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March 2009

3/31/2009New Mexico--Homeschoolers Still Have Time To Submit Annual Notice of Intent
3/30/2009Texas--Calls Needed to Support the Texas Parental Rights Restoration Act
3/30/2009Pennsylvania--2009 Christian Home Educators of Pennsylvania Convention!
3/30/2009Texas--Arlington 2009 25th Annual Home School Book Fair!
3/30/2009California--Christian Family School's 25th Annual Expo Homeschool Convention!
3/27/2009West Virginia--Calls Needed by Monday for Religious Freedom!
3/27/2009Oregon: Plan Now to Attend
3/27/2009Texas--Calls Needed to Prevent Child's Bill of Rights From Going Forward
3/26/2009Washington: Your Attendance Needed at Home Educators' Day at the Capitol
3/26/2009Arkansas--Calls Needed to Support Traditional Marriage!
3/26/2009Wisconsin--Calls Needed to Oppose Early Education Bill
3/26/2009Michigan: Your Attendance Needed at Capitol Day
3/25/2009Minnesota: Legislative Confusion--Some Clarification
3/25/2009New Hampshire--H.B. 367 Voted Inexpedient to Legislate by the Full House
3/25/2009West Virginia--Calls Needed Today to Get Bills on Agenda
3/24/2009Texas: Calls Need to Stop Restrictive Daytime Curfew
3/23/2009Ohio: Contact your Representative to Oppose Controversial Education Reform
3/23/2009Florida--Announcing the 2009 Annual South Florida Homeschool Convention!
3/23/2009Tennessee--Attend the Rally Day at the Capitol!
3/23/2009Minnesota--MACHE 25th Annual Homeschool Conference and Curriculum Fair!
3/23/2009Washington--2009 Annual Christian Association of Parent Educators Convention!
3/23/2009Georgia--Announcing the 2009 Annual Georgia Home Educators Conference!
3/23/2009Oklahoma--Announcing the 2009 Oklahoma Homeschool Convention!
3/20/2009West Virginia--Calls Needed Now to Protect Religious Freedom
3/20/2009Arkansas--Bad Homeschool Bill Defeated
3/20/2009HSLDA: Parental Rights Amendment Has Fifty-Six Sponsors!
3/20/2009Ohio: Help Elect Homeschool-Friendly Candidates
3/20/2009North Dakota--Action Needed on Homeschool Freedom Bill!
3/19/2009Vermont --Update on the Status of Vermont's Home Study Department
3/18/2009Minnesota--Proposal Regarding Tax Credit May Affect Homeschoolers
3/17/2009Colorado: Your Attendance Needed at the Homeschool Day at the Capitol
3/16/2009Wisconsin--Your Vote Crucial in April 7 Elections!
3/13/2009Maryland--Calls Needed to Oppose Discriminatory Compulsory Attendance Bills
3/13/2009Alabama -- Calls Needed to Stop Expansion of State Control over Education
3/12/2009Missouri--2009 Annual Southwest Missouri Home Education Convention!
3/12/2009Massachusetts--20th Annual MassHOPE Christian Homeschool Convention!
3/12/2009New Hampshire--Announcing the 2009 Iron Sharpens Iron Men's Conference!
3/12/2009Washington--Christian Heritage Home Educators of Washington Conference!
3/12/2009Louisiana--2009 Christian Home Educators Fellowship Homeschool Convention!
3/12/2009California--23rd Annual Christian Home Educators Bay Area Convention!
3/12/2009New Jersey--Tenth Annual CHAPLET Catholic Homeschool Conference!
3/12/2009Iowa--Stop Calls to Sen. Riley about Parent-Taught Driver's Ed
3/11/2009Iowa--Call Sen. Riley to Save Parent-Taught Driver's Ed!
3/11/2009HSLDA: Support Parental Rights and Help Make History
3/10/2009Michigan--Update Regarding Bills to Expand Compulsory Attendance Age
3/10/2009Nevada: Governor Proclaims Home Education Awareness Week
3/10/2009Maryland: Marriage in the Balance--Calls Needed Immediately
3/10/2009Arkansas: Calls Needed to Preserve Homeschool Freedom
3/10/2009Iowa--Parent-Taught Driver's Ed Needs Your Calls Immediately
3/9/2009Washington--Homeschool Conference Correction
3/9/2009HSLDA: 2009 High School Symposium Nearing Capacity
3/9/2009Alaska--2009 Private and Home Educators Association State Convention!
3/9/2009Maryland--2009 Annual Maryland State Home School Curriculum Fair!
3/9/2009Kansas--Announcing the 2009 Midwest Parent Educator Conference!
3/9/2009New Mexico--Announcing the 2009 New Mexico Christian Home School Convention!
3/9/2009Iowa--Wanted: You at Homeschool Day at the Capitol March 17!
3/6/2009New Hampshire: H.B. 367 is ITL, But 368 Lives on for Yet another "Study"
3/5/2009Tennessee -- Hold up on Diploma Bill Calls
3/5/2009Tennessee -- Calls Needed to Pass Diploma Bill
3/5/2009Idaho--Update on Homeschool Freedom Bill
3/5/2009Kentucky--Please Call Now on Bill that Raises Compulsory School Age!
3/4/2009West Virginia--Sponsor Withdraws Support for Sports Bill
3/4/2009Texas--Proposed Daytime Curfew a Threat to Freedom
3/4/2009Virginia--Update--Scholarship Equity Bill Passes Last Legislative Hurdle
3/2/2009West Virginia--Call to Stop Sports Trojan Horse