
10/19/2012Invitation to attend Generation Joshua Banquet
10/19/2012Catch the Global Conference Via At-Home E-vents
10/17/2012Our California Legislative Advocate Urgently Needs Your Help
10/15/2012HSLDA: Urgent Video--Mike Farris asks for your help this November
10/15/2012Mendon-Upton School Committee Meeting to Review Homeschool Policy
10/15/2012California: Major Victory for Parents
10/15/2012Free Lecture Series Focuses on Disability
10/12/2012Missouri--Action Needed to Stop Hollister Daytime Curfew
10/11/2012Indiana -- Legislation to Regulate Homeschooling Mentioned by Candidate
10/11/2012California: Major Legislative Victory
10/10/2012Home School Foundation in Action
10/9/2012California: Victory! 5-Year-Old Compulsory Education Defeated
10/4/2012California: Major Legislative Victory!
10/2/2012California: AB 2109 Signed by the Governor
9/27/2012HSLDA Member Benefit: Home School Enrichment Magazine
9/21/2012Urgent Calls Needed Today To Oppose UN Disabilities Treaty!
9/20/2012Attend a Candidate Forum
9/19/2012California: Victory! - Mandatory Kindergarten Defeated
9/14/2012Home Education Week
9/13/201224-hour sale on Constitutional Literacy | Lowest price in 2012!
9/13/2012HSLDA: Mike Smith Urges Parents to Take a Look
9/13/2012Call Senator Ayotte!
9/12/2012Virginia-- Defending the Religious Exemption
9/12/2012California AB 2109 - Calls to the Governor Needed Again!
9/7/2012HSLDA: Join Generation Joshua today and Take Back America!
9/7/2012Preserve American Sovereignty on Constitution Day!
9/6/2012Kansas--Studies: Virtual Schools Create Poor Student Achievement
9/6/2012HSLDA: Join Generation Joshua today and Take Back America!
9/6/2012Free Preschool Membership Registration Open
9/5/2012Freedom Isn't Free--Bring Your Family to the Capitol
9/4/2012Curfew off Raytown Agenda Tonight
8/31/2012Vermont: Commissioner's New Labor Day "Deadline" Approaching
8/30/2012Missouri--Urgent Action Needed to Stop Raytown Daytime Curfew
8/29/2012California: AB 2109 - Call The Governor!
8/27/2012Public Hearing on Daytime Curfew in Chula Vista!
8/24/2012Will You Be On the Field...or on the Sidelines this Election Season?
8/24/2012Clarification: AB 2109--Close Vote Call Again
8/24/2012California: AB 2109--Close Vote Call Again
8/24/2012Upton-Mendon Situation Shows that Freedom Demands Vigilance
8/22/2012California: AB 2109 - Calls Needed Now!
8/22/2012Kansas--No More Calls Needed to KSBE
8/21/2012Still some openings left in PHC Prep Academy online courses...
8/20/2012Still some openings left in PHC Prep Academy online courses...
8/17/2012Vermont: Action Needed to Fight Commissioner's New Homeschool Policy
8/17/2012Kansas--Call State Education Board on Homeschool Legislation
8/13/2012Homeschool Starter Kit for New Homeschool Families
8/13/2012Iowa--Reminder: CPI Form Filing Deadline August 26
8/13/2012Mississippi--Certificate of Enrollment Reminder
8/13/2012Georgia--Declaration of Intent Deadline
8/13/2012Arkansas--Notice of Intent Deadline
8/8/2012Reminder: New Hampshire's New Homeschool Law Webinar!
8/7/2012New York--Deadline Approaching
8/7/2012Reminder: Homeschool Notification Due by August 15
8/7/2012California: AB 2109 - Vaccination Waiver Threatened
8/3/2012Virginia: Reminder--Sales Tax Holiday This Weekend
8/3/2012Vermont: DOE unveils revised, restrictive homeschool enrollment policy
7/30/2012UN Treaty Moves to Senate Floor--Keep Calling!
7/25/2012Committee Vote Tomorrow on UN Treaty--Keep Calling!
7/23/2012Constitutional Literacy for $65.00 | Sale ends July 31, 2012
7/19/2012HSLDA High School Consultant speaking at High School At Home Event!
7/16/2012Homeschool Opponents Push back against New Law
7/13/2012Reminder--Evaluations and Notice of Intent Due in August
7/13/2012Sen. Kerry: We'll Pass the CRPD by July 26!
7/12/2012Virginia: Webinar Explains Homeschool Law Change
7/10/2012California - Vaccination Waiver Threatened
7/9/2012CHEA Convention--Still Time to Register
7/9/2012Urgent Calls Needed: Senate Committee to hold Hearing on Dangerous UN Treaty
7/3/2012California: SB 1551 Defeated! A Great Victory for all Parents!
6/29/2012South Dakota--“Interest Survey” Hides Program that Takes Away Freedom
6/29/2012Help Homeschool Fire and Flood Victims
6/28/2012Gubernatorial Candidate Meeting with Homeschool Parents
6/27/2012Updated Legal Summary for New Hampshire and FAQ on New Homeschool Laws
6/27/2012Delaware--Anti-Spanking Bill Passes House Committee
6/26/2012Hear Mike Smith at First-Ever CHEA Graduation
6/25/2012California--Vaccination Waiver Threatened--Attack On Parental Rights!
6/25/2012Delaware--Attend Legislative Meeting on Anti-Spanking Bill
6/21/2012Delaware: Correction--Calls Needed to Stop Bill Outlawing Corporal Discipline
6/21/2012Delaware -- Calls Needed to Stop Bill Outlawing Corporal Discipline
6/21/2012Join Congressional Conversation on Religious Freedom, Health Care
6/21/2012California: Pick up Some Savings at the 2012 VHE Convention!
6/21/2012Tennessee: Pick up Some Savings at the 2012 SMHEA Convention!
6/19/2012Alabama--Volunteer for HSLDA & Earn a Free Year of Membership!
6/19/2012AZ: Pick up some savings at the 2012 AFHE convention!
6/18/2012Legal Assistant Job Opening
6/18/2012New Hampshire--New Law, New Freedom
6/14/2012GenJ Camp Savings Deadline Extended
6/13/2012Register Now for the CHEK Homeschool Conference!
6/13/2012Iowa: Reminder--Evaluation Due by June 30
6/12/2012California: AB 2109--Vaccination Waiver Threatened--Letters Needed
6/11/2012Reminder: End-of-Year Assessment Due by June 30
6/8/2012HSLDA: Two Stories - One Important, One Amazing
6/1/2012Massachusetts Legislative Update!
5/31/2012Volunteer for HSLDA & earn a free year of membership!
5/31/2012New Jersey--Update on A 2881
5/30/2012Volunteer for HSLDA & earn a free year of membership!
5/30/2012Volunteer for HSLDA & earn a free year of membership!
5/30/2012Volunteer for HSLDA & earn a free year of membership!
5/30/2012If You Want to Help The Unborn, Call Congress Now!
5/30/2012PA: Pick up some savings at the 2012 SEARCH convention!
5/18/2012Legal Assistant Job Opening
5/18/2012California: Voter Registration Deadline is Monday
5/16/2012California: Stand against Curfew at Council Meeting
5/11/2012GenJ Camp: Freedom, Fun, High School Credit
5/11/2012GenJ Camp: Freedom, Fun, High School Credit
5/11/2012GenJ Camp: Freedom, Fun, High School Credit
5/11/2012New Jersey--Attend Hearing Monday to Block New DYFS Threat!
5/11/2012GenJ Camp: Freedom, Fun, High School Credit
5/11/2012GenJ Camp: Freedom, Fun, High School Credit
5/11/2012GenJ Camp: Freedom, Fun, High School Credit
5/11/2012FPM Alert UPDATE: AB 2203 - 5 Year-Old Compulsory Education
5/11/2012GenJ Camp: Freedom, Fun, High School Credit
5/11/2012Legal Assistant Job Opening
5/9/2012California: Mandatory Kindergarten Vote Postponed
5/9/2012GenJ Camp: Freedom, Fun, High School Credit
5/9/2012GenJ Camp: Freedom, Fun, High School Credit
5/8/2012Kentucky: Register Now for the CHEK Homeschool Conference!
5/7/2012Mike Farris on Fox News Tuesday Morning
5/7/2012California: AB 2203--5-Year-Old Compulsory Education--Calls Needed
5/4/2012California: AB 2109 - Vaccination Waiver Threatened - Calls Needed
5/4/2012Kansas City: Decisive Daytime Curfew Victory
5/4/2012California: Take Action against Daytime Curfew
5/3/2012California: Pick up Some Savings at the 2012 SCOPE Conference!
5/3/2012Iowa: HSLDA's Attorney and Struggling Learner Consultant at NICHE Convention!
5/2/2012Illinois: HSLDA's Consultant Speaking at ICHE Convention with GenJ Teen Track!
5/2/2012Virginia: Pick up Some Savings at the 2012 HEAV Convention!
5/2/2012Daytime Curfew Gone!
5/2/2012Homeschool Freedom Hearing FRIDAY!
5/1/2012Kansas City: Daytime Curfew Battle--Victory is Near!
4/30/2012HSLDA-FPM Joint Action Alert: AB 1772 - Mandatory Kindergarten - Calls Needed
4/27/2012California: AB 2109 - Vaccination Waiver Threatened - Calls Needed
4/26/2012Reminder: Homeschool Conference This Weekend
4/25/2012Texas--HSLDA at 2012 FEAST Homeschool Conference
4/25/2012Kansas: A Positive Turn on Daytime Curfew Issue
4/25/2012Missouri: A Positive Turn on Daytime Curfew Issue
4/24/2012Missouri--HSLDA Senior Counsel Speaking at 2012 SHEM Convention
4/24/2012Missouri and Kansas--Make Calls, Attend Hearing April 26, Fight Daytime Curfew
4/23/2012Senate Kills HB 1440
4/20/2012California: HSLDA Alert Update: AB 1772 - Mandatory Kindergarten
4/19/2012California: UPDATE: AB 2109 - Vaccination Waiver Threatened
4/18/2012Kansas/Missouri -- HSLDA Attorney Scott Woodruff to speak at MPE Convention!
4/18/2012California: UPDATE: AB 2203 - 5-Year-Old Compulsory Education
4/18/2012Hearing for SB 130 POSTPONED
4/17/2012Hearing for SB 130 Tomorrow
4/17/2012Texas: Pick up some savings at the 2012 FEAST Conference
4/16/2012Homeschool Freedom Hearing Tomorrow!
4/16/2012Senate Set to Stiff-Arm Homeschoolers?
4/16/2012Missouri--Attend Important Hearing on Kansas City Daytime Curfew Wednesday
4/16/2012California: Oppose Mandatory Kindergarten
4/13/2012HSLDA: Early registration deadline ends next week for GenJ's iGovern Pacific!
4/13/2012California: Vaccination Waiver Threatened-- Attack On Parental Rights!
4/11/2012High School Teacher Training: Last Call for April 20
4/11/2012Take Action: Homeschool Freedom Hearing!
4/11/2012Mike Farris Speaking in DC on CPS & 4th Amendment
4/10/2012Maryland: Compulsory Age To Rise to 18, Graduation Exemption for Homeschoolers
4/10/20127:30 P.M. for GenJ Kick Off!
4/9/2012Local GenJ Club Starting--Train Your Teen to be a Leader!
4/9/2012California: Call Now to Oppose Mandatory Kindergarten
4/5/2012Maryland: Update: No More Calls on SB 362--Pugh Accepts Important Amendment
4/4/2012Reminder: Attend Driver's Ed Bill Hearing Tomorrow
4/3/2012California: Mandatory Kindergarten Bill Delayed
4/2/2012Maryland: Continue Opposing SB 362, HB 373--Amendments in Progress
3/30/2012Georgia: Bad Grandparent Visitation Bill Passes Senate
3/30/2012Alaska: Calls Needed -- Bad Compulsory Attendance Age Bill Passes Senate
3/30/2012Volunteer for HSLDA & earn a free year of membership!
3/30/2012HSLDA: Free Registration and Final Days to Save on Planners
3/30/2012Driver's Ed Bill Needs Your Help!
3/30/2012Maine: Update--Victory Over Compulsory Age Expansion
3/30/2012Maryland--Updates Posted on SB 362
3/29/2012Register Now for 2012 Summer OR Fall Constitutional Law Online with Dr. Farris
3/29/2012Victory for Homeschoolers in Defeating Daytime Curfew Proposal
3/29/2012California: Official Threatens Homeschooler with Truancy
3/29/2012Maryland--Help Needed Urgently on Compulsory Attendance, Homeschool Bill
3/28/2012Maine--Victory Over Compulsory Age Expansion!
3/28/2012Alaska -- Calls Needed This Morning to Oppose Compulsory Attendance Age Bill
3/28/2012New Mexico--Last Chance to Pre-Register and Save for 2012 CAPE-NM Convention
3/27/2012Illinois: Call Today--Crucial Vote Coming on Compulsory School Age Expansion
3/27/2012New Hampshire Senator: Parents ... Unqualified and Untrustworthy?
3/26/2012Mississippi -- Calls Needed to Pass Family Protection Bill
3/26/2012Please Attend 2012 Homeschool Day at the Capitol!
3/23/2012Maryland--SB 362 Fight Moves to House of Delegates
3/23/2012Georgia--Homeschool Capitol Day!
3/23/2012Georgia -- Calls Needed to Stop Bad Grandparent Visitation Bill
3/23/2012Maine: Call Immediately to Support Amending LD 1503!
3/22/2012Maryland--Call to Stop Compulsory Age Increase, More Regulatory Power
3/22/2012Missouri--Kansas City Daytime Curfew Battle Moves to Next Phase
3/22/2012Maine--"School Choice" Bills Don't Threaten Homeschoolers
3/22/2012California: Oppose Expansion of Government Control over Education
3/21/2012More Action Needed to Preserve the Family!
3/21/2012Missouri--Kansas City
3/20/2012Victory: HB 1440 Passes with GOOD Amendment
3/20/2012Georgia: Calls Needed on Parental Rights Resolution
3/19/2012Action Needed to Defeat Expansion of State Control Over Homeschoolers!
3/19/2012HSLDA High School at Home: The Basics, March 23, 2012 Reminder
3/16/2012Missouri--Full Force Needed March 21 against Kansas City Daytime Curfew
3/16/2012Help Homeschoolers Hurt by Storms
3/16/2012HSLDA Member Benefit--Home School Enrichment Magazine!
3/15/2012Mississippi--Homeschool Capitol Day!
3/15/2012Missouri--Update-- Kansas City Daytime Curfew Hits Speed Bump
3/14/2012Maryland--Delegate Alston to Withdraw Two Homeschool Bills
3/13/2012Maine: Call to Support Amending LD 1503!
3/13/2012Missouri--Urgent Action Needed to Stop Kansas City Daytime Curfew
3/13/2012Action Needed to Preserve the Family!
3/13/2012West Virginia--Don't Miss Eastern Panhandle Home School Conference
3/12/2012Georgia: Calls Needed to Stop Violation of Parental Rights
3/12/2012Indiana--Last Week to Pre-Register for IAHE Convention and Save!
3/9/2012Minnesota--HSLDA High School Consultants at MACHE
3/9/2012Leadership in the Law Summer Camp 2012
3/9/2012Generation Joshua's iGovern East early bird registration ends next week
3/8/2012More Calls Needed to Support Religious Freedom Restoration Act!
3/8/2012Help Stop Law Requiring Homeschoolers to Teach "Tolerance!"
3/7/2012HSLDA: Hear Heidi St. John and Pam Tebow at Apologia Live
3/7/2012Calls Needed to Support Religious Freedom Restoration Act!
3/7/2012Arkansas--Legislature Now in Session
3/7/2012Connecticut--Legislature Now in Session
3/6/2012RFRA Referred to Study Committee
3/6/2012Unanimous Repeal of Cedar Park's Daytime Curfew
3/5/2012Illinois--Calls Needed Immediately to Stop Compulsory School Age Expansion
3/5/2012Take Action To Preserve Parental Rights and Family Autonomy!
3/2/2012MORE Calls Needed to SENATE to Advance Freedom!
3/1/2012Virginia--Legislative Update
3/1/2012Illinois: Call Today to Stop Compulsory School Age Expansion
3/1/2012Missouri--Looking For Victims of Daytime Curfews
3/1/2012Save $Thousands AND Advance Freedom--Take Action Today!
2/29/2012Calls Needed to Senate to Advance Freedom!
2/29/2012Missouri--Urgent Action Needed to Stop Kansas City Daytime Curfew
2/29/2012Right of Conscience Vote in U.S. Senate Tomorrow--Urgent Calls Needed
2/29/2012Maine--Call to Support Amending LD 1503!
2/28/2012HSLDA Opposed to Senate Bill 384
2/25/2012Indiana: HSLDA's staff attorney speaking at IAHE 2012 Home Educator's Convention
2/25/2012Pennsylvania: Pick up some savings at the YHSA 2012 Curriculum Fair!
2/25/2012Florida: Pick up some savings at the 2012 South Florida Homeschool Convention!
2/25/2012Michigan: Pick up some savings at the KAHSA Kalamazoo Homeschool Expo!
2/24/2012Maine: Call to Support Amending LD 1503!
2/24/2012Virginia: Crucial Date for Sports Bill Coming
2/23/2012Wyoming: Call to Oppose Mandatory Vaccination!
2/23/2012West Virginia: Victory! RFRA Passes House and HB 4309 Diverted!
2/23/2012Utah: Action Needed to Oppose Law Targeting Homeschoolers
2/23/2012Maine: Call Within the Next 2 Hours to Stop Compulsory School Age Expansion!
2/22/2012Take Action Today to Resist Government Intrusion!
2/21/2012HSLDA's Consultants Diane Kummer and Vicki Bentley are speaking at EPHSC!
2/21/2012Rhode Island: Help Reverse Onerous New Demands in East Greenwich
2/21/2012Illinois: Call Today to Stop Compulsory School Age Expansion
2/21/2012Maine: Call Today to Stop Compulsory School Age Expansion
2/21/2012Your Action Needed to PASS the WVRFRA!
2/17/2012Missouri: Pick up some savings at the Greater St. Louis Area Home Educators Expo
2/17/2012Missouri--Did a Juvenile Officer Ask You for Homeschool Records?
2/17/2012VICTORY for Religious Freedom!
2/17/2012ACTION NEEDED: Homeschooling is Good for ALL!
2/16/2012West Virginia: Calls Needed Tonight to Protect Religious Freedom!
2/16/2012Generation Joshua's iGovern: A camp to build leadership in teens
2/16/2012Contact the U.S. Senate: Oppose Judicial Activism
2/16/2012Reminder: You're Invited to be a Member of Congress for a Day on Saturday, Febru
2/16/2012Action NEEDED to Defeat Bad Amendment!
2/15/2012HSLDA--Action Needed TODAY to Support Parental Rights
2/15/2012Mississippi: No More Calls Needed on House Bill 464
2/15/2012SB 245 Update--Comprehensive Health Education
2/15/2012Mississippi -- Calls Needed to Stop Worst Bill Ever
2/14/2012Maryland--Call Now to Stop Compulsory Age Expansion
2/14/2012VICTORY--SF 44 Fails Introduction--Your Calls Made a Difference
2/14/2012Oppose the Daytime Curfew
2/13/2012Homeschooling--The Healthy Choice!
2/13/2012HSLDA--Action Needed to Oppose Law Targeting Homeschoolers
2/13/2012HB 4309--ACTION NEEDED to Protect Families From Government Intrusion!
2/10/2012Reminder--Be Refreshed at Apologia Live
2/10/2012Maryland: Call Now to Prevent Expansion of Compulsory Education Age
2/10/2012Last Chance to Join Generation Joshua at Discount Pricing!
2/10/2012HSLDA--Action Needed to Support Parental Rights
2/9/2012Nebraska: Committee Considers Positive Changes to Truancy Law
2/8/2012Alabama: Calls Needed to Stop Expansion of State Control over Education
2/8/2012Virginia: Correction
2/7/2012VIRGINIA--Victory for Freedom! SB 564 Passes 23-17
2/7/2012Virginia: Call Today by Noon For "Curriculum Description" Fix
2/6/2012Prosecutor Asks for Another Chance in Michigan Medical Decisions Case
2/6/2012New Hampshire: Calls Needed to Protect Religious Freedom!
2/6/2012Georgia: Calls Needed to Stop Expansion of State Control over Education
2/3/2012Virginia: Call By Monday 11:00 a.m. For "Curriculum Description" Fix
2/3/2012VICTORY--HB 1571 Passes 17-0
2/3/2012You're Invited to be a Member of Congress for a Day on Saturday, February 25!
2/2/2012HB 4309 DELAYED: Your Calls Making a Difference--Keep Calling and Emailing
2/2/2012Oklahoma: Pre-Register for Capitol Day and Come Oppose Bad Bills!
2/2/2012Missouri--Protect Homeschool Freedom: Vote
2/2/2012Success in 2011!
2/1/2012Keep Mountaineers Always Free: Stop HB 4309
2/1/2012Oregon--You are Needed at Hearing to Stop Mandatory Reporter Bill!
2/1/2012Take Action NOW to Defend Homeschool Freedom
2/1/2012Virginia: Free Webinar Keeps You Caught Up On Legislation
2/1/2012New Jersey--Calls Needed to Stop Second Compulsory Attendance Expansion Bill
1/31/2012Your Action Needed IMMEDIATELY to Defeat Dangerous Legislation
1/31/2012Virginia--Update: Committee Votes "Yes" on Curriculum Description Repair Bill
1/30/2012Chance to Repeal Cedar Park's Daytime Curfew
1/30/2012CORRECTION: Updated Link for New Jersey Legislators
1/30/2012New Jersey: Act Now to Stop Expanding Government Control over Education
1/30/2012Take Action: Online Driver's Education Needs Your Support!
1/27/2012HSLDA: Celebrate the Journey at an Apologia Live Retreat
1/27/2012Minnesota Legislature Now In Session
1/26/2012Virginia--Update: Curriculum Description, Sports Bills Pass First Test
1/26/2012Oklahoma: Two Bad Bills--We Need You at the Day at the Capitol!
1/25/2012Vermont: Freedom Update--Possible Threat Looming
1/25/2012South Dakota: Victory in House Committee!
1/25/2012Urgent Calls Needed to Stop Obama's Attack on Educational Freedom
1/25/2012Urgent: Call Today, Attend Hearings Tomorrow to Fix Curriculum Description
1/25/2012A Monumental Victory for All Parents Took Effect Jan. 1
1/24/2012Virginia: Crucial Hearing on Sports Bill Thursday Morning
1/24/2012Freedom Alert: Take Action to Advance Freedom
1/24/2012South Dakota: Call Immediately to Prevent Harmful Change to Homeschool Law
1/20/2012Virginia--Reform "Curriculum Description" Requirement
1/20/2012Board of Supervisors Tables Daytime Curfew
1/20/2012Hearing Rescheduled for House Bill 1382
1/19/2012Freedom Alert: Take Action to Defeat Government Overreach!
1/19/2012Freedom Alert: Take Action to Advance Homeschool Freedom
1/19/2012Shaping Hearts and Minds Conference coming to Las Vegas
1/18/2012Florida: Legislature Now in Session
1/18/2012Georgia: Legislature Now in Session
1/18/2012Delaware Legislature Now in Session
1/18/2012Washington: Your Calls are Needed to Preserve Marriage!
1/18/2012Arizona: Legislature Now in Session
1/18/2012Michigan: Michigan Legislature Now in Session
1/18/2012Freedom Alert: Take Action to Advance Freedom
1/17/2012Homeschoolers on Trial
1/13/2012Washington: More Action Needed on Third-Party Visitation Bill!
1/13/2012South Carolina--Legislature Now in Session
1/13/2012Tennessee--Legislature Now in Session
1/13/2012Oklahoma: Home Education Day at the Capitol is Coming Soon!
1/12/2012Freedom Alert: Let Freedom Reign--Victory for Homeschooling Freedom!
1/12/2012California: Action Needed to Oppose San Luis Obispo Daytime Curfew
1/12/2012Join Generation Joshua Today: 30-Day Future of America Discount Pricing
1/11/2012New Jersey--Please Call to Terminate Mandatory Homeschool Notice Bill
1/11/2012Freedom Alert: Colorado Legislature Now in Session!
1/11/2012Freedom Alert: West Virginia Legislature Now in Session!
1/6/2012Michigan--Pick up Savings at 2012 Mid-Winter Homeschool Convention
1/5/2012Washington: Action Needed on Third-Party Visitation Bill
1/5/2012Mississippi Legislature Now in Session
1/4/2012Nebraska Legislature Now in Session
1/4/2012Vermont Legislature Now in Session--Possible Threat Looming