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HSLDA Alerts & Information (ALL)
April 2010

4/30/2010HSLDA: Members Save on Graduation Gear!
4/29/2010New Hampshire: Final Proposal Released!
4/29/2010Louisiana: Update--Parental Right Resolution Passes!
4/29/2010Louisiana: Urgent--Act Now to Support Parental Right Resolution
4/28/2010Kansas--Visit HSLDA at the Teaching Parents Association 2010 Convention!
4/28/2010Texas--Visit HSLDA at the 2010 SETHSA Convention!
4/28/2010New England--Visit HSLDA at the Catholic Homeschool Conference!
4/28/2010Oregon--Visit HSLDA at the 20th Annual L.I.G.H.T Christian Home Education Fair!
4/28/2010Kansas/Missouri--Visit HSLDA at the KC Conference for Catholic Homeschoolers!
4/28/2010Illinois--Visit HSLDA at the Illinois Christian Home Educators 2010 Convention!
4/28/2010Idaho--Visit HSLDA at the 12th Annual CHOIS Convention!
4/28/2010HSLDA: Generation Joshua Summer Camp Inspires and Equips
4/27/2010New York--Make Plans to Attend 26th Annual Upstate LEAH Conference!
4/27/2010Utah--Don't Miss Our Online Seminar with Important Information TODAY!
4/26/2010Hawaii: Urgent--Please Help Stop Increase in Testing for Homeschoolers
4/21/2010Virginia--A Powerful Message about Religious Freedom in Warren County
4/21/2010Michigan: Press Release with Inaccurate Vision and Hearing Screening Information
4/20/2010Wyoming--HSLDA Coming to the Homeschoolers of Wyoming 2010 Convention!
4/20/2010Michigan--Attend Homeschool Family Day at the Capitol!
4/16/2010North Carolina--Visit HSLDA at the NCHE Annual Conference and Book Fair
4/16/2010Minnesota--Visit HSLDA at the MCHEC Conference and Curriculum Fair
4/16/2010Florida--Visit HSLDA at the FPEA Homeschool Convention
4/16/2010New Hampshire--Visit HSLDA at the CHENH 2010 Family Convention
4/15/2010New Hampshire: Your Efforts Have Made a Difference!
4/15/2010West Virginia--Effects of the Compulsory Attendance Age Increase
4/14/2010HSLDA: Men's Purity Seminar
4/14/2010HSLDA: Help Advance the Parental Rights Amendment in VA's 10th District
4/13/2010Rhode Island--North Kingstown Corrects "Ambush" Policy
4/13/2010New Hampshire--Technical Difficulties
4/12/2010New Hampshire: Your Action Needed to Defend Against Intrusive Regulations!
4/9/2010Wisconsin--Visit HSLDA at the WICHEA 2010 Conference!
4/9/2010Arkansas: Visit HSLDA at TEA 2010 Home School Convention in Springdale
4/9/2010Alabama--Visit HSLDA at the 2010 Southeastern Home Educators Convention!
4/9/2010Ohio--Visit HSLDA at the 6th Annual Dayton Catholic Homeschool Conference!
4/9/2010West Virginia--Visit HSLDA at the 2010 CHEWV Conference!
4/9/2010New York: Visit HSLDA at the Buffalo Catholic Home Schooling Conference!
4/9/2010Colorado: Your Attendance Needed at the 2010 Homeschool Day at the Capitol!
4/9/2010Illinois--Tax Credit for Homeschools
4/9/2010New Mexico--Last Chance to Register Online for 2010 CAPE-NM Convention!
4/9/2010New Mexico--Last Chance to Register Online for 2010 CAPE-NM Convention!
4/8/2010California: Visit HSLDA at the Central Coast Home Education Conference!
4/7/2010West Virginia--Online Seminar with Important Information!
4/7/2010Virginia--Key School Board Meeting Tomorrow Evening
4/7/2010Louisiana: Urgent--Your Action Needed to Support Bill
4/5/2010Virginia--Warren County Report Defends Unlawful School Board Policy
4/5/2010Alabama--Visit HSLDA at the Christian Home Education Fellowship 2010 Convention
4/5/2010Texas--Visit HSLDA at the 20th Annual FEAST Convention
4/5/2010Indiana--Visit HSLDA at the 2010 Quo Vadis Catholic Homeschool Conference!
4/5/2010Michigan--Visit HSLDA at the 27th Annual Michigan Home Education Convention
4/5/2010Arkansas--Visit HSLDA at TEA 2010 Home School Convention in Searcy
4/5/2010Tennessee--Visit HSLDA at the MTHEA 2010 Curriculum Fair
4/5/2010Mississippi--Visit HSLDA at the MHEA 2010 Spring Conference
4/5/2010Indiana--Visit HSLDA at the FWAHS 26th Annual Resource Expo
4/5/2010New Jersey--Visit HSLDA at the 20th Annual ENOCH Convention
4/1/2010Virginia--Warren County & Prince William County Religious Exemption Policy