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February 2011

2/28/2011HSLDA: Hear Sharron Angle at the Pacific Homeschool SuperConference!
2/28/2011HSLDA: Hear Sharron Angle at the Pacific Homeschool SuperConference!
2/28/2011HSLDA: Hear Sharron Angle at the Pacific Homeschool SuperConference!
2/28/2011Montana -- Calls Needed to Oppose Compulsory Attendance Age Bill
2/28/2011West Virginia--Update on Religious Freedom!
2/28/2011Utah: Action Needed to Oppose Provo Daytime Curfew
2/25/2011New Hampshire: Homeschool Bills Retained in Committee
2/25/2011Vermont: Proposed Changes to Homeschool Law
2/25/2011New Mexico: Hearing Today on Daytime Curfew Bill
2/24/2011South Dakota: HB 1133 Heads to Governor!
2/24/2011Colorado: Action Needed to Support Educational Freedom
2/23/2011HSLDA Member Benefit: Court Report Magazine
2/23/2011Oklahoma: Correction on OCHEC's Speaker List
2/23/2011Oklahoma: Thinking about Attending One of OCHEC's Conferences?
2/22/2011Connecticut: Calls Needed to Stop Change in Compulsory Attendance Law
2/22/2011Iowa: Families with Deaf Children Need Your Help Now
2/22/2011Mississippi: Calls Needed to Pass Social Worker Training Bill
2/22/2011West Virginia--Update on Religious Freedom!
2/22/2011North Dakota--Calls Needed Today on Homeschool Bill!
2/21/2011HSLDA: PHC looking for Student Billing Administrator
2/19/2011Illinois: What Does "Tabling" Mean?
2/18/2011Iowa--Call Sen. Rielly for Parent-Taught Driver's Ed
2/18/2011South Dakota-- House Bill 1133 Update and Action Request
2/18/2011Wyoming: Your Action Needed To Protect Homeschool Freedom!
2/18/2011Colorado: Update from February 7 Hearing--Tax Credits for New Homeschoolers
2/18/2011West Virginia: URGENT--Immunization Freedom Bill--Contact Senator Unger Today
2/18/2011Tennessee: Visit HSLDA at the Memphis Catholic Homeschool Conference
2/18/2011Georgia: Curious about the GHEA 2011 Homeschool Convention?
2/18/2011Pennsylvania: Thinking about the CHAP Convention? So Are We!
2/17/2011West Virginia--Update: Draconian Bill Tabled
2/17/2011Minnesota: Thinking About the MACHE Conference? Here's More Info!
2/17/2011HSLDA: Hear Elizabeth Smith's Encouraging Message at Apologia Live
2/17/2011New York--Visit HSLDA at the LEAH Annual Long Island Conference
2/17/2011Illinois: Battle Over--Maloney Withdraws SB 136!
2/16/2011Reminder: You CAN Homeschool! Seminar Coming in March
2/16/2011New York: Help Stop Bill that Would Allow CPS to Enter Homes
2/15/2011Illinois: 4,000 Homeschoolers Say "No" to Registration Bill
2/15/2011South Dakota: HB 1133 Update and Urgent Action Request!
2/15/2011West Virginia: Delegate Introduces Draconian Bill
2/15/2011New Hampshire: Take Action to Support Parental Choice in Education!
2/14/2011West Virginia--More Action Needed to Protect Religious Freedom!
2/14/2011Minnesota: Your Action Needed to Advance Homeschool Freedom!
2/14/2011Oklahoma: Update on Bad Bills, Last Call to Attend Capitol Day!
2/14/2011Washington: Urgent--We Need Your Calls to Oppose Social Worker Immunity Bill
2/14/2011Hawaii: Urgent--Calls Needed to Stop Two Mandatory Kindergarten Bills!
2/11/2011HSLDA: High School Teacher Training Sessions for Parents
2/11/2011Colorado--Advocate for Homeschooling! Visit HSLDA at the 2011 HIM Convention!
2/11/2011Indiana--Homeschooling? Visit HSLDA at the 2011 SWIHE Conference
2/11/2011Kentucky--Call Now to Oppose Bill that Raises Compulsory School Age
2/11/2011Maine--HSLDA Giving Away $100 at the HOME 2011 Conference!
2/11/2011Michigan: Michael P. Farris to speak at the 2011 KAHSA Expo!
2/11/2011Illinois: Come to Homeschool Freedom Summit Before Hearing on Registration Bill
2/11/2011URGENT ACTION Needed to Protect Your Family and Advance Freedom
2/10/2011New Mexico--HB 254 Providing Authority to Enact Curfew Ordinances
2/10/2011Attn.: Hawaii--You Spoke and We Listened!
2/10/2011Planned Parenthood Attacks the Parental Rights Amendment
2/10/2011HSLDA: Freedom in Illinois Threatened!
2/10/2011Illinois: Help Needed Immediately to Stop Registration of Homeschool Children
2/10/2011Montana: Calls Needed to Support Parental Rights Amendment
2/10/2011Tennessee--Correction: Tennessee Legislature Now in Session
2/9/2011South Dakota--Your Calls Needed to Senate Committee for HB 1133!
2/9/2011Mississippi--Mississippi Legislature Now in Session
2/9/2011North Carolina--North Carolina Legislature Now in Session
2/9/2011South Carolina: South Carolina Legislature Now in Session
2/9/2011Tennessee--Tennessee Legislature Now in Session
2/9/2011Arkansas--Arkansas Legislature Now in Session
2/9/2011Pennsylvania--Pennsylvania Legislature Now in Session
2/9/2011Michigan--Michigan Legislature Now in Session
2/9/2011Georgia--Georgia Legislature Now in Session
2/9/2011Connecticut--Connecticut Legislature Now in Session
2/9/2011New Mexico: CAPE at the Capitol--Tomorrow!
2/9/2011Alaska--Alaska Legislature Now in Session
2/9/2011Hawaii: Help Us Serve You!
2/8/2011South Dakota--Homeschool Bill Clears House 63 to 4!
2/7/2011New Hampshire: Clearing up the Confusion about HB 301
2/7/2011Nevada: Legislature Now Open
2/7/2011Montana: Driver's License Bill Tabled
2/7/2011Iowa--Calls Needed to Oppose Compulsory School Attendance Expansion
2/7/2011Colorado--Correction: Hearing at 1:30
2/4/2011Maryland--Calls Needed to Oppose Discriminatory Compulsory Attendance Bill
2/4/2011Wyoming--House Bill 86 Passes Full House and Senate Education Committee!
2/4/2011Colorado - Attend Hearing: Tax Credits for New Homeschoolers
2/4/2011Illinois: Homeschoolers NOT Exempt from Maloney's Child Registration Bill!
2/4/2011New Hampshire--MORE Action to Support HB 301
2/4/2011Montana -- Bad Tax Bill Stalls
2/3/2011New Hampshire--Action Needed to Advance Homeschooling Freedom
2/3/2011An HSLDA You CAN Homeschool! Seminar
2/3/2011Illinois: Contact Senator Maloney to Stop Homeschool Registration
2/3/2011Oklahoma: Bad Bills to be Introduced, Your Action Needed!
2/2/2011West Virginia--Calls Needed to Protect Religious Freedom!
2/2/2011PHC Job opening--Network Administrator
2/2/2011South Dakota--Urgent: Homeschool Bill Still Needs Your Help
2/2/2011HSLDA: Benefit of the Month--Early Years Help
2/2/2011Patrick Henry College: Executive Assistant Needed
2/2/2011New Hampshire--View Legislative Panel Discussion
2/1/2011Montana: Calls Needed to Stop Driver's License Bill